How To Use An Electric Blanket In An Easy And Responsible Way

We have officially entered into some of the coldest months of the year and utilizing methods to help keep warm are in full swing. Whether it’s a relaxing, hot cup of tea or some fuzzy, warm socks that help keep you warm, you may want to consider adding an electric blanket into your nightly routine to help keep you warm and toasty throughout the cold winter nights.

If you’re wondering how to use an electric blanket to help keep you cozy this winter season, search no further! We’ve got all the best suggestions and combinations you could try to ensure your winter nights are kept warm. Keep reading for helpful tips, tricks, and suggestions, and you’ll be on your way to a toasty slumber in no time.

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What You’ll Need:

Read through the best electric blanket reviews here, and learn a bit more about how to choose the best one for you.

One electric blanket

TIP: You can purchase electric blankets online, in any type of home furnishings store, or sometimes even grocery stores. These blankets come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and material constructions. They are relatively cheap and depending on the type of blanket you choose, it should be super easy to use. Most of these blankets simply come with a plug-in or a battery operated switch to turn on and off, and its adjustment settings are as needed.

Optional sheets or covers to pair with

TIP: You can easily add an electric blanket into your preexisting bed setup, just layer the blanket in between the sheet and cover, or you can simply lay the electric blanket right on the top if the blanket proves to be a bit too warm for comfort on direct skin. Play around with a few ideas to find the perfect setup just for you. But, you must remember to always check the specific product safety warnings, first.

A cozy spot to snuggle up!

If you’re not planning to take the blanket to bed with you, it makes the perfect pairing with your favorite chair and a good book. Just make sure there’s a proper plugin within reach. If this spot happens to be a rocking chair, just be sure not to get the blanket stuck within the moving parts.


Step One: Read Safety Precautions

Once you’ve got your electric blanket ready, make sure to read all the safety precautions included in the package to ensure your product will be used safely. This is the most important chunk of information you can read to make sure you’re using your blanket correctly and will prevent any sort of damages or accidents.


Step Two: Load Up on Layering

Some of the best ways to use an electric blanket incorporate layering. You can either prop the blanket right on top of your existing bedding or you can sandwich it between the sheets and covers. Some people may find the blanket too hot as a standalone, but this can be adjusted via temperature control settings or by this layering technique.

If you prefer to use the electric blanket as a standalone, simply adjust the settings accordingly so you won’t become uncomfortable throughout the night. If you fall asleep and wake up because the setting is too high, simply adjust the settings via the knob attached to the blanket and continue on to dreamland.


Step Three: Adjust Setting Controls

Some electric blankets may have timed heating, meaning the blanket could automatically shut off after an allotted amount of time. This is a safety feature that some blankets utilize to prevent leaving the blanket on for too long or forgetting to turn the blanket off. The blankets should be able to keep you warm and toasty throughout the hours of the night, but you should read up on your particular blanket’s safety features to see if your blanket has an automatic shut off feature.

This doesn’t mean that you should intentionally leave your blanket on, it just means in the case you rush out the door and forget you’ve left your blanket on, it should shut off on its own. Most blankets shut off after 12 to 16 hours. But then again, read up on it beforehand to get a clear idea.


Step Four: Find the Right Temperature

Your electric blanket will have several heating temperatures that are easily adjustable. Temperatures usually range from a low setting, a medium setting, and a high setting. If you are layering, you may want to start off with the lower setting to prevent you getting too hot in the middle of the night. It’s better to start off too cool than too warm!

Once you’re able to play around with the settings, you’ll get a better idea as to which setting will last you throughout the night. Some people prefer a warmer temperature setting, while others prefer a lower heat setting. If you’re sleeping with a partner, you may need your own electric blanket since not all sleepers run the same temperatures. To prevent any sort of discomfort for either party, it’d be best to weigh in these options beforehand. If you’re a solo sleeper, you’ve got nothing to worry about!


Step Five: Reaping the Benefits

Electric blankets not only keep you warm and toasty throughout the cold winter nights, but they could also help save you some costs on heating. With an electric blanket, odds are you won’t have to run heat throughout the house, or at least, not as much heat as you would without an electric blanket. This will save you money in the long run, and since most electric blankets come with warranties, you will simply reap all the benefits of utilizing these warm, toasty blankets!

