How to Return an Online Bed Purchase

Have you ever wanted to purchase a mattress online but were intimidated by a potential return process if the product didn’t match your needs? Or did you go ahead and buy one only to be disappointed in what you got?

Buying beds online is easy, but people are often worried about what to do if they have to return them. Don’t fret, as I’m about to explain what you need to know about how to return an online bed purchase.

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Why Would You Return a Mattress?

Even when you do your homework and purchase what seems to be the perfect mattress, your body might still say “no”. And that can happen when you purchase a bed-in-a-box online.

Might Cause Pain

If we wake up with hip, shoulder, or backache, we most likely choose the wrong bed. It is fairly common to have pain upon waking or even throughout the night if the surface is too plush or firm.

Might Be Too Soft/Firm

It can be challenging to achieve perfection with this feature. If you’re a combination sleeper, this issue becomes even more complicated. For instance, while sleeping on your side, the bed may seem wonderfully comfy, but when you flip to your back, it may feel overly soft.

You Can Feel It Moving

Memory foam mattresses consistently rank at the top of the comfort and customer satisfaction charts. Additionally, they excel at motion isolation, which means that when one partner fusses too much while sleeping or gets out of bed, the other partner remains undisturbed.

While plenty of beds do really well in motion isolation, others are very bouncy and could wake you up at night. For example, latex mattresses often have that bouncy feel. That means that if your partner moves at night, you’re bound to feel the entire bed move.

It Smells Awful

Off-gassing complaints are occasionally lodged against bed-in-a-box brands. When exposed to oxygen, the chemical components of the mattress begin to degrade slowly. It is most obvious during the initial hours to weeks following the receipt of your new buy and usually subsides completely.

Most, but not all, online-purchased beds will have some level of this odor. There is actually no hard proof that this is hazardous in most cases. However, some individuals may experience allergic reactions.

You Sleep Too Hot

Memory foam beds are the epitome of comfort. However, memory foam adjusts to the shape of your body by drawing heat away from it. That means that it also retains a lot of heat, which is why you could be waking up sweating like it’s nobody’s business.

While recent advancements in copper and gel technologies have improved airflow, the truth remains that a memory foam bed does not have the same amount of airflow.

What Is Mattress Sleep Trial?

A mattress trial period, which is offered by the great majority of online mattress providers, enables buyers to take the mattress for a spin and see how they sleep on it. This policy is designed to take the place of the in-store experience of lying on a mattress.

A mattress trial period allows users to sleep on their new mattress for a specified number of nights. They can simply return the mattress for a refund if they feel it is not right for them. If a manufacturer provides multiple mattress models, shoppers may swap their first purchase for another.

While a mattress trial is similar to a standard return policy, few major distinctions exist. The majority of return policies require buyers to return an item in its original condition to receive a refund.

However, the goal of a mattress trial is for people to completely test the new mattress by sleeping on it.

Additionally, most traditional return policies are time-limited, frequently only 30 days. Mattress testing normally lasts between three and four months.

Do All Stores Accept Returns?

While the most majority will accept returns, some will not. Companies that do permit them will make their policies abundantly clear on their websites. If you’re purchasing something in person, be careful to inquire in advance to avoid being trapped with something you don’t want.

What Is a Money-Back Policy?

When feasible, choose a provider that offers a complete refund. The reason for this is that if you are dissatisfied with your bed, swapping it for another model may not be the best course of action. You may decide to swap brands totally.

Most brands have a finite amount of inventory and are conscious that an exchange-only policy is not always equitable.

As a result, they frequently arrange for the pickup of your unwanted mattress, and once they confirm its arrival at their warehouse (or perhaps a donation location), they will provide you with a full refund.

What Is an Exchange Policy?

Again, company policies differ, but they will operate similarly to a money-back guarantee. In actuality, the corporation is likely to prefer an exchange over cash, and hence may be simpler to work with if you have a backup plan in mind in case the first doesn’t work.

In most circumstances, no further costs or restocking fees will apply. The mattress manufacturers want you to be satisfied with your purchase to return and suggest them to your friends.

What Is a Minimum and Maximum Return Policy?

On their websites, all online mattress retailers will detail their return procedures. Typically, it’s in the footer, called “returns.” Alternatively, if you do not see a specific page describing how to return or exchange your bed, you can discover the policy outlined on the FAQ page.

Around 12 percent of buyers request to return their bed, and it’s critical to understand that you have every right to do so. You don’t want to suffer in an unpleasant bed or feel as if you’re settling.


The amount of time you have to decide if a bed is good for you varies significantly by manufacturer. Some would give you a week, while others will allow you to try it out for a year before deciding on whether or not to keep it. On average, return policies range between 30 and 120 days.


Though we have observed risk-free trials lasting up to a year, this liberal approach will not always apply. Double-check with the company prior to purchasing to determine how long you can sleep on it and still receive a refund.

Bear in mind that some companies want you to sleep on the bed for a minimum of 30 or 60 days before returning it. If you’re truly dissatisfied, those nights can be intolerable.

If this is the case, you might be able to convince them to allow you to return the merchandise sooner by explaining that you simply cannot sleep on it and are completely displeased.

How to Return an Online Bed Purchase

You’ll have a few alternatives depending on where you purchase your bed.

Your unwanted product will be picked up by the company’s truck. They’ll either donate it or return it to their warehouse. This is the simplest method, albeit coordination of the delivery truck can be a pain at times.

You may need to re-box and prepare your mattress for transportation on your own. This is frequently a two-person job.

How to Make a Mattress More Comfortable

It’s always worth it to return a mattress. When you spend thousands of dollars on a new bed, you want to be able to sleep on a comfortable surface. Even if you end up paying for shipping fees, getting your money back is still worth it.

If, for any reason, you want to keep the bed, let me give you some tips on how to make it more comfortable.

Flip the Bed

Although most mattresses created today are not designed to be flipped, flipping it over may improve its comfort if you have an older mattress or a current flippable one. Flipping a mattress promotes even wear and allows you to sleep on the less worn side, which may be the secret to a restful night’s sleep.

Consider a New Bed Base

Bed bases are critical to the longevity of your mattress. A bed base can add support and significantly change your mattress’s feel. For instance, memory foam mattresses feel firmer when supported by a box spring and softer when supported by a solid platform or an adjustable bed base.

Note that certain manufacturers may void your guarantee if you do not use an appropriate base with your mattress.

Fix a Saggy Mattress

If a drooping mattress is making you grumpy, try placing old towels under the mattress to support the droopy parts. While this may not be an ideal option, it will provide additional support or at least until you can invest in a new bed.

You can insert a wooden board beneath the drooping area or have a piece of plywood cut to suit the bed frame and placed beneath the mattress.

Invest in a Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is a layer of material that is placed on top of or strapped to your mattress. Its goal is to add padding to promote comfort, support, and conceal any unsightly lumps.
Toppers are typically composed of a layer of foam that ranges in thickness (from two to four inches). Additionally, memory foam, down, and cooling gel foams are all viable solutions for making awful beds acceptable.

Final Words

Returning an item purchased online or in-store can be a pain. However, given how much time you spend sleeping, it’s a tiny price to pay. Poor sleep quality can lead to a number of physical and mental health problems, so don’t settle for less.

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