55 Creative and Unique Master Bedroom Designs And Ideas

Is your bedroom looking a little bit on the bland side? I can completely relate to this. My bedroom has been the same for almost three years and I am certainly ready for a change, but I haven’t been completely sure of myself as to where to start with it all. If you are in the same predicament as I am, check out these 55 ideas to revamp your master bedroom. Some of them are easy to do and some may take a little more work, but in the end, you can have a stunning creation to call your bedroom.

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#1. A Romantic Atmosphere

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If you are somebody who appreciates a little romance in your bedroom, you’ll love this design. This room features a lot of brown and white. It is very simplistic, but those candles and flowers set the mood for some romance. The main feature that I want to point out in this room is that dark wood hardwood flooring. This brings the whole room together and mix in that white furniture-absolutely beautiful.

#2. A Whole Lot Of White

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If you like the color white, prepare yourself for this design. This bedroom features a beautiful upholstered head & footboard and white upholstered button chairs. Is it me or does this room scream elegance? The all white really helps brighten up such a small area and the mirrored nightstand gives off a reflection, making the room appear larger than it really is. It’s also a very vintage look altogether.

#3. Perfect Lighting

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There’s nothing worse than trying to do something in a dark bedroom, like getting dressed, reading a book, or just relaxing. This bedroom has the perfect amount of lighting for the color of the furniture. That chandelier mixed with the can lights and hanging lights make for one beautiful atmosphere for doing just about anything. That upholstered furniture also makes a great sitting area for reading or relaxing without using the bed.

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#4. Bright & Blue

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If you have a smaller bedroom, bright colors are going to be the best way to make the room brighter. In this room, they decided to use a blue and white theme. All of the furniture is a beautiful bright white and the walls are a pale blue color. Everything in the room matches and it all forms a pretty elegant room without having to spend a fortune.

#5. Bringing In The Sunlight

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If you have a large window in your bedroom, here’s how to make the best of it. That sunlight beaming in and bouncing off of those bright walls gives you all of the natural lighting that you could ever need. Those high ceilings also make the bedroom look a lot larger than it really is. If you can’t fix the ceilings, just roll some bright paint on the walls and take advantage of that big window.

#6. Sophistication

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What we see in this bedroom first is obviously that there is a lot of white, but behind all of that white is a beautiful grey upholstered headboard. At the end of the bed we see that upholstered bench. This is an ideal spot to sit down to take your shoes off after a long day. On each side of the bed are those brass desk lamps that give the room that sophisticated professional look. This would be a very easy design to accomplish.

Modern Master Bedroom Designs

#7. Black & White

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I love the black and white look. There is just something about those two colors that make a room look so elegant. This particular room features a black leather headboard, black desk, black and white nightstands, and a black shag area rug. This room, especially with the completely random accent pieces, is extremely modern and simple to do yourself.

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#8. Unique Flooring

It’s pretty clear that the statement piece in this bedroom is the hardwood flooring design. It has kind of a tiger stripe color design and it matches wonderfully with the color of the walls behind the bed. Notice how each one of those recessed wall spaces has a light to accent each one of them? This is very simple to do and it gives you a ton of lighting. Side note: check out that ceiling light. Love it!

#9. Blue Plaid

There’s quite a bit going on in this bedroom. You have the printed curtains, brown and white walls, white armchairs, black shelving and those navy blue plaid pillows. They don’t really go with the flow of the room, but they have a way of brightening up the furniture that it rests upon. Honestly, this is something that I would expect to see in my grandparents guest room.

#10. Very Contemporary

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If you are looking to upgrade your bedroom to something more contemporary, this is in the ballpark. This room features a beautiful mirrored black bed frame with a huge white upholstered headboard. Next to it are mirrored black nightstands and a dresser. Pulling everything together are bright white walls to make the room pop.

Luxury Master Bedroom Design Ideas

#11. Living In Luxury

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If you want your bedroom to look similar to one of those that would be in a famous actresses or singers house, this would work. This room is completely white with tan accents on the furniture. It is extremely Victorian Esque. This would be one of those rooms that you would have to put a lot of money into, unless you can find all of the furniture at an antique shop.

#12. Simple, Yet Stunning

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This room has kind of the same color scheme as the last one, but this one is a little easier to pull off if you are on a budget. This headboard looks very easy to make yourself and with only a few pieces of material and a little bit of skill. This bedroom would be perfect for a guest room or a teenage girl’s’ room. The one piece in here that I love is the white carpet. It does a very good job of brightening the room up.

#13. Black & Gold

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One of my favorite color schemes is black and gold, which is why I like this bedroom set up so much. This room features a beautiful gold patterned wall. Against it is an elegant black buttoned upholstered head and footboard. To top it off, there is that awesome fluffy carpet underneath everything.

