Which is Best: Loom and Leaf VS Leesa Mattress?

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More and more of us are incurring a sleep deficit that’s having negative impacts on our mental and physical health. Ideally, we’re all supposed to be getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day. However, due to a multitude of reasons, we’re only getting 5 to 6 hours a day or less. While always being on the go and distractions from technology are certainly factors in our sleep deficit, our mattress also plays a pivotal role. Most of us tend to sleep on mattresses that have long ‘expired’ and are no longer suited in providing us with restful sleep.

A Closer Look

To help you with your search, we’ll be looking at the Loom & Leaf and Leesa Mattress – two mattresses that are rising in popularity. While the Leesa Mattress has a combination of LSA 200 foam and memory foam for the perfect feel, Loom & Leaf has a unique swirling cooling gel technology and environmentally friendly premium foam that provides you with supreme comfort.

Leesa vs Loom and Leaf Mattress Comparison

Leesa Mattress
Loom and Leaf Mattress
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Read My Review
Layers Used     4 layers
  • four-stripe cover
  • two-inch cooling foam top layer
  • two-inch contouring memory foam
  • and a six-inch core support foam base
  • 5 layers
  • cover
  • cooling spinal gel
  • eco-friendly 5lb premium foam
  • transition loft pad
  • and the support base
  • Height     10 inches12 inches
    Firmness     One firmness levelTwo different types: the relaxed firm and firm
    Motion Transfer     FairGood
    Breathability     GoodGood
    Trial Period     100 nights120 nights
    Warranty     10-year warranty15 years
    USD 845 with monthly payments available
    (originally USD 995 but they’ve got a special now)
    USD 1,299 with financing options available through Klarna
    Shipping     Free shipping (some locations may
    require shipping fees). They ship to the
    United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom
    Free shipping Only ships to the United
    States with free white glove delivery

    A Breakdown of the Leesa Mattress


    While there are a number of mattress companies available on the market, one of the most popular mattress companies around is the Leesa company. Its popularity is attributed to it being one of the pioneer companies in having your bed conveniently packed inside a box and delivered directly to your home. The company also continually improves its mattresses to cater to different sleeper’s individual preferences.

    Recently, the Leesa Company has updated their Leesa by replacing the comfort layer with LSA 200 foam instead of Avena foam. By improving the mattress with this new and improved foam, the Leesa Company hopes to resolve the issues that sleepers commonly face with memory foam mattresses – feeling like they’ve been swallowed by the mattress, as well as the memory foam material making them feel warm. The other layers also work together in providing the sleeper with adequate support and cool comfort. While there is additional support from the other layers, you won’t have to worry about losing that comfortable feeling of slowly sinking into the mattress.


    Top Layer – Iconic four-stripe cover

    The top layer of the bed has a gorgeous colorful look that’s sure to catch your attention. Thereafter, you’ll notice the plush and silky feel of the cover. The cover is also woven with a blend of thicker polyester material to keep you comfortable and rested throughout the night. It’s also easy to remove the cover if you require that it be sent for cleaning.

    Second Layer – Comfort layer with two-inches of memory foam

    The comfort layer was initially constructed with Avena foam but is now made with LSA 200 foam instead. Both foams are made with a material that’s similar to latex and provides the mattress with a notable bounce. The LSA 200 foam, however, also comes with its own set of benefits including keeping the mattress cool and allowing the sleeper to feel like they’re resting on a cloud.

    Third Layer –Recovery layer with two-inches of memory foam

    After you’ve gotten the bouncier LSA 200 foam from the comfort layer above, the recovery foam is also constructed with two inches of memory foam. The memory foam gives the sleeper the perfect contour and also helps in relieving pressure. This memory foam layer is placed to provide sleepers with that traditional memory foam comfort, hugs the body, and helps in transitioning the sleeper to the firmer dense core foam below.


    Fourth Layer – Support layer with six-inches of dense core foam

    After the LSA 200 foam and the soft memory foam, you’ll get a firmer dense core foam that’s constructed with poly-foam material. This layer makes up the foundation of the bed and is meant to provide much-needed support. Since this layer totals 6-inches, it’ll be adequate in providing the right amount of support to a multitude of sleepers.


