24 of The Best DIY Bedroom Decoration Ideas: Plus Bonus Tips & Tricks!

When it comes to decorating bedrooms, there are so many themes and decorative elements you can choose from. There are the more typical themes, such as children’s rooms themes and classic vintage or country chic themes, but a lot of these ideas can prove to be quite costly if you aren’t careful.

In this article, we present several great ways that you can decorate a bedroom without having to spend too much money. These DIY bedroom decorations are sure to help inspire you in your creative space pursuits.

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24 DIY Bedroom Decorations

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#1. Decal Door

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This decaled door is a nice way to get some extra attention into the space. Although it’s not very customary, you could also incorporate interesting patterns or decals onto a front door to a house to get that interesting look. As for bedrooms, this is a sure way to add some personality into a space.

#2. String Art

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This DIY tutorial is super cute and so personable. You can easily create a piece of string art to reflect someone’s name or simple use colorful ribbon (as depicted) to create an inspirational quote or phrase. This is a great idea that is highly inexpensive and definitely won’t break the bank.

#3. Hammock Chair

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Don’t have a lot of space to accommodate that swanky boutique chair in your bedroom? Why not make a super comfy, slouchy hammock chair instead? This tutorial gives you the step-by-step process for making your very own suspended hammock chair perfect for lounging the day away.

#4. Tie-Dye Sheets

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Just in for summer: These tie-dye sheets will make even the hottest nights feel crisp and cool with these vibrant explosions of color. Plain white sheets don’t cost much at all and the dyes would actually cost a lot less than the sheets, so you have a fun, cheap project that will look super great on your bed!

#5. Doily Lamp

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What a fun way to bring the doily back. This DIY tells you how to make a doily lamp, which will look amazing in any bedroom setting. The classic look of the doily will give the room a vintage look, but white lace is never really out of style. Using a round balloon and plenty of wall glue, this DIY is sure to be a hit!

#6. DIY Clock

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This DIY clock is made entirely from photos. Make sure you set aside enough space against a wall to portray some of your favorite things in photos, because the larger the photo the better in this easy-to-do DIY tutorial. This is also a nice way to show off all your friends and family members.

#7. DIY Flower Lights

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These lights are super cute and so easy to make! Using mostly paper cupcake holders in an assortment of colors, you can easily cut out plenty of vibrant paper flowers and simply punch them onto a set of string lights. I personally love the extra cut out leaf along the sides of the flowers. So cute!

#8. Love Headboard

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You don’t have to go out and buy one of those fancy, expensive headboards to liven up the space. Why not create one yourself that will also be more meaningful? This love headboard concept is so simple to pull off, yet so intriguing to look at. All you need to make a DIY headboard are some wood, some gold paint and some hearts in your eyes.

#9. Hanging Shelves

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These hanging shelves are the perfect alternative to buying bookshelves or standard shelves. This is a super cute way to add some shelf space into your bedroom without all the heavy lifting or clutter. This would make an easy weekend project, since it only calls for some boards, twine, metal rings and nails.

#10. Framed Fabric

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These unique pieces of art are really nothing more than framed fabric, but the concept is super cool and the finished product is even better. Who would have though framing some fabric would look so good? Well, thankfully, someone decided this was a fun project to do and it looks absolutely stunning!

#11. Yarn Art

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This yarn art is basically a tapestry of ingenuity. It’s absolutely gorgeous and is literally only a branch and strands of yarn. Use your favorite colors and create an interesting design at the bottom by cutting the strings in a pattern. This modern art concept may just be the next big thing, at least according to your circle of friends.

#12. Cork Art

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Hey, why not make all the corks you’ve been collecting into something super great like this hanging cork art? This is so much fun because the possibilities here are endless! You can either glue them all together in a standard shape or create your own funky shape and paint over them with metallic paint and plenty of glitter.

#13. Patterned Wall Squares

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These patterned wall squares are the perfect accessory piece to any living space. These are also great because their interesting shapes add to that great texture going on within the squares. This would look awesome in a small bedroom against a wall that has plenty of space to enjoy the patterns on.

#14. Large Rustic Clock

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This large rustic clock would make the perfect addition to a bedroom because it’s just so interesting to look at. You can easily find a wooden circle at almost any craft store and simply add on some interesting numbers. You can either make the numbers yourself out of colored paper or find them preprinted in an office store.

#15. Functional Wall Sconces

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These wall sconces are super neat because they are fully functional in that they display the weather and provide a user interface. Although this project may seem a little intense for someone who is not savvy with this kind of technology, this DIY pretty much gives you the gist of everything you need to know about it.

#16. Geometric Wall Art

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Art is always better when it’s handmade, am I right? In this color piece, these shapes are intertwined to produce this amazing work of art you see on this wall. This is a great way to add some color into a space without having to spend hundreds of dollars on already printed paintings that are boring.

#17. Postcard Wall Art

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This postcard wall art is amazing and so simple to make. You virtually only need some postcards in order to fill this space and create a piece of art on the wall. The best thing is that postcards don’t cost that much money and are relatively easy to find in any card shop or hobby store.

