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Leesa Unboxing

Mattress shopping has never been a one-size-fits-all industry. With so many body types and personal preferences, mattress manufacturers have done what they can to create products designed to fit the needs of the majority of shoppers.

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Leesa certainly fits into the category. Through the use of a combination of just three layers, they have introduced a product they describe as extraordinary, cool, restful and restorative. Their structure of performance foams is built to deliver comfort, support, and pressure-relief for all body types and sleeping styles.

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Unboxing/First Impression

Avena® Foam for a Cool Night’s Rest

The Leesa mattress utilizes Avena® foam in the first two inches of the 10-inch mattress. Noted for its high degree of breathability, this trademarked material has been around since the 1990’s and is designed to offer comparable feel, support, and comfort as latex. It features good durability, and I find the bounce and responsiveness to be reminiscent of various latex products I have tried out. I am interested to see how this material is able to accommodate me as I have more time to try it out.


Leesa Mattress Overview

— Firmness

Leesa makes it their goal to offer a mattress that’s accommodating for all body types and sleep styles. That’s quite a claim to make, but the firmness feels close to a medium, and that typically does cater to most sleepers pretty well. I personally prefer a little more cushion in the comfort layer, but this is something that I could be easily overcome with the addition of a quality mattress topper.

— Responsiveness and Bounce

I think Leesa did a great job of offering a product that provides enough bounce to help you move around without causing a whole lot of motion transfer. We will officially test these aspects as part of our full review. Based on initial impression, however, I feel the Avena foam does a great job in supplementing the memory foam beneath it by allowing you to move easily. The mattress also very quickly returned back to its original form when the weight is released.


Full Review to Come!

We’ve only skimmed the surface of the Leesa mattress. There’s much more to learn, and I’ll be compiling testing results and further information to report back to you in our full review. The initial off-gassing did fade quickly as expected, and also I think you’ll really enjoy the velvety-soft cover.

I encourage you to check out Leesa’s website in the meantime. They offer a lot of information about this mattress along with other neat products available to supplement your purchase. Also, feel free to leave questions or comments below. We will see to it that you leave with the information that’s important to you.