Insta Raised Air Bed with Never Flat Pump Review



Our Rating: (8.6 / Out Of 10)

In a search for the best air mattress to use at home, in the campground, and everywhere in between, the Insta Raised Air Bed with Never Flat Pump tops the list. The technology of the pump provides the perfect level of comfort for everyone from children to grandparents, and the convenient features of this air mattress will make setting up and taking down a snap.

Comfort and Convenience

Losing air through the night and ending up on the ground with a sore back will be a thing of the past with the Insta Raised Air Bed with Never Flat Pump technology.

The raised height makes getting in and out of bed easy, and the maximum coils create one of the most comfortable surfaces available in air bed options. To enhance the comfort, sleepers can choose firmness options from plush to medium to firm, and the secondary air pump can be used throughout the night to keep that level of customized comfort. The mattress also comes with a convenient storage bag that makes carrying and keeping stored away easy. In addition, the primary air pump makes inflating a breeze, quickly pumping up the mattress in as little as three minutes. It’s perfect for last minute guests, taking along on a vacation for an extra bed, or getting right to the woods during a weekend get-away at the campsite.

Plus, the primary air pump features an automatic shut-off, allowing for setting up without worrying about having to stay right with the mattress. The convenience of the Insta Air Bed with Never Flat Pump technology can be set up almost anywhere, and with a constant power source, the secondary pump will keep every sleeper comfortable.

As an added bonus, the flocked top of the mattress keeps bedding from slipping around and pulling off during the night. Whether setting up in the guest room for a long visit with friends and family or using for a good night’s sleep in the cabin or tent, this is the bed to consider for a good night’s sleep for anyone, and the option to choose the twin or the queen mattress size means finding just the right fit for any sleeper.

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How It Works

One of the problems with using an air mattress can be the loss of pressure, which creates sagging and a lack of comfort throughout the night. That worry is a thing of the past with this mattress. Once the Insta Raised Air Bed with Never Flat Pump technology is set up and ready to go, the secondary Never Flat pump can be hooked up to keep air supply flowing to the mattress throughout the night. The secondary pump monitors air pressure and senses when more air is needed to maintain the plush, medium, or firm comfort level. Best of all, the pump does its work quietly, keeping from waking up even the lightest of sleepers.

While You Are Sleeping

The best feature for how the Never Flat Pump technology works is that it’s internal, using the sensors to pump up the air pressure throughout the night. The internal pump adds to the convenience, too, keeping sleepers from getting up throughout the night and fumbling to find the hand pump to re-inflate a sagging mattress. Setting the mattress up with the internal pump closest to the power source and farthest from the pillows makes the pump even more of a whisper when it kicks on to keep sleepers relaxed and cozy.

Pros and Cons

Every air mattress has advantages and disadvantages, but with the Insta Raised Air Bed with Never Flat Pump, it is easy to see that the pros outweigh the cons.


  • Large surface area – Queen measures 80” x 60” x 19”
  • Lightweight – Queen weighs around 25 pounds
  • Easily get on and off the mattress
  • Firmness can be customized for maximum comfort
  • Plush, medium, and firm options for comfort
  • Automatic secondary pump maintains desired firmness throughout the night
  • Quiet, automatic secondary Never Flat Pump
  • Quickly inflates and deflates with the powerful primary Never Flat Pump
  • Convenient bag for carrying and storage included
  • Soft, ultra-comfortable top surface supported by circular coils
  • Reinforcements for maintaining shape
  • Excellent customer service and full replacement warranty available


  • Needs constant power supply to stay inflated through the night
  • Firmness affected by altitude and weather factors such as temperature
  • Some difficulty using included patches when needed for small tears or punctures

The Verdict

Whether looking for an air mattress to keep in the house for when company comes to visit or to take away for a weekend of fun-filled camping, the comfort and durability of the Insta Raised Air Bed with Never Flat Pump will meet everyone’s needs and expectations for one of the best nights of sleep possible on a deluxe queen or twin sized air mattress.

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  • Comfort 92%
  • Ease of Use 90%
  • Durability 85%
  • Value 92%

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