#18. Bubble Wall Art

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These pieces of art look like colorful bubbles have just landed delicately on a canvas. This is a super easy DIY tutorial that lets you know exactly how to pull this concept off. It’s a really pretty idea and will look great in any sized bedroom, since you can easily scale this up or down depending on space.

#19. Junk Mail Art

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This super great tutorial lets you know how to make art out of all that junk mail you receive. The bigger the text, the better in this design concept, so make sure to save all those annoying advertisements from big companies. This is a fun way to recycle old mail and create something beautiful from it.

#20. Retro Wood Art

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This is a super cute idea for that artist that loves all things retro. In this tutorial, using decals and paint, you can easily create your own adorable art pieces perfect to hand in a bedroom. This is a simple tutorial that won’t cost a lot of money at all and will actually be really fun to create.

#21. Popsicle Stick Shelf

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This Popsicle stick shelf is a great way to put up some intriguing shelf space in a bedroom that also doubles as a work of art. You wouldn’t typically think about using Popsicle sticks as a way to add some shelf space into a bedroom, but this is actually a really cute concept that looks great.

#22. Tissue Backdrop

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These tissue pompoms are the cutest backdrop that would look super great in a bedroom. This is a fun way to add some décor into a bedroom without taking too much away from whatever else is going on in the room. You could easily add these pompoms as an accent around a table like this end table.

#23. Feather Mobile

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This gold dipped feather mobile is a super cute way to add some intrigue into a space. This is a more bohemian chic vibe since feathers are typically used in these types of spaces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate this piece into whatever theme it is that you want to go with.

#24. Marbling

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From coasters to tapestries, you can virtually marble just about anything. This is a fun way to add some décor into a bedroom without having to spend too much on paints or worry about hanging wall art or putting up some statues. This is an easy tutorial so almost anyone could probably pull it off.

Great Bedroom Décor Tips

When it comes to incorporating décor into a bedroom space, there are so many ideas you can choose from. In order to avoid clutter and keep a space looking super sharp, there are a few basic tips that everyone could be better for knowing before diving into a decorating project.

We’ve compiled a few of the best tips and ideas to keep in mind before you go on your décor adventure!

1. Bed Layers

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You wouldn’t typically think of your bed to be a prime source of décor, but really you can add so much to a bedroom with some layered bedding. In order to execute this idea, the bed naturally should be made every day, so I’m looking at you lazy ones. This is a clean way to add some extra color into the room.

2. Let There Be Light

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Lighting options are super great because it really does matter how you illuminate that bedroom. From natural lighting to standard bulbs or these hanging lamps, there is so much to choose from. Some of the best ideas include mixing in lighting kind of like this picture – mixing in the natural light with hanging bulbs.

3. More Than Just Art

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Artwork is super important when it comes to decorating a bedroom. Depending on what you put up on the walls, you could easily create a whole theme based on just the artwork alone. It doesn’t need to be some expensive painting in order to look super great, you just need to figure out what you like.

4. The More Subtle The Better

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If you want to incorporate some colorful pieces into a bedroom, you just need to make sure you stick with a more neutral color palette for the entire space. In this photo, those great neutral grays and browns really allow the other elements and colors to pop within this space.

5. Photo Art

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If you’d prefer to keep photos in your room, why not use them as the actual art pieces? Large, vibrant photos are super great to use in place of art because they are more personal and look super great. This is also a way to show off some of your favorite moments to your friends and family.

6. Balance is Key

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Any room, no matter the size, will look like a disaster if there isn’t some kind of balance. Whether you have a theme or not, there should be an even feeling of order throughout the room to prevent any messiness. You could keep a bedroom simple and easy by incorporating plenty of décor in order to keep the eyes moving, but not feel so cluttered.

7. Textures

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Textures are also super important when it comes to decorating a bedroom. In this case, you have the smoother and rougher fabrics that make the space interesting to look at. Something as simple as a textured rug can add a lot of intrigue into a space without distracting from what’s going on around it.

8. Flowers

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Floral arrangements are super great because they are so easy to scale up or down depending on the size of the space. Even a super tiny floral arrangement is a cute idea because that extra pop of floral color will really draw in the eyes and liven up the space. Real flowers are always best, but fake flowers will definitely last longer.

9. Store It Creatively

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The struggle with décor and a small bedroom has always been real. In this case, storages space was utilized underneath this bed. This is a great idea because you can either store essential items like clothes or shoes in a spec ice this, or add some lights and decorative elements to create an even more intriguing space.

10. Work Space

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Whoever said to keep work at work has clearly never needed a home office before. If you do need a workspace at your home, keeping a nice and tidy desk within your bedroom is an easy and accessible way to get extra work done. Desks are also really impressive pieces to look at.

11. Mirror, Mirror

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Everyone needs a good mirror in the bedroom. Whether this is full length or just a should mirror, it’s important to keep one in the bedroom so you can at least catch a glimpse of yourself before rushing out of the house. Finding a mirror with a fun framing is also a nice way to add some décor into the space.

12. Framed Bed

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In this case, the bed frame is much more than just a bed frame. Some real though went into the choosing of this bed frame, and for a very good reason. This is a great way to add some extra decorative elements into the bedroom that looks both super polished and keeps the room looking manicured.

