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55 of the Best Master Bedroom Fireplace Ideas & Design

The centre of most living areas is the fireplace. But what happens when the fireplace gets put into a bedroom? It works as both a heating system, but also much more. It becomes the focal point of the room, and the most important feature other than the bed. We’ve picked out 55 of the most beautiful fireplaces we can find that appear in master bed.,cxmrooms. Be sure to pick your jaw off the floor.

1. Fireplace from the Floor

This fireplace, a sneaky little number, finds the flames coming about from a block attached to the floor. Not quite traditional in the way it looks, it’s more like a fire pit than a fire place. When the flames aren’t there this would look a bit like a bath in the middle of your bedroom. Which, depending what you’re into, could be good or bad.

2. Fire Fit for a Queen

It doesn’t get more grand than this, and I mean both the fireplace and the bedroom. Four tier bed, the most spectacular French decor and a giant mirror reflecting all of your lavish things. This fireplace, authentic in the way it looks, will no doubt cost an arm and a leg to maintain. But there’s not much better than this to portray an over-the-top lifestyle.

3. Sleek and Trendy

This fireplace is a super laid-back feature within this even more stripped back master bedroom. The rest of the room is really chilled, with a small amount of black complementing this array of white, and the fireplace sets this off perfectly. So well, in fact, that it’s quite hard to see where the fireplace actually is. A lovely mantle and great decoration make this a stripped back setting.

4. Hotel x Master Bedroom x Bond Villain Lair

This master bedroom piece is as confusing as it is beautiful. On one part, it looks a lot like a hotel room, carrying that tidy, smart feel you expect. With the smart TV and the wooden fireplace, it looks very homely, and with it all put together it crosses the vibe of Bond villain lair. A strange mixture that clearly works for these guys. Good for them.

5. Fire in the Wall

The white surroundings and contemporary feel to this bedroom makes the whole room feel fresh and stylish, and with the fireplace coming from a supporting structure in the wall, it almost makes you wonder what that piece of wall is sticking out for in the first place. Luckily, this fireplace makes that area appear normal, and maybe even cool. Consider fixing up your fireplace to get this modern look.

6. Cabin in the Woods

This fireplace screams out comfort and coziness, and the decor of the room screams out log cabin on a ski holiday. Small and basic, this room caters for those of us who like to appear like we’re on holiday 365 days a year, even when we aren’t. A fairly standard fire, it fits in well with the room even if the whole place – being made of wood – would go up in flames in a heartbeat if the fire malfunctioned. Risky business.

7. Stony Fireplace


A really lovely room, this fireplace is surrounded by stone, which really peeks my interest in quality fire control. A small room with a big fire, it won’t take long for this master bedroom to become far too hot. Some nice additions to the room, the fan above the bed makes it look a little bit like a second home for a retired millionaire in 1970’s Miami.

8. The Haunting at Fireplace Manor

This room is straight-up spooky. It looks far too much like a room that hasn’t been cleaned in 200 years, with a creepy-as-hell painting hanging above a massive, stone fireplace. If you’re into ghost stories and old, Victorian age decor, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re into normal fireplaces and comforting bedrooms, you may want to look elsewhere.

9. Is it a TV or is it a Fireplace?

In one of the most confusing pictures in this piece, we look at a fireplace that looks so much like a TV, it’s almost confusing. Until you see the TV above it, and realise the person living here would need to be crazy to have two TV’s in their bedroom, one above the other. And one that they can’t see while lying down. You soon realise that it’s obvious that the fireplace is in fact a fireplace, not a TV.

10. Superbly Subtle and Stretched

One of my favorites. This modern bedroom showcases a 3 sided fireplace and uses colors that really catch the eye. A yellow bed against a grey logged wall, that blends into the grey flooring.

11. The Not-Much-To-Discuss Fireplace

There’s really very little to discuss in this fireplace other than how, with that shape of that room, it’s difficult to image you being truly very warm while you’re in bed, what with you being stuck in the little add-on part of the room by the window. A nice marble fireplace, does exactly what it needs to. All in all, fairly normal and standard. Zero critique.

12. One of the Nicest Fireplaces Ever

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This whole room just looks lovely. A little bit like the honeymoon sweet of the nicest, more grandiose hotel you’ll ever stay in. If this is your master bedroom, then congratulate yourself, because you have truly made it in life. A nice, big, solid fireplace – homely, full of crackling fire and ember and beautiful all-round decor. What a special room.

13. The Room I’m Conflicted About the Most

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There’s two train of thoughts here. Firstly, if this is your master bedroom, why have you made it so small and dainty? Secondly, though, is that it’s a lovely, chilled out room with an awesome view. Either way, especially in that snow, your fireplace screams out ski resort and looks warm as hell. I would very much like to live here, even if there are no other features to the bedroom.

