Leesa vs Purple Mattress: Which One Should You Pick?

The amount of work and research involved in in the task of purchasing a new mattress has increased dramatically in recent years,  thanks to the multiple styles and types of mattresses now available on today’s market. The target market for beds has become a competitive field with each manufacturer offering a variety of perks and special features associated with their brand to become the kingpins of comfort.


The unique and exclusive features that the major brands of mattresses offer can cause some retailers, who tend to work on a commission only basis, exaggerate the quality or benefits of a bed. This practice means it can be hard to take what a salesperson is saying at face value, so there is an emphasis on personally collecting information regarding the best mattress for yourself and partner.

People tend to absorb such information when it is presented in a way that is visually pleasing and informative rather than overwhelming. Throughout this article, we will touch on the differences between two of the top brands for mattresses – Leesa versus Purple. With this comparison, it should be easier to distinguish which mattress will best suit your individual needs and if a memory foam bed is truly the best option.

Rundown of the Leesa Mattress


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Construction of the Leesa Mattress

With a height reaching 10 inches from base to top, there are multiple layers that make up the Leesa Mattress. The construction of this memory foam bed includes a pre-attached mattress cover, a breathable Avena top layer with patented cooling properties, and two layers of sturdy, cushiony base material for maximum comfort.

Pre-Attached Mattress Cover

The Leesa Mattress offers their consumers a money-saving option by selling mattresses that already come with a protective cover made from a polyester/Lycra blend material. This protective cover can reduce rips, tears, and stains in your mattress, increasing the longevity of your purchase. This stretchy cover also prevents allergens, germs, and mites that can prevent illnesses from settling into your home.


The polyester/Lycra cover is easily removed from the bed for cleaning and is suitable for a machine wash rather than expensive dry-cleaning. The cover also is designed to fit over the entire mattress and not just the top layer, offering another attractive selling point to consumers.

Patented Avena Top Layer

One of the biggest features that the Leesa offers to their customers is the patented Avena top level of the bed. This breathable fabric measures two inches in thickness and offers you a  nice cool rest. This breathable material increases air circulation throughout the mattress, which allows any trapped body heat the chance to disperse into the air.

A cooling mattress is appealing to a vast number of people because no one likes to wake up sticky and drained from a night of tossing and turning on a hot mattress. Avena foam allows the surface of the bed to stay cool, which in turn, can help the sleeper adjust their core body temperature to a comfortable level.

Second Layer

With a thickness measuring 10 inches, the Leesa bed is constructed with not only the cover and Avena cooling layer but also a secondary and third layer of memory foam to ensure their customers have a peaceful night of rest.

The second layer of the Leesa bed measures at two inches thick, and it is pure memory foam. This layer of memory foam contours to the body, putting compression on the points where it can eliminate aches and pains associated with sleeping and avoid putting unnecessary pressure on those areas that don’t benefit from pressure.

People who tend to suffer from existing painful conditions or experience aches and pains in their shoulders, back, and neck after a night rest have reported feeling relief after using a memory foam mattress.

Third Layer

The last layer that makes up the design of the Leesa is a four-inch thick layer of base foam. The sturdiness of this layer is firm enough to ensure the bed holds its original shape while preventing any chance of the sinking feeling generally associated with memory foam mattresses. This dense layer of foam will also support your natural body weight which prevents sags or bowed middles that can develop over time with regular use.


The base layer is also where motion transfer is diminished, allowing people to get a more peaceful night of rest because they shouldn’t wake up each time their partner moves throughout the night.

Firmness of the Leesa Mattress

The firmness of a Leesa is not only strong enough to support the entire body but also prevent the sinking feeling that can be found when using a memory foam mattress. Some mattresses can only be firm in certain areas and lose support closer to the edges, footboard, etc. The Leesa Mattress is firm throughout the entire mattress, so even when sitting on the edge to dress, it doesn’t feel as if you are being swallowed by the mattress.

Some brands offer the same style of the mattress with varying firmness levels, but unfortunately, the Leesa comes in just medium-firm. This could deter some people from choosing this bed, but it has a level of firmness that is suitable for sleepers of all positions from side to back to stomach.


The feel of a Leesa Mattress is a lot softer than people think once they learn of all the support foam! With the soft material consistent throughout the mattress, it has a silky finish that allows you to just fall back into bliss.

The pre-attached polyester/Lycra blend mattress cover is also made using a soft material that adds a rustic touch with its quilted design.

Unique Features – Leesa Mattress

Avena Top Level

One of the unique features that the Leesa bed offers is the patented cooling top level. With its breathable fabric and two inches of material, it is a comfort going to bed knowing you won’t wake up because of overheating or damp sheets from night sweats. The thickness of the top level also increases the lifespan of your mattress and reportedly can increase the life of your mattress three times over!

This material allows for a higher amount of airflow through your mattress, giving trapped body heat and warm air the chance to disperse naturally. Whether you sleep alone or with a partner, it is always a comfort to sleep peacefully, not overheated and frustrated.


Polyester/Lycra Mattress Cover

Most mattresses require a separate purchase of a mattress cover, which can be pricey depending on the quality and size needed, along with the aftercare of your purchase. Leesa eliminates this additional expense by offering mattresses that have already been fitted with a polyester/Lycra blend cover that is easily removed for cleaning. This mattress cover is machine-washable, so it can be washed during your weekly laundry or whenever the need arises.

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Breakdown of the Purple Mattress

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Construction of the Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress is a unique hybrid of both a memory foam and a hyper-elastic polymer composition. These mattresses are all handcrafted and offer maximum full-body support without breaking the bank.

Attached Mattress Cover

The Purple Mattress is purchased with a pre-attached mattress cover, reducing additional expenses and uneven fits. Made up of a combination of materials (polyester, viscose and a polyester/Lycra blend), it allows for easy cleaning and has a unique design appeal which attracts stylish people.

While it is not recommended to wash the mattress cover in your washing machine, it can be done when absolutely necessary on the coldest cycle for delicate materials. Allow for air-drying and leave the cover in a flat position to keep the shape of the cover.

First Layer – Purple Smart Grid

The top level or comfort layer of the mattress consists of two inches of hyper-elastic polymer material laid out in the Purple unique “smart grid”. This layer will disperse body weight naturally throughout the night while providing cooling properties with its airflow channels. This layer also provides comfort and relief as pressure is applied to areas requiring pressure for pain reduction without creating additional aches and pains.

Another benefit of this layer is it is coated with a thin powder consisting of a non-toxic substance to reduce any noise that the polymer layer creates when shifting in the bed.