A Contrast & Comparison of DreamCloud Mattress VS Leesa Mattress

Updated December 18, 2019

In the past, we could easily come home after work or school and just relax before a good night’s sleep. In recent years, however, due to technological advancements, we’ve started to get distracted by our technological devices, and have been getting less and less sleep. We’re either looking at social media, checking our emails, or communicating with individuals even though its way past our bedtime. While technology has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in our sleep deficit, most individuals tend to overlook the quality of their mattress.

While most individuals think that they can continue to sleep on their mattress indefinitely, sleeping on a mattress that’s past its due date, would be detrimental to your physical and mental health in the long run.


A Closer Look

While finding a mattress that’s suited to you, there’s a chance that you’d be overwhelmed by the number of mattresses on the market. From hybrid mattresses to traditional memory foam mattresses, it can be hard to decide what would be best suited to your needs. To help you with your search, we’ll be taking a look at two popular mattresses on the market – the Leesa and the DreamCloud model. While the Leesa comes at an affordable price and has a combination of LSA 200 foam, and memory foam, The DreamCloud is a tad more luxurious and is made with 8 distinct layers to create the perfect sleep haven.

Leesa Mattress vs DreamCloud Mattress Comparison

A Breakdown of the Leesa Mattress


The Leesa Company rose to fame due to its unique invention of delivering mattresses in a conveniently sized package. While most mattress companies tend to deliver their mattresses in bulky packaging, the Leesa Company’s beds are packed in a box for convenience. Either than being convenient, the Leesa company is also dedicated to improving their mattresses to cater to every individual. The Leesa company also donates a mattress for every 10 that they’ve sold and have donated over 30,000 mattresses so far.

While the Leesa model has been on the market for a while, the company has recently updated its mattress with premium foams to enable cooling, contouring, support, and helping with pressure relief. While memory foam mattresses tend to make individuals feel stuffy or make them feel as if they’re stuck in the mattress, the Leesa Mattress is made with special multilayer foams to help with these issues.

Top Layer – Iconic four-stripe cover



The Leesa model starts off with a cover that’s smooth to the touch and made of a soft blend of polyester. You’ll also be able to easily remove the cover and sent it to be cleaned with the rest of your bedding. The cover is sure to keep you comfortable at night.

Second Layer – Comfort layer with two-inches of memory foam



After the comfortable cover, you’ll then get a layer that’s made with two-inches of LSA 200 foam. The foam has been recently updated from a latex-alternative foam called Avena to an LSA 200 foam that has the same bouncy feel. The LSA 200 foam also helps in facilitating airflow to keep you cool at night.

Third Layer –Recovery layer with two-inches of memory foam



After the comfort layer of LSA 200 foam, you then get two-inches of plush foam. Since the comfort layer has a bouncier LSA 200 foam, the recovery layer has a comfortable and soft foam that’ll give off the feeling of you sleeping on a marshmallow. Either than providing you with comfort, the recovery layer will also provide contouring, pressure relief for sore joints, and help in transitioning your body to the firmer support layer below.

Fourth Layer – Support layer with six-inches of dense core foam



After the layers of memory types of foam, the final layer makes up the foundation of the mattress. It’s made with six-inches of dense core foam that provides the support for the whole mattress. This layer also helps to ensure that you don’t sink too far into the bed, and instead get sturdier support.





Concerning firmness, the Leesa model has a medium firmness level to cater to most individuals. Majority of sleepers prefer a bed that has a medium firmness level. Hence, the Leesa Mattress sits at a firmness level of about 6.5. While it’s slightly firmer than a regular bed, it’s great for those that are looking for something in between.

The use of LSA 200 foam and memory type foam within the mattress also makes it a little firmer than regular memory foam mattresses – making it great for those who prefer to sleep on their back or stomach due to added support.




After the comfortable cover, you’ll find yourself slowly sinking into the soft marshmallow-like memory foam layer. You won’t have to worry about sinking in too far, however, as the LSA 200 foam and the base layer helps to provide that added bounce and support. The LSA 200 foam also works perfectly with the memory foam in providing the sleeper with ideal support and pressure relief.