#14. White & Leather

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This list definitely has a lot of white bedrooms. This one, however, features that jaw dropping leather sleigh bed. It does a great job with breaking up all of that white. At the foot of the bed is that sitting area that looks like it’s either plastic or glass. Either way, it’s pretty spectacular looking.

#15. Over The Top

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Here, we have an extremely elegant sleeping area. It is extremely decorated, which means that it would take a while for you to accomplish this look, especially if you were going to copy that canopy above the bed. This room also features that sitting area with the lovely overstuffed couch. This is a perfect resting area for when you want to relax, but aren’t quite ready to get into bed yet. If you want to spoil your child, this would make a great bedroom for them.

Traditional Master Bedroom Designs

#16. Pretty In Pink

If you like the color pink, this is the room for you. This very modern bedroom design features that buttoned upholstered headboard attached to the platform frame, which is also upholstered. Surrounding the bed are very pink walls and a beautiful white carpeted area. Thrown in the mix are also some very traditional brown dressers and nightstands. This isn’t something that you see everyday, making it rather unique.

#17. Gold & Wood

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This bedroom has a lot of style to it while remaining very minimalistic. Check out that beautiful poster bed with the spiral posts. Against the gold accents and sitting furniture, that dark wood stain pops out wonderfully. The other thing that I want to point out is that chandelier. It’s very simple, but still makes a great modern luxury statement piece. It’s also something you could possibly find at your local Home Depot or Lowes.

#18. Spacious

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If you have the space, go for this look. It’s very traditional, uses very simple colors, and even the furniture is basic. You have your armchairs in white, ottoman in beige, platform bed in beige, and a white comforter. In combination with that beautiful hardwood flooring, it makes for a pretty stylish and traditional bedroom.

Elegant Master Bedroom Design Ideas

#19. Classy Child’s Room

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If your daughter is anything like mine, she’s all about fashion. This room is extremely classy and fashionable, making it something that all of her friends may envy her for. The wallpaper features spiraled designs to go along with that very abstract mirror on the wall. With the fur, pink pillows, and white accents, any child would be impressed with this room.

#20. Basic, But Elegant

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This bedroom is extremely elegant, but also very basic at the same time. There’s just something about the simplicity of this room that makes it to appealing. Beige is a popular color for those who want to remain very neutral when it comes to their decor. The one thing that stands out is that purple velvet chair and ottoman. It’s a great idea for bringing some color to the room without overpowering it.

#21. Very Shiny

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If you like things that shine, you’ll love this design. It features a lot of silver and is very mirror oriented. The mirrors help make the room look bigger, even though it is rather small. There is good use of vertical hardwood flooring, making the room seem longer. The headboard is also something that I could see myself making and using as my own.

Rustic Master Bedroom Ideas

#22. Creative With Wood

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I absolutely adore this bedroom! It’s small, but there is a lot of detail packed into it and all of these things are easy to acquire. That wooden chest at the foot of the bed is something to really talk about. It’s the perfect storage area for blankets, pillows, and whatever else you need out of sight. The comforter style on the bed also brings a very feminine touch to the room. The other thing that stands out to me is that rustic chandelier-gorgeous!

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#23. All About The Hardwood

It’s pretty clear that the main focal point of this room is the hardwood flooring. This beautiful multi-colored hardwood is beyond stunning. It gives the room a nice glow and works well with all of the brown furnishings. The cool thing about this room is that they left enough space for a desk over by the window while not looking crowded. This room is about as modern and traditional as it gets.

#24. A Very Rustic Bed

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I assume that we all agree that this bed is superb. This bedroom is very well put together and creates an extremely rustic look, if you are into that sort of thing. I love how the texture and color of the bed frame fits in so well with the neutral color of the walls. To give the room a little bit of an elegant touch, those hanging mirrors were added, which you can pick up at almost any retail store.

#25. Small & Rustic

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To me, this room almost reminds me of a very stylish loft in an upscale apartment building. It has a very old look to it, especially with that sliding barn door panel, which is a very easy look to recreate. There are a lot of neutral colors going on in here, making it very easy to work with in terms of decor and furniture.

#26. Reclaimed Wood Wall

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If you like the way your room looks, but it just seems to be missing something, why not try something new and out of the ordinary. You can create this reclaimed wood wall out of just some repurposed wood. It brings a lot of rusticness to the room and gives it a very homey atmosphere. Not to mention, it’ll be rather easy to hang pictures on it and it won’t ruin your walls.

Basement Master Bedroom Suite Ideas

#27. Great Use Of Space

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If you room isn’t big enough and you have a basement that is not being used, try turning it into a giant master bedroom. This basement features a beautiful white column and plenty of seating space. In a large area like this, you can put so much in it and make it any style you want. Since basements tend to be dark and not easily lit by natural light, those can lights are perfect for that atmosphere.

