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Leesa vs Amerisleep: Which Mattress Will Be Right For You?

Updated March 31, 2020

With the online business model gaining traction among mattress manufacturers (it helps lower the cost by cutting out middlemen), consumers are seeing a number of high-end mattresses available at prices previously unheard of.

In the all-foam segment of the market, Amerisleep and Leesa have become reputed brands that more often than not, are contrasted against each other by users looking to create the perfect all-foam bed. This Leesa vs Amerisleep comparison is geared towards exactly this segment of the market and should help you decide which of these two decidedly luxurious offerings is best suited to your requirements.

#1. Amerisleep Mattress


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Amerisleep mattresses are composed of different types of foam that they’ve developed and improved in-house since their inception in 2007. Today, their memory foam is partly derived from plants, resulting in an open-celled structure that does away with one of the more notorious issues with viscoelastic foam: heat retention.

The open-celled memory foam makes up the top layer of the mattress, and the middle layer consisting of ‘Affinity’ transition foam combines the top layer with the firmer Bio-Core layer which provides the deep support needed to keep your spine in alignment.

These layers are encased in a Celliant cover, whose fabric actively improves your blood flow and regulates your body temperature to help you fall asleep faster.

Firmness and Feel

It wouldn’t make sense to compare five different models of Amerisleep with a single model of Leesa, so I’ll discuss the differences in general feel among the two.

a. Comfort

Since the Amerisleep uses viscoelastic foam in its topmost layer, you get a softer, more contouring kind of support (i.e. the bed envelops around your body in typical memory foam style).

b. Deep Support

The Bio-Core™ base layer provides ample support for optimum spinal alignment, so pressure points resulting from excessive sinking (that causes an awkward sleeping posture) are minimized.

c. Edge Support

Due to the viscoelastic nature of the top layer of the Amerisleep, edge support is bound to be slightly lacking.

Note: Remember that Amerisleep comes in several firmness variants, so the exact degree of comfort and support may be chosen to your preference.

Unique Features

Rejuvenating Cover

The Celliant® cover found on Amerisleep mattresses yields a considerably different surface feel. It captures and reflects part of your body heat onto your skin, resulting in a cozy sensation that enhances your blood flow, alleviates soreness, and actively rejuvenates your body. The simple fabric cover of the Leesa cannot achieve this.

Multiple Options To Choose From

The Amerisleep comes in five different variants: AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, and AS5, arranged in the order of plush to firm. This gives more freedom to consumers with strict sleep preferences e.g. back sleepers who want more lumbar support can go for the AS5 variant, while side sleepers who want maximum cushioning can opt for the AS1.

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#2. Leesa Mattress


The Leesa mattress is also made completely out of foam: it uses a comfort layer made from proprietary Avena® foam from Carpenter Co. that more closely resembles natural latex in its behavior than it does as a memory foam – as per the manufacturer, it is also more durable than natural latex.

Underneath this are 2 inches of traditional memory foam, followed by a 6-inch layer of base polyurethane foam that supports your entire bodily structure once the upper layers have provided the contouring.

It is worth noting that placing the memory foam underneath the Avena foam is deliberate: the latter has better airflow due to its egg-crate construction, and placing it closer to the surface means better heat dissipation.

Good to know:
The Amerisleep brand sells 5 different mattresses, offering different degrees of firmness including soft, medium-soft, medium, medium-firm, and firm. On the other hand, Leesa only sells a single mattress, which is more of a one-size-fits-all product, similar to the medium variant of Amerisleep.

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Firmness and Feel

It wouldn’t make sense to compare five different models of Amerisleep with a single model of Leesa, so I’ll discuss the differences in general feel among the two.

a. Comfort

Leesa uses special Avena® foam in the comfort layer, which gives it a greater degree of bounce and resilience, similar to natural latex. However, since it also incorporates memory foam right beneath this, you are not entirely deprived of the conformity you expect from a foam mattress.

b. Deep Support

Leesa’s 6” HD polyurethane foam layer is able to provide a respectable degree of support for your overall weight regardless of your sleep style, preventing excessive sinking despite the softer transition layer.

c. Edge Support

The Leesa has an upper foam layer that behaves like latex, so despite it sinking under your weight, it pushes you back when you get up, making for somewhat better edge support.

Unique Features

Combination of Latex and Memory Foam Behavior

With the bouncy and resilient Avena® foam on top and traditional memory foam beneath it, the Leesa is able to harmonize the quick response of natural latex with the adaptiveness of memory foam. This gives it a unique yet balanced feeling that is not often found in viscoelastic mattresses.

Easy choice, one-size-fits-all

If you don’t have any particular needs, or you sleep with a partner with vastly different sleep behavior compared to yours, you’ll need a mattress that creates a blend of contouring and resilience. The Leesa has been designed around this exact idea.

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Which One To Get?


Here are some scenarios where Amerisleep may be the better choice between the two:

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You have specific sleep requirements: The five firmness variants that the Amerisleep mattress comes in give plenty of leeway in terms of setting up your bed to suit your sleep style and weight class, specifically. A solid choice if you’re not planning on sharing a bed with a partner.

You prioritize a longer warranty:  Amerisleep offers a 20-year warranty (as compared to Leesa’s 10-year warranty), which to some, may seem a loose indicator of greater reliability.

You enjoy the sinking ‘feel’ of memory foam: The viscoelastic upper layer of Amerisleep mattresses will mold itself to your posture – resulting in cradling support that is the hallmark of this material.

You prioritize branding: The Amerisleep brand has been around since 2007, and it has built a reputation for versatile, reliable, supportive, and comfortable sleep products so it definitely has more brand appeal than Leesa which was only founded a few years back.


Alternately, here are some situations where going for the Leesa mattress could be a saner choice:

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You’re sharing the bed with a partner: Partners (no matter how compatible they are otherwise) can have vastly different sleep preferences – in such a case, a mattress that balances conformity and bounce is a safe choice.

You prefer a bit of bounce to your bed: The Leesa’s upper foam layer exhibits latex-like qualities, lending it a degree of responsiveness that is not usually present in mattresses that use viscoelastic foam in their construction.

You don’t have a particular sleep preference: The Leesa’s universal solution approach results in a balanced mix that is equally suitable for those who are side, back, and stomach sleepers (and those who like to mix these up).

You’re on a budget: At present, the Leesa is selling at a much lower price than the Amerisleep, and it offers comparable comfort and support (with the bonus of a little spring) for the average sleeper, so you could consider it if you’re a bit short on cash

Leesa vs Amerisleep Comparison

        Layers Used
  • Celliant Cover
  • Bio-Pur Memory Foam
  • Affinity Layer
  • Bio-Core Foam
  • Avena® Foam 2” / 3.6 lbs / 20 IFD;
  • Memory Foam 2” / 3.0 lbs / 2 IFD;
  • Base Foam 6” / 1.8 lbs / 32 IFD
        Height Varies based on model 10 inches
        Firmness Soft, Medium Soft, Medium,
Medium Firm, Firm
Medium Firm
        Motion Transfer Minimal Small
        Breathability Slightly below average Slightly below average
        Trial Period 100-nights 100-nights
        Warranty 20-years 10-years
        Pricing (Queen) $1,199 (AS3 / Liberty) $940
        Shipping Free across the contiguous US Free



This concludes my comparison of Leesa and Amerisleep, both are excellent choices but, as you will have seen by now, they cater to somewhat different sleep needs. Do share this comparison with anyone whom you think it could benefit. Also, I’ll be happy to address any queries or feedback you leave in the comments section.

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