Unique Features



Universal Adaptive Feel



The Leesa model comes with a unique feature that’s also known as the universal adaptive feel. The bed is basically constructed to allow the LSA 200 foam, and the foam to seamlessly work together. With the combination of these two foams, it’ll adapt to each individual, and create the perfect support and comfort.


A Breakdown of the DreamCloud Mattress






As the name suggests, sleep on the DreamCloud Mattress, and it’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a soft and fluffy cloud. While the thickness of most mattresses is usually only about 10 inches, the DreamCloud model is much thicker and sits at a total of 15 inches. There are also 8 distinct layers that comprise the DreamCloud Mattress, and they’re made with materials such as individual coils, memory foam, and even bouncier latex. Either than the 8 layers, the DreamCloud also has a soft cover that’s made with a cashmere polyester hybrid for ultimate comfort.

Since most sleepers tend to complain about overheating at night, the DreamCloud Mattress helps to resolve this by incorporating premium foams that are breathable and typically used in mattresses that are more expensive. While most other mattresses only have a sleep trial that lasts a couple of months, the DreamCloud Mattress has a 365-night sleep trial, and an unlimited warranty to ensure that customers are happy with the product that they purchase.

Top Layer – Cashmere polyester blend cover



As with most other mattresses, the DreamCloud has a luxuriously soft cover that’s made with a hybrid blend of cashmere and polyester. Since cashmere is a breathable material that’s good with heat, it’s perfect in keeping sleepers cool at night.

Second Layer – Gel-infused memory foam



The second layer of the DreamCloud Mattress is a layer of soft and comfortable memory type foam that also has a specially infused gel to help keep you cool while providing added support. The memory foam also has contouring features to provide much-needed comfort.

Third Layer –Soft memory foam



After a comfortable layer of memory foam, the mattress has another layer of soft memory foam that helps in providing you with additional comfort. This soft memory foam helps to provide that slow sink in feeling that you get with regular memory type of foam. You won’t have to worry about sinking in too far, however, as the latex material helps with that.

Fourth Layer –Natural Latex



After the softer memory foam layer, you get the natural latex layer that helps in providing a touch of bounce to the mattress. Since it’s made of natural material and isn’t synthetic, it’s great at handling pressure, weight, and is also durable.

Fifth Layer – Support memory foam



After the bouncier latex layer, the support foam helps in keeping your body above the mattress and also helps to provide contouring.

Sixth Layer – Dense memory foam



After the support layer, you have a denser layer of memory foam that helps in providing additional support. This layer of dense memory foam will not only help to hug your body as you sleep, but it’ll also provide fantastic support for those that are back or stomach sleepers.

Seventh Layer – a Micro coil compression system



Before the final layer of the bed, you’ve got a layer of a micro-coil compression system that helps in providing optimal sleep. Since the coils are a distance from each other, air is able to flow through freely to keep you cool at night. These coils are also more flexible and help with ensuring that the memory foam provides the necessary contouring and pressure point relief. Since coils are good at absorbing movement, you won’t have to worry about waking your sleep partner at night.

Eighth Layer – High-density memory foam



The last layer of the mattress helps provide the foundation, and support of the mattress. Constructed with memory foam that’s of a high-density, it helps in supporting the sleeping, and also in absorbing motion.




Similar to the Leesa Mattress, the DreamCloud Mattress only comes in one firmness level. To cater to the majority, the DreamCloud Mattress also sits at a medium firmness level. It’s a tad firmer than the Leesa Mattress however and rates a 7.5. While it is firmer than other mattresses, it aims to provide the perfect balance between a plusher and firmer mattress. Since it’s firmer, the mattress is also well-suited for individuals that prefer to sleep on their side, stomach, and back.




With the DreamCloud Mattress, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a soft and fluffy cloud. As you sink into the memory foam layers, you’ll get that contouring, and pressure relief. However, the latex and individual coils help in propping your body up with added bounce, and support. You won’t sink too deep into the mattress or feel stuck as the coils, and denser layers help to lift your body on top of the mattress for ultimate comfort.

Unique Features

Made of 8 distinct layers

It’s rare to find a mattress that’s made with 8 distinct layers of pure bliss. Since the mattress is 15 inches, it’s definitely taller and thicker than most other mattresses on the market. However, these layers all have different functions and work together in providing the sleeper with a good night’s sleep. Interestingly, the 8 distinct layers are also made with different materials such as memory foam, and natural latex.