    The Leesa model only comes in one firmness level – a medium firmness of 6.5 that’s just a tad firmer than the average mattress. As most individuals prefer a medium firmness level, the Leesa Mattress’s firmness is meant to cater to most sleepers. The balance in firmness is due to the combination of both the LSA 200 foam along with the memory foam. While the LSA 200 foam provides that bounce, the memory foam has a softer layer which strikes that perfect balance.

    Since the bed is a little firmer than most other foam mattresses, it’s great for those that prefer to sleep on their back or stomach as there’s additional support in the shoulder, and lumbar region.

    If you have a tendency to be a side sleeper, however, you may not get the amount of contouring that you need from the firmness of the Leesa Mattress.


    After noticing the colorful cover and how soft it is to the touch, you’ll notice yourself comfortably sinking into the Leesa Mattress. You’ll get the plush sink in feeling from the memory foam layer of the bed along with pressure relief. You won’t sink in too far, however, as the LSA 200 foam provides sufficient bounce to prop your body atop of the mattress.

    Both of the foam layers also work together in providing the bed with more bounce than traditional memory foam mattresses. Due to the bouncier feel, the mattress also has an excellent response to pressure. All the layers are able to come together in providing the sleeper with the right balance of firmer support, along with the softness of memory foam.

    Unique Features

    Universal Adaptive Feel

    The Leesa Mattress is intentionally constructed to have the layers work together in providing the sleeper with comfortable, and restful sleep. A standout feature of the Leesa is a unique feature called the universal adaptive feel. With this feature, both the memory foam, and the LSA 200 foam work together in adapting to your sleep position, and individual body shape.

    A Breakdown of the Loom & Leaf Mattress


    Similar to the Leesa Mattress, Loom & Leaf bed is also made with memory foam. However, a Loom & Leaf Mattress have incorporated unique technologies within its mattress to help resolve specific issues that sleepers may face. One of the Loom & Leaf Mattress layers, for example, has a specially designed cooling gel that’s been incorporated into the mattress. Also known as the cooling spinal gel, this layer is meant to keep you feeling cool and comfortable at night while also supporting your spine.

    While its technologies are indeed a standout feature, the Loom & Leaf also strives to create a mattress that suits individuals with different sleep position preferences. The Loom and Leaf Company also markets the mattress as being beneficial to one’s health as it’s able to improve circulation and help with joint pain relief.


    Top Layer – Organic cotton and quilt

    The Loom and Leaf Mattress has a breathable cover that’s made with soft organic cotton. For added comfort, the cover also has a layer of foam and plant-based mesh called natural thistle to lull you to sleep at night.

    Second Layer –Two inches of cooling spinal gel

    The second layer incorporates Loom and Leaf’s unique cooling spinal gel technology. With the cooling gel, not only does it prevent you from overheating, but it’ll also help in providing your spine with added support. While other mattresses just have gels incorporated within the layers, this cooling spinal gel has a swirl pattern within the mattress and is located at the lower section of the bed to support your spine. The inverted foam tip within the mattress also helps in facilitating air flow.

    Third Layer –2.5 inches of premium foam that weigh 5lbs

    After the cooling spinal gel, you have 2.5 inches of premium foam that contours to each individual sleeper’s body. As an added bonus, this premium foam is also environmentally-friendly and tested for performance.

    Fourth Layer –2 inches of transition loft pad

    The next layer helps to seamlessly transition the sleeper from the premium foam to the firmer base below. It also adds comfort and helps in providing the sleeper with restorative sleep.

    Fifth Layer – 5.5 inches of a support base

    The final layer helps to provide overall support to the bed and forms the foundation. It’s constructed with a high-density foam that’s durable and able to provide a sturdy structure to the mattress for many years to come.


    The Loom and Leaf Mattress have two different firmness levels of relaxed firm and firm. Most sleepers tend to gravitate towards the relaxed firm level as the bed has a rating of about a 7 – placing it on a medium firmness level. The higher firmness rating also means that it’s well-suited to different sleep positions.

