Can You Use a Boxspring with a Platform Bed?

It’s time to bite the bullet and buy a new bed. I’m tired of being tired. Every morning I wake up feeling unrested as if I haven’t slept at all. I suspect my bed is the reason for my unrest.

First up: Do I build my new bed from the platform up, or start with a box spring? What’s the difference, and do I really need either one? Let’s have a look at a platform bed vs box spring mattress.

What is a platform bed?

There are many types of platform beds on the market so choosing the best one for you may seem like a daunting task.

It’s important to remember a platform bed is exactly as it sounds – a solid bed frame, or base, that supports your mattress.

The mattress is placed directly onto the platform, which may be solid or made with slats. Almost any mattress can be used on a platform bed.

Points to remember

  • Platform beds lift your sleeping surface about 12 inches off the floor.
  • They come in various styles, with different materials, and surfaces.
  • You do not need a box spring with a platform bed.
  • Some platform beds can be used with a box spring if you prefer a higher bed.
  • Platform beds may be sold with headboards and footboards.

What is a Box Spring?

Box springs have been around for a long time, are still popular, and maybe the first thing that comes to mind when considering a foundation for your bed.

Basically, it is a mattress base shaped like a box. It is generally used with an innerspring mattress, which is positioned on the top of the box spring, increasing the height of the bed.

These are made with sturdy wood and are built around coiled springs covered with a heavy fabric.

  • They are lightweight, and sturdy.
  • They provide an extra layer of cushioning between the mattress and the floor.
  • They can help prevent damage to the bed, increasing its lifespan.

Buying Tip

Purchase a box spring that is the same length and width as your mattress. Thickness is a matter of personal preference. Remember to measure your mattress before you purchase a box spring.

Platform beds do not require a foundation or box spring which will keep your overall costs down.

Things to Consider

Platform beds offer storage options and are a good choice if you have a small home doesn’t have a lot of extra space. Drawers that pull out from under the bed can be used to hide clothing, toys, and other items.

Box springs do not provide storage space. You can position a box spring on a bed frame and store things underneath however depending on the floor surface this might not be a good option.

Platform beds allow air circulation making this a good option if you have a memory foam mattress.

Box springs do not allow air to circulate freely. Heat can be trapped inside the mattress, even if the bed has cooling support. The lack of airflow in the box spring may be a problem and negatively affect your rest. It can also allow the breeding of germs and cause mold.

There are no added costs with a platform beds, unless you choose extra features.

If a bed requires a box spring that will mean an additional cost to your purchase.

Size Matters!

Platform beds and box springs come in the standard sizes.

Platform Bed Versus Box Spring

Platform Bed Pros

  • A box spring is not required.
  • There are many styles to choose from.
  • Works well with a memory foam mattress.
  • Can be used with any mattress.
  • Provides circulation for your mattress, keeping the sleeper cool.
  • Offers storage options.
  • Comfortable.
  • Durable and study.
  • Stabilizes your bed.
  • Is aesthetically pleasing.

Platform Bed Cons

  • Lacks space under the bed.
  • Low to the ground.
  • Sleepers with mobility problems may have trouble rising from the bed.
  • Size makes it difficult to move around.
  • May be expensive.

Purchase a platform bed according to your available space. Make sure you leave enough room to move around:

  • Floor model platform beds with a recessed interior prevent the mattress from sliding.
  • Extra-wide platform beds create a border around the mattress.
  • Wooden platform beds are durable and firm.
  • Metal platform beds are strong and sturdy.
  • Steel and iron platform beds are the most popular.
  • Particle and fiberboard platform beds are the most common and least expensive but are less durable.

Box Spring Pros

  • Provides extra height for the bed.
  • Absorbs body weight.
  • Prevents mattress from sagging, increasing the lifespan.
  • Appeals to traditional tastes.
  • Adds support to the mattress.
  • An affordable option.

Box Spring Cons

  • Storage options are dependent on the frame.
  • Increases the overall cost.
  • May lose support over time.
  • Decreased air circulation.


As with all purchases, there are advantages and disadvantages whether you choose a platform bed or a box spring.

While it does come down to personal preference and your budget, the platform bed is the better option if you are looking for additional storage space, own or are considering a memory foam mattress.

It’s important to remember the platform bed is low to the floor and not a good option for people who have trouble getting out of bed.

A platform bed is not recommended for people who suffer from back pain.

There are several styles of platform beds to choose from. Buyers should choose carefully, and according to what you can afford.