Which One to Get


The Leesa Mattress is great for those that enjoy the comforts of a regular foam beds, but also want something that’s a tad bouncier. With the combination of the LSA 200 foam, and memory foam, you’ll get the best of both worlds – while the LSA 200 foam provides a bouncier feel, the memory foam has a softer sink in feeling. Both layers also work together to facilitate airflow so you won’t have to worry about overheating at night. The Leesa Mattress also strives to use materials that are durable, to ensure that you’ll have a mattress you can sleep on for a number of years.

Since the Leesa Mattress has a latex material incorporated in the LSA 200 foam, it doesn’t have the best motion transfer. If you have a sleep partner, you might want to take a look at another mattress as you don’t want to wake your partner at night. Since the Leesa Mattress is firmer than most mattresses, it’s great for those that sleep on their stomach or back and require added support.

If you’re looking for an affordable mattress that’s comfortable, and long-lasting, the Leesa Mattress is certainly a great pick. While it doesn’t quite have the number of layers that the DreamCloud Mattress has, the Leesa Mattress is still able to provide its sleepers with restful sleep at an inexpensive price.


In terms of cost, the DreamCloud Mattress is quite a bit more expensive than the Leesa Mattress. However, it’s still more affordable than other mattresses that don’t quite have the same layers and construction. If you’re looking for a more luxurious mattress that’ll provide you with the ultimate sleep haven, the DreamCloud Mattress is a fantastic buy with its 8 dreamy layers of comfort. You’ll not only get a supremely soft cover, but you’ll also have that soft sink in memory foam, a bounce of latex, and a micro coil compression system. The DreamCloud Mattress is also firmer than most, so you’ll get that added support which is great for back and stomach sleepers.

Since the DreamCloud Mattress is firmer, it’s not suited to those that prefer a mattress that’s incredibly soft and plush. While it does have traditional memory foam incorporated into the mattress, the latex and coils help to lift the sleeper up so you won’t sink in.

While you might be considering the DreamCloud Mattress because of its price, it’ll be helpful to know that it also comes with a 365-night sleep trial and unlimited warranty. With all these additional features, the DreamCloud Mattress is practically a steal. You’ll get to test the mattress to your heart’s content, and won’t have to worry about any replacement or repairs.

Leesa Mattress vs DreamCloud Mattress Comparison

Leesa Mattress
DreamCloud Mattress
Layers Used 4 layers

  • four-stripe cover
  • two-inch cooling foam top layer
  • two-inch contouring memory foam
  • and a six-inch core support foam base
8 layers

  • Cashmere polyester blend cover
  • gel infused memory foam
  • soft memory foam
  • natural latex
  • support memory foam
  • dense memory foam
  • micro coil compression system
  • and high-density memory foam
Height 10 inches 15 inches
Firmness One firmness level Luxury firm
Motion Transfer Fair Good
Breathability Good Good
Trial Period 100 nights 365 nights
Warranty 10-year warranty Lifetime warranty
Pricing (Queen) USD 845 with monthly payments available (originally USD 995 but they’ve got a special now) USD 1,299 with monthly payments available
Shipping Free shipping (some locations may require shipping fees). They ship to the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom Free shipping (some remote locations may require shipping fees). They only ship to the United States


Both the Leesa Mattress and the DreamCloud Mattress are fantastic buys depending on what you’re looking for. While both aim to provide their sleepers with restful sleep, the Leesa Mattress is more affordable and has the perfect balance of LSA 200 foam, and memory foam. The DreamCloud Mattress, on the other hand, is more luxurious with its 8 layers, and 15 inches that are made up of different materials.

Since both mattresses are different, the best way to know which would suit you better is to test it out. Since both mattresses have sleep trials, there’s no harm in testing each of the mattresses out and seeing which would cater to your preferences better. Once you’ve gotten a better idea of which mattress you prefer, head online to read up on other people’s experiences, and any helpful tips that they may have. If you have any aches or pains, you may want to check with a medical professional on which mattress may be better suited in helping to ease your pains.

While finding the perfect mattress might take some time, don’t rush into it. Ultimately, you want to be able to find a mattress that’s able to provide you with the rest that your body needs.