14. Unique isn’t Even the Word

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This fireplace is massively unique. If you can tell, right below the massive metal chimney breast – which is original in itself – is the fireplace, which is, strangely, just a large bowl with rocks next to it. Where does the fire come from? How does this heat a room? What is the point? All valid questions, but also all completely unwarranted when you consider that this fireplace is just downright excellent.

15. Nice Fireplace, but What’s Going on in the Room?

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This fireplace is really nice. Neat, large and basically lovely, it’s only when you take a look at the rest of the room that you become confused. Why is there random linen on the floor very close to a burning flame? Where are the curtains around the bed, leaving merely an unfinished-looking frame? What is that strange cabinet in the corner of the room? I don’t know the answers, but the fireplace looks good, so that’s great?

16. Typically Cozy

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With this fireplace, you just known winter nights are going to be the best thing since sliced bread. The great big bed, surrounded by huge pillows overlooking onto a roaring fire can only mean perfection. With the snow outdoors, you’re only going to find yourself sitting in front of the fire for longer. Beautiful wooded surroundings and a large flame pit.

17. European Fireplace

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Whether it’s merely the Eiffel Tower picture in the corner of the room, or the lush cream/white colour theme, this very pretty room is complimented perfectly by a small, marble fireplace. This almost looks like a young female’s master bedroom, with the many fine details and pretty accessories, they could be the first teen to have a fireplace in their bedroom ever.

18. Mediterranean Flames

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Here we have a classic Mediterranean-looking home, with wooden floors and an open plan room. Which makes finding a huge centrepiece fireplace a little strange, as the rooms all look like they can’t hold heat – which typically is a good thing in hot countries. Lovely picture above the fire which hasn’t been hung up, more just lent against a wall, which is odd, but otherwise a really lovely room.

19. Too Many Patterns Spoil the Broth

This room as a whole is just much too much. The fireplace is brick, but doesn’t look smart. It’s made from bricks which you can build a house from, which give the whole area a strange look, while the bed covers and curtains both also contain a different pattern themselves, which makes it all even weirder still. This room is a tad unnerving.

20. Basic but Beautiful

This fireplace is basic, beautiful but slightly too close to the bed for comfort. The room is slightly small, so it was a good idea to put the fireplace within the wall, utilising the space below the TV, but I can’t help but feel a fire that close to soft material on the bed could end in disaster if you’re not careful. A wicked window that takes up the whole wall, this room looks lovely and fresh on a summer day.

21. Lovely, Large and Luxurious

This spacious bedroom with a huge bed looks perfect for relaxing and winding down, and the large fireplace is perfectly placed to help heat up the room. Without a fireplace that is stuck out into the room, the perfect space-saver lets the rest of the room continue to be spacious and free.

22. Neat and Tidy by the Fire

This is another room where there’s very little on show. The fireplace is once more the centrepiece of the room, and the colour combination of white and grey work well without being very offensive and overwhelming. A couple of chairs and a spacious bed make up the rest of the room. This is a really smart looking space.

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23. The Writers Favourite

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I can’t get enough of this bedroom myself. It’s spacious, airy and not too complex. Looks a lot like a holiday home room and the shape of the bedroom – with the stone fireplace taking nothing away from the space in front. The two opening doors at the foot of the bed further give the impression of the fresh air feel the room will be able to get during the summer months.

24. A Fire by the Mountains

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Another home through the mountains, this setting seems to be a classic for the fireplace fans amongst us. This beautifully rustic bedroom matches its external setting, and the large stone fireplace is simplistic but stunning. Although the pillows on the bed make it look half the size, waking up to a roaring fire and a view like the one outdoors, I can only image it must take a lot to persuade someone to part from between those sheet.

25. Old School and Smart

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This old school setting is uncomplicated and really allows the fireplace to play centre stage. Looking quite French in design, the drawers, bed and fireplace work well together, with the fire itself not actually taking up much room from a very withdrawn area. The many windows in the room allow for awesome natural light, so in those summer months your room with stay bright for so much longer.

26. Misshapen Fun and Fireplaces

This room is real unusual, with the shape and style looking like a room for a younger person in the family, while the size coupled with the fact that there’s a fireplace in the room suggesting that this is a place for the parents of the house. Loads of natural light and a large fire will make for some really cozy nights in.

27. A Fireplace with a View

This room, although basically empty, has so much potential, and can easily be built around this beautiful stone fireplace and the giant windows either side of it. The room is so large, and looks a lot like a holiday home, and the ability to watch a sunset from the comfort of your bedroom in front of the warmth of the fire is such a huge bonus. Waking up to the sea and the sand will also be one hell of a pleasant surprise each morning.