13. Fun Rugs

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Fun rugs are super great to decorate a bedroom with because you can add a lot of character into a space just based off the rug alone. In this case, this fuzzy rug looks amazing to sink your toes into and looks even better since it seems to match a theme within this room.

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14. Theme Scheme

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So you’ve probably heard me talk about themes a lot and there’s a good reason for it. Themes add order into a bedroom, and keeps you on track when it comes to decorating. Themes help keep a single idea intact within a bedroom space and it’s much easier to furnish a bedroom when there is a clear theme going on.

15. Pillows

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You may feel like you can’t have enough pillows to sleep with at night, but when it comes to throw pillows, sometimes too much is a disaster. Too little, however, can also be a disaster. What you need to do is consider the spec, look at your theme, decide your colors and go from there.

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16. Destination Getaway

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In order to keep yourself peaceful and tranquil within your own bedroom, make it a tech free space by not incorporating so many electronic elements into the space. That means no computers, no laptops, no TV’s and maybe no radios either. This way, you can enter the room and right away get relaxed.

17. Places to Sit

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This room is super awesome because it has that great nook area for guests to sit on. Even if it’s just you making a space to enjoy some nature gazing, having an area to sit is important for a bedroom space. If you have the room and means to create a sitting nook, go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

18. Live Luxuriously

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When decorating a bedroom space, you don’t have to go all out everywhere, but you should go ahead and treat yourself to some luxury linens. These linens will not only feel amazing against your skin, but they are sure to last a lot longer and look incredible within a bed setup.

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19. A Few of your Favorite Things

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A bedroom is a personal space. You might as well decorate it as such. Putting in shelves or bookshelves is a great way to keep all of your favorite personal belongings in one space. It also provides some insight into all the things you love in case you have guests over.

20. Nightstand Decor

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Having access to a nightstand is essential. A nightstand acts as your own personal drawer you can access right before falling asleep. Nightstands are a great way to keep essentials on it, such as a phone charger, clock or medications. Personalizing the nightstand and painting it will keep them trendy and fun.

21. Mattress Power

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You owe it to yourself to invest in a good mattress. This is really an essential. If you have a cheap mattress, you are going to feel it. A mattress is one of the elements you can’t really skimp on. The better the mattress, the better you’ll sleep at night and your body will thank you for it.

22. Ceilings

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Although you probably figure that no one is looking at the ceiling, the truth is, people probably are. If you have some interesting acts on your ceiling, like this intricate vaulted ceiling, you could get plenty of heads looking up because it looks really awesome.

Designing the Bedroom

When it comes to designing a bedroom, there are a few general rules of thumb to keep in mind. You want to keep an order and balance throughout a bedroom, so make sure that you keep some tips in mind when starting to look at a space. No matter what size the actual bedroom is, all rooms need to follow a basic guiding of the following steps.

1. Keep Things Circulating

This is super important because if you don’t have good circulation throughout a room, the room will feel stagnant and not fun to be in. You can easily add some circulation throughout a bedroom by adding plenty of eye-catching decorative elements that fit into a common theme.

2. View in Focus

Having a clear focus when coming into decorating a bedroom space is key since you don’t want to get all crazy with so many different themes. If you stick to a common theme, your focus will be clearer since you’ll be prepared to only incorporate matching elements into your bedroom that won’t stray from a theme.

3. Privacy is Important

Make sure, especially if your bedroom has windows, that you keep it private. Add some heavy drapes or blinds in order to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible within your bedroom. This is, after all, your safe space, so you might as well make sure it’s really only you in there.

4. Let the Outdoors In

This may sound weird, but really, it’s important to connect with nature. You can incorporate nature into a theme by making sure the windows are open when you are ready to have them open. There’s nothing wrong with letting a little fresh air in every once in a while and taking advantage of wide open windows is a great way to do this.

5. Furniture Layout

It’s important to consider the layout of furniture since you don’t want a room to feel too cramped or that there isn’t’ enough space within a room. Keep the layout in mind to incorporate the bed and dresser and nightstands, then everything else should fall into place.

6. Open Light

It’s important to keep a bedroom open with light and ventilation. Again, you don’t want a room to feel stagnant, so taking advantage of large windows could be a good way to let natural light in and keep the room feeling fresh. Also make sure circulating air gets into the space via AC units or fans.

7. Don’t Rush

Even though you’re probably eager to get your bedroom and situated and ready, this is a project that really takes time. Don’t rush to fill in a space just to get it over with, really take your time with it. Go over themes, take time looking at all the smallest decor tie elements and really devote yourself to it.

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So there you have it – so many useful decorating tips and tricks when it comes to decorating your bedroom. Whether you have a small space or a large area, there are plenty of ways to make your bedroom as personal and as comfortable as you want it to be. You just need to find a theme and stick with the project.

So which bedroom ideas did you like the best? Are you more of a DIY person or do you prefer things ready-made? Have any insight into these types of bedroom decorating projects? We’d love to hear from you! Provide your insight and suggestions in the comments section so we can all gain more knowledge on this.