#28. Separated By Curtains

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Since basements are usually used for storage or other things, making one part of it into a bedroom could work if you have the right tools and right idea, such as this one. They uses one part of their basement as a bedroom or guest room and simply separated it with the use of curtains and a large rod.

#29. Small & Cozy

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Does your teenager need more room? Do they want a space of their own? Why not convert part of your basement into their bedroom! This small space has just enough room for their bed, a chair, some nightstands, and maybe even a desk. It is blocked off from the other part of the basement with some pretty impressive doors and given enough light with those can lights and that hanging center light.

Blue Master Bedroom Ideas

#30. Blue Accents

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Blue is a very popular bedroom color because the lighter it gets, the more sunlight reflects off of it. This room may not have blue walls, but it does have blue accents such as pillows, bedding, and pictures. It works well with the neutral color of the wall and brings a little bit of a pop of color to the room.

#31. Lots Of Blue

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If you really like the color blue, this room design is for you. It uses a lot of blue patterns, a lot of which seem to clash to me, but it still somehow works. There are blue carpets, furniture, curtains, and bedding, making it very bright and looking more open. Personally, my favorite piece in the room is the mirrored nightstand.

#32. Blue Bedding

Rather than turning your whole bedroom into something that’s completely blue, try using just a bright blue comforter like the one we have here. The walls are a grey color, which can make the room seem darker, but when combined with this bright blue bedspread, the room gets brighter. It works well with the whole room and even with the leather bench at the end of the bed.

Romantic Master Bedroom Designs

#33. Simply Romantic

This bedroom is rather simple, but there is a whole lot of romantic atmosphere going on in here. The light color of the hardwood against the dark color of the dresser creates a calming area to relax in. The bedspread features beautiful red flowers and red throw pillows, and since red is the color of love, it fits in well with the overall atmosphere.

#34. A Lovely Quilt

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Sometimes, a simple change in bedding can make a huge difference in a bedroom. In this case, we have a beautiful white quilt with a wave-like cut to it. It features stitched floral and leaf patterns. Since it is white, it has the potential to coordinate with a huge variety of styles, no matter what look you are trying to create.

#35. Red Walls

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Red is the color of love, so why not give your room some red walls and spread the love all over the place. This room features red patterned walls, beautiful tan sheer curtains, tan bedding, and red throw pillows on the quaint little couch. You can also see the dark colored, stylish dresser and bed frame that just make the whole room come together in pure romance.

Black and White Master Bedroom Ideas

#36. Artsy

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This black and white themed room has a very artsy feel to it. Check out the unique nightstand that almost looks like a bird cage. There are also beautiful black and white pictures hanging on the wall, which help bring that art feeling to life. Paired with this is the black upholstered bed frame that may be easily recreated with just a few materials.

#37. Luxurious Black & White

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I almost want to think that this room belongs to Beetlejuice. That black and white striped ottoman really catches my eye and fits in rather well with the black and white couch, bed, and nightstands. Above the bed is a beautiful floral picture, giving the room an even more feminine touch to it. You can easily recreate this room with some black paint, white rugs, and a very open imagination.

#38. Mirrors

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I’ve said it before, but one way to make a room look bigger is to add mirrors to it. This room, since it is painted black, can seem very dark and small. What they did was they added some mirrored nightstands to make the room appear longer. One piece of furniture in here that I really love is the canopy bed-it’s very beautiful.

#39. Black & White Bed

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This smaller bedroom is definitely brightened up by the white of the comforter. It does a very good job of accenting the headboard and those hanging lights on each side of the bed. Those are something that you could probably find at your local retail store for a decent price. Everything else about the room is pretty much very simplistic and easy to accomplish.

Green Master Bedroom Ideas

#40. Green & Blue

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These are two colors that don’t generally mix well together, but in this room, they do. This room features that lovely green and white bedspread on the bed against a dark blue wall. The brightness of the comforter seems to bring more light to the room with those darker walls. Along with the white sheer curtains and the white area rug, it’s a pretty bright room.

#41. Sage Green Curtains

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Here we have another example of blue against green. This is a very beachy themed bedroom, which makes sense for the color combination. The country style bed and dressers work well with the sage green curtains against those bamboo shades. Those whole room is very lightly colored, which gives it a ton of light.

#42. Light Green & Blue Accents

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Here’s another green and blue room, but this time the walls are a much lighter blue and we have white pillows with blue flowers on them. Behind those pillows are sage green throw pillows resting upon a greenish-blue comforter. Notice on the nightstands there are clear green lamps and that green picture frame. They work beautifully against the rest of the blue.