28. Small Room by the Fire

Another smaller room on our list, but this is also one of the most quaint and ‘lived in’ rooms too, looking really comfortable and best of all, affordable. The fireplace across the corner is very snazzy, modern and not in the way of what is already a petit room.

29. Busy but Relaxing

This room is really cool. The wallpaper is a tad different, bordering on confusing, but the height of the bed and the stripped back approach of the rest of the room is really impressive. The fireplace here is at the end of the bed, and is very basic but fits well with the interior of the room. And for an added bonus, there’s a lovely bookshelf covering the whole of the back wall, for all the times you’re tempted to have a little read in front of the fire.

30. Cabin in the Woods 2

This room, which looks like it comes straight from the days of Robin Hood, is an almost dangerously small room considering how close the fireplace is. But what a fireplace it is. Bricked up to the roof and with a huge window for the flames, this is one of the fullest fireplaces on the list. You can imagine that this room would be cold in winter, but once you load up the fireplace you’ll be warm in no time.

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31. Beauty and the Beast

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This room is magnificent, there is little other way to describe it, and the fireplace itself is a beast of a feature – large and roaring. The room itself, looking very grand European has plenty of room, looking like both a bedroom and a living area too, lending itself to look similar to a high-class hotel than a master bedroom. The centrepiece of the room is, however, the eye-catching box fireplace.

32. Film-set Fireplace

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This setting looks more like a bedroom from a film, where the main character is a millionaire playboy than anything else. The fireplace in the centre is lavish and stylish, and doubles as a bathroom fireplace, as you can just see the washing space behind it in the picture. Relaxing and sophisticated, this room would be a dream come true for most people.

33. Double-Sided Delight

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Another double-sided masterpiece, this master bedroom is spacious and elegant and the stone fireplace boxes the flames in and acts as the centrepiece to both the bedroom and the living area behind. The room is built up on two layers, with the ceiling made of wood and gives this room, similar to others in this list, looks to be taken right out of a mountain range resort. A lovely little room.

34. Stairway to Heaven

Like you can see in the corner, this lavish room is built on the top floor and the spiral staircase brings you to a room that must be like heaven to sleep in. That centrepiece fireplace is double-sided and brings some sheer class to the supporting wall in the middle of the room. Spacious with windows, there’s lots of natural light to compliment the heat the fire brings.

35. Glass Class

This bedroom is really huge, and the glass fireplace sits far away from the bed like a sleeping giant. Not the biggest fireplace, but a classy looking structure built into the wall proves a great addition to a room that is minimalist in furniture but quite busy with accessories. Because the room is so big, it’s never likely to get too warm, which is a good thing for when you’re trying to sleep.

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36. The 5 Star Hotel Fireplace

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This room is amazing, looking in style to something you may find in the Hollywood hills or overlooking LA waterfronts. The fireplace – essentially a massive wall, is overwhelming and fantastic. With enough room to comfortably fit a chair next to the fire no problem, it’s the perfect place to unwind with a drink watching a beach and the surf.

37. The Room with A Kitchen In

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This room is crazy unique as it basically looks like a living room, bedroom and kitchen all mashed into one. The fireplace is pretty low key here, coming just underneath the TV on a stone wall but overlooking the window and the bed opposite. The style is very minimalist and really cool, essentially an inside burning pit.

38. Realistically Beautiful

The first thought I had about this fireplace was that it looked brilliant but also could be realistically found in a house of standard living wage. This is one of the few fireplaces that makes this bedroom still look like a bedroom, with the feature itself not making too much of an impression on the space. This is taking nothing away from the scene, though, as it’s a great looking room – spacious and classy.

39. The Ski Lodge Fire

The next in a line of fires that would look completely great in a ski resort, the open fire and rug on the floor are huge giveaways. As are the snowlicked trees out of the window. Two seats are next to the fire, perfect for heating yourself up on a cold day and kicking back with a newspaper and a hot drink. The bed, simple but comfy looking, is low against the floor and would prove perfectly placed to take advantage of the heat from the fire.

40. A Chilled Out Scene

This fire is a really nice piece, and while not dissimilar to other places in the list, this stone wall is actually separate to the fireplace, which is a unit in itself of black metal which is somewhat a classic design. A neat, tidy room with minimum fuss, it looks relaxing as hell.

41. The Feel of a Pool House

Maybe it’s just the external doors that lead elsewhere, but this bedroom looks a lot like it could be a large pool house, and the fireplace is super subtle, it’s actually almost too hard to pick out from the picture. All you can see is a glass screen, enabling you to see merely the flames and not the frames, which is probably a sentence that they could use on their marketing for the fireplace. They can have that for free.

42. An Old Classic

All I can think of in this picture is an old English hotel room from the 60’s. The floral design isn’t exactly a modern concept, and the fireplace – with it’s metal guard and various pokers – screams of a classic design. Although only a small change, I like the way the stone wall shrinks as it reaches the ceiling. It’s the little things that please us.