Electric blankets are also great for people who tend to chill very easily. The elderly and anyone with joint or bone pain could find comfort in the heating elements within the electric blankets since they will safely prevent any chills and alleviate joint pain associated with colder temperatures. Definitely more reasons to stay in bed in the early, cold mornings! Using an electric blanket with definitely make it more difficult to wake up in the morning since you’ll want to stay cuddled up in all that warm coziness.


Step Six: Take Care of your Blanket

As stated earlier in this article, most electric blankets are washable and can even be thrown in the dryer. The plug part of the blanket should have an extension cord that easily detaches. This makes the blanket safe to wash and even dry. Although most blankets are washable, you may want to read up on the drying aspect since some blankets may need to be laid out flat to dry. This just depends on the brand and the make of your specific blanket. Make sure to read up on the long-term care of your blanket so that you get the most of your money’s worth! These blankets will last a very long time and most even have warranties just in case anything is faulty.

Washing Machine

Hand Washing

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Extra Tip:

Like any gadget, there are always tips to follow that make things easier or better when using your product. In the case of the electric blanket, I would  recommend pre-heating. It takes a few minutes for any blanket to heat up after it’s been plugged in and turned on. So, if you are planning to curl up in front of the TV, or relax in bed with a good book, I would suggest setting everything up beforehand so the blanket is nice and toasty warm when you crawl under it.

Also, after you have used or cleaned your electric blanket, it is recommended that you properly store it. This means detaching the plugs, letting everything cool completely, and carefully folding the blanket. Be sure not to store it where the wires will get pinched. This could potentially turn into a fire hazard with future use because you can’t see if there’s damage to the wiring inside the fabric.

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Overall, the experiences you should have with an electric blanket will more than likely be positive. They are warm, toasty, easy to use, and easy to take care of. No matter the size or shape of your electric blanket, they are all pretty much the same idea. Although this may be the case, please remember to read all the safety and precaution information before use.

So, what do you think? Pretty simple, huh? If you have absolutely no experience with using an electric blanket hopefully this information has proven useful. They are so simple to use you may wonder why you didn’t use one sooner. Do you have any experience with electric blankets? If so, did you use any type of layering technique? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know about your personal experiences with electric blankets in the comments!



Frequently Asked Questions

What are some things not to do when using an electric blanket?

Using an electric blanket can be so cozy, a warm comforting barrier against the cold in which to cuddle into for sleep, reading or watching TV. That being said, you are still dealing with electricity, and so there are some things you should be careful not to do while using your electric blanket. If you’ve styled your bed with mounds of pillows and blankets, or tend to leave books, your children’s toys or other random objects on your bed, make sure to move them to another place while using an electric blanket, as piling these things on can damage the inner workings of the blanket. As well, avoid using a hot water bottle and an electric blanket at the same time and don’t plug in or switch on a wet electric blanket — water and electricity don’t mix and are dangerous. Finally, don’t use an electric blanket with an adjustable, hospital-style bed or a waterbed.

Is an electric blanket okay to use if a person has diabetes?

While everyone experiences diabetes differently, some people experience neuropathy, or nerve damage. This can affect a person’s ability to feel temperatures correctly, including knowing if the setting on an electric blanket is too hot. Prolonged use of an electric blanket that is too hot can result in a person feeling overheated, or even getting burned. If you have diabetes and wish to experience the benefits of an electric blanket, then use it to warm up your bed and once you are settled in, turn it off or remove it to make sure you stay warm and safe.

Is it okay to drink or eat while using an electric blanket?

You may not eat or drink in bed, but you may like to sip on a hot tea or coffee while watching TV or reading a book on long winter nights. If you plan to continue this habit while using an electric blanket, then you may want to think again. It’s important to remember that it is dangerous to mix water or liquids with electricity, so if you do have a coffee, tea or even a soup, make sure it does not drip, splash or spill on the blanket. This can ruin the wiring and cause shock.

Is an electric blanket a good idea for kids?

Is it safe for your child to use an electric blanket? Well, yes — and no. It all depends on the age of your child and a couple of other factors. Never use an electric blanket on a baby. However, the blankets are generally safe for children five years and older, as long as they are able to stay dry and not wet the bed during the night. As well, your child should be old enough to understand how to work the temperature controls but as an added safety measure, you can purchase one that has an automatic turn-off feature.