    If you prefer something a little firmer, you can try out the firm version that’s about an 8.5. In terms of firmness level, it does rate quite high on the scale of firmness, which makes it suitable for individuals that are back or stomach sleepers. Since it’s firmer than most firm mattresses on the market, the Loom and Leaf Mattress may also be recommended by your healthcare professional if you prefer to be sleeping on a firmer mattress.


    There are differences in the feel of the Loom and Leaf Mattress depending on whether you pick the relaxed firm or firm version. While both mattresses retain the soft and comfortable cover, there are differences in the way they feel. With the relaxed firm version, you’ll enjoy the softness of the memory foam as it contours to your body while providing the necessary support. You will notice however that you won’t sink all the way due to the support from the base layer below.

    The firm version of the Loom and Leaf Mattress has a similar feel; however, you’ll get much sturdier support, and less of that soft sink in memory foam feeling.

    Unique Features

    Cooling Spinal Gel

    While other mattresses do have cooling gel technologies, the Loom and Leaf’s cooling spinal gel technology is a standout feature. Unlike other mattresses, this cooling spinal gel has a swirl pattern that’s laminated into the top of a layer of the memory foam – which helps in keeping all parts of the body equally cool. It’ll also provide support to the spinal region and won’t break down as it’s made with non-toxic materials.

    Which One To Get


    The Leesa Mattress is excellent for sleepers searching for a no-frills mattress that strikes a balance between firm and soft. Due to the combination of the bouncier LSA 200 foam, and the softer memory foam, you’re able to get a comfortable, and perfect feel. While most memory foam mattresses tend to make sleepers feel hot at night, the Leesa Mattress helps to mitigate this issue by constructing the memory foam layer below an airflow-centric layer that also helps in regulating temperature. As this mattress is firmer than a regular memory foam mattress, it’s also great for those that prefer sleeping on their stomach or back.

    As the comfort layer has a layer that’s similar to latex, it’s not great at absorbing movement. If you have a sleep partner and have a tendency to toss and turn at night, you may want to seek out an alternative mattress. Price wise, however, the Leesa Mattress is more affordable than the Loom and Leaf Mattress. While it doesn’t have the same technologies, and premium materials, the Leesa Mattress is still well-constructed and is able to cater to most individuals. Since it’s constructed with durable materials, you’ll also be able to sleep nights on the Leesa Mattress for a few years.

    Loom and Leaf

    Similar to the Leesa, the Loom and Leaf Mattress have a cooling spinal gel feature to help with individuals that feel stuffy while sleeping on a memory foam mattress. This cooling spinal gel is intentionally laminated on the memory foam layer, and also helps in supporting the spine.

    While the Leesa comes in one firmness level, the Loom and Leaf bed has a relaxed firm and firm option. In terms of firmness, the relaxed firm mattress is also a tad firmer than the Leesa Mattress. While you’ll still get that soft sink in feeling and contour from the memory foam, the firmer mattress means that you’ll also receive much-needed support. Unlike the Leesa Mattress, the Loom and Leaf are great for those that prefer to sleep on their side as the memory foam sinks in to help fill gaps – resulting in the right amount of spine alignment. For those that are stomach or back sleepers, the firmer version would be a suitable pick.

    While the mattress is more expensive than the Leesa Mattress, it’s made with environmentally-friendly, long-lasting, and high-quality materials. If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, the Loom and Leaf Mattress would be an ideal choice. You’ll be blown away by its exceptional comfort that’ll provide you with the rest you deserve.


    While the Leesa and the Loom and Leaf have a lot of similarities, they’re also different in their own way. While the Leesa Mattress has LSA 200 foam and memory foam, the Loom and Leaf Mattress has a unique spinal cooling technology that’s incorporated within the mattress. While searching for a mattress, there’s nothing more important than testing out the mattress and seeing which one suits your needs best. Since there’s a sleep trial for both mattresses, there’s no harm in testing them out and seeing which one you prefer.

    After you’ve tested out the sleep trial and have a better idea of which mattress you’d like to mattress, you can also hop online to take a look at other people’s experiences or see if they have any suggestions or tips. If you have any physical pains, you may also want to check in with a medical professional to see if they have any suggestions on which mattress to purchase. For example, they might recommend the Loom and Leaf Mattress since it helps in relieving joint pain. Don’t rush and slowly take your time in deciding on a mattress that suits your needs best.