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43. The Bedroom of the Future

As soon as I saw this I was in awe. This looks like it’s a bedroom – and fireplace – that has come directly from the Jetsons. Sleek, minimal and off-white, it is a classic representation of future Earth from the perspective of 2017 Earth. I really dig the fireplace as it is a completely fresh concept and style to most ordinary fireplaces.

44. Minimal is Best

Another really minimal piece of design work, the fireplace is truly unique. The metal extractor serving as a chimney works really well, even in its metallic, industrial state. Although I would be unsure how comfy the bed is – looking at how small that mattress is (!!), the room itself is really relaxing. There are no other features except for the fire, the bed and a small side drawer. All of the essentials.

45. Gorgeous and Modern

This fireplace is a lovely modern feature, but in all honesty must only create a small frame, because although the fixture is big, the actual fireplace itself is a small window. Even with this in mind, it’s a great piece of design and has that multi-level design that I love in a home. And the bed looks awesome, too. Which is a massive plus.

46. The Future, Now

This is another one that looks like it could be from a sci-fi film set in future Earth, this setting has a great spa feel to it, with the minimal, simple designs and beautiful hot-rock style fireplace set out within the wall. There may be a problem with privacy – the whole outside wall is a window – but it’s a lovely room and a really stylish fire set-up.

47. Contemporary and Strangely Plain

Although this is another stunning room, it’s very large, with all of the furniture placed in one area, and the white colour gives is such a sterile, healthcare-system feel to it. Each feature on their own is beautiful, but brought together it’s just missing a little more colour to break up the feel of the room. The only thing breaking up the white colour – the fireplace – is a beautiful marble-looking area which arguably stands out better than everything else because of the red and amber flames.

48. Funky and Fresh

We absolutely love this room. So simple it almost has no bed, the fireplace across the room is filled with burning wood, with plenty stacked up against the wall to burn further. The bedding – which just looks like loads of duvet covers in a large pile – plays back to the days in your youth when you would camp out next to a fire with just a few bits of material to protect you. It’s primal and beautiful, and that is why we love it.

49. Modern Art

This room is delightful. It goes to show that you can use one colour much more predominantly than others if you just have a colour with a slight change of pace to it – in this case, the dark brown. Looking a lot like a piece of art, the fireplace is at the far side of the room, making use of a break in the wall to tease out the heat while hiding the rest of the fireplace behind a cream fireplace feature.

50. The Centrepiece of the Room

This fireplace makes this room. As with a few others earlier in the list, the fireplace can easily be seen from all angles of the room – not just against one wall – but is in the perfect place to heat you while you’re in bed. The extractor above is sleek, with a protective cover towards to bottom in case the flames begin to get carried away.

51. The Main Feature

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Again, the clear feature in this room is the fireplace/TV combo. What’s really great is that the fireplace actually sits back in the wall, allowing the TV to do the talking – literally – but all the while still offering both heat and style to the surrounding area of the room. The accompanying chairs makes entertaining guests a pleasure, and huddling round on a cold evening even better.

52. The Dictionary Definition of Luxury

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There are fewer rooms in this list as out-and-out luxurious as this room. The fireplace is almost impossible to find, such is its subtlety behind the marble feature wall. The screen covering the fire is great protection, especially if you’re planning on making use of the chairs to the side of the fireplace. This room has the feel of an expensively assembled, well kept master bedroom.

53. Stargazing Next to the Fire

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As we come towards the end of our list, we’ve taken it right back to basics with this simple wooden and stone themed room with the fireplace set back into the rear of the wall. The far wall, which is entirely a window, would be great for gazing across the city or staring into the middle distance. The mounted TV on the wall gives this room an additional feature and something to compliment the fireplace.

54. The Honeymoon Suite

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This fireplace/bedroom combo looks like the perfect setting for a romantic honeymoon, and if this is your house why would you spend any time outside of the bedroom? The fireplace is complemented nicely by the low-level lighting, making it all seem even more relaxing. Choose to lay on the bed or sit out front, but either way you’re never too far from the fireplace.

55. Saving the Best Until Last

Not one to let you get away without being mind blown, take a look at this master bedroom-come-outdoor-terrace. The fire, a pit in the corner of the room, has a beautiful extractor that works well with the outdoor visuals and other furniture. Almost a fire plate as opposed to a fireplace, this piece of kit compliments the room awesomely from inside or out.


So, there we have it. Some of the most beautiful, fascinating and unique master bedroom fireplaces from across the world. The craft and creativity amongst these rooms is bordering on art, while the array of different styles would suit almost anybody, regardless of their preference. Spending time looking through this list is as inspiring as it is jealousy-inducing, and is enough to make you start saving for a centrepiece fireplace of your own.

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