#43. Big Green Curtains

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This room is rather beautiful and I’m loving those giant mirrors on each side of the bed. They have a way of bringing a stylish look into the room while making it look larger. The other feature that really makes this room stand out are those bright green curtains. It works well against the black and white accent pieces throughout the room without making it look clashy.

#44. Green Bed

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If you want to make your room stand out, here’s how you do it. You acquire the materials to make this green upholstered headboard and the bed skirt, then you find that blue patterned rug on the floor, those blue patterned curtains, put it all together and there you have it. There’s definitely a lot going on in this room and to sum it all up, there’s that huge chandelier that looks rather vintagy.

Orange Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

#45. Very Orange

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If your favorite color is orange, this room is certainly for you. It features these orange walls, orange and white patterned curtains, orange accents, and orange paintings. The only other colors that break the orange are white, black, brown and other small miscellaneous colors. There’s so much orange here that it reflects off of the hardwood, making that look orange as well. Its unique, no doubt, but belongs in the 1970’s.

#46. Uniquely Orange

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This is another room that has very bright orange walls. Bright walls aren’t a bad thing, though. It makes the room very bright This room also has a lot of windows in it, so if you have a lot of windows in your room, bright colors will make it a lot lighter. One thing that stands out to me is the cute little chest at the end of the bed. It’s extremely vintage and just fits with the whole scheme of the room.

#47. Orange & Brown

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This room looks like something straight out of That 70’s Show. It has those brownish orange furnishings, like the bed, dressers, and armour. It’s accented by the orange area rug, which makes the furniture look even more orange than it really is. Personally, this is not a color scheme that I would go for, but if you like orange, I say go nuts.

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Neutral Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

#48. White & Grey

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This beautiful neutral room is about as bright as it can get. Featuring that beautiful bench and storage area at the end of the bed and the leather platform king sized frame. This room is filled with neutral colors such as white, grey, and tan. It works with all decor and is extremely pleasant to look at. I would love to have this as my own bedroom.

#49. Lots Of Silver

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This bedroom features a whole lot of silver furniture. These pieces sit ever so beautifully along a grey wall with white accents. It offers a lot of reflectiveness for light to bounce off of, creating a bright atmosphere. I love how the bed frame is shiny and offers a lot of style while being so modern. Lucky for you, if you decide to go with this color scheme, you can add more colors to the room without it clashing.

#50. White & Blue

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This bedroom features a lot of bright blue and white. This would be the ideal space for a teenage girl to enjoy. The baby blue walls create a lot of extra light in the room because of how well it reflects. There are also those mirrored nightstands that add a little bit of chic to the room. I love how there is the little sitting area in the space to the right. It is the perfect place to sit and read a book while enjoying the natural sunlight.

#51. Faux Rock Wall

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If you are looking for something rather unique, check this room out. Behind the bed is a beautiful faux rock wall, which looks like it could be linoleum. It creates a wonderful look and sets the tone for the entire room. The furnishings are all that light brown color, which works very well with the plain color of the wall. To add a little bit of color to it, there is that painting above the bed and blue throw pillows.

#52. Beige & White

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Beige is an extremely neutral color and easy to work with. You can throw some beige paint on a wall and use any other color to decorate with and it would still look nice. In this case, we have a beige headboard, beige and white carpeting, white stools for sitting, and a white and beige comforter. It is definitely one of the more neutral rooms on the list, but affordable and easy to acquire.

Unique and Amazing Master Bedroom Designs

#53. Funky Patterns

This room is almost completely neutral, with the exception of those funky colored curtains. This room features a greyish wall, white furniture, wooden beams, and multi-colored curtains. Those window treatments are definitely the main focal point of this room, bringing in a splash of color and individuality.

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#54. Sheer Curtains on A Beam

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This bedroom has a very country look to it, especially with that wrought iron bed. This type of bed was very popular back in the day and they are still as beautiful as ever. Above the bed is a huge beam that has sheer curtains built into it. It gives the room a very elegant look and may make you feel like you’re in your own little space if you choose to let those curtains free.

#55. Ever So Unique

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I love all of the colors in this bedroom. The baby blue walls mixed with the beige and white accents and comforter give this room a truly elegant look. There are some very unique and vintage looking side tables that match those large ceiling accents. The hardwood floors are absolutely stunning and when paired with everything in the room, including that gorgeous chandelier, makes for a very unique sleeping area.

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Well there you have it, 55 completely unique, stunning, neutral, and colorful bedroom ideas. If you need to do something a little different with your bedroom, but aren’t sure where to start, this is the best place. Some of these ideas are over the top and some are as simple as going to your local WalMart to get the decorations. It all depends on how creative you want to be and how simple or over the top you want to get. If you enjoyed this list, feel free to share it and leave us a comment.