How To Refill A Bean Bag Chair

There’s nothing like sinking into a comfy bean bag chair. However, if you’ve ever owned a bean bag chair, you’ll know that they all have a lifespan. Sinking into your favorite bean bag will wear it down over time. It won’t always be the comfy sanctuary that you crave. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to throw our your beloved bean bag once it gets worn down. You can refill and revive that thing any time that you like. The only question is how?

Refilling a bean bag chair might sound easy, but it’s trickier that you think. What filling should you choose? There are more options than you think! How do you get the right fillings? They’re trickier to find than you’d imagine. How do you fill it properly? Believe it or not there are ways to screw that up too! But don’t get stressed out. You can do this. Refilling a bean bag isn’t that hard, it just requires a little effort. Fortunately The Sleep Judge team has taken the time to streamline this process and make it as easy for you as possible. All that you need to do is keep reading and discover all the secrets that we toiled to uncover. Soon, your bean bag will be back and better than ever. Read on to learn how to make that dream a reality

Types of Bean Bag Fill

There are four major kinds of bean bag fill which include compressed foam, EPS beads, EPP beads, and Micro Beads:

— Compressed Foam

Compressed foam is one of the most recent kinds of fill that has come out for these chairs. It’s essentially memory foam shredded into pieces. Most of the individuals who own chairs with this fill are impressed by the comfort it brings.

— EPS Beads

EPS beads are tiny polystyrene balls that feel much like styrofoam. They are also used for those cheap disposable coffee cups and packing cushions. These are great for bean chairs because they are lightweight and rigid. They are 98% air and usually 3-4 mm in diameter. If you have any left over after filling your bag with them, they can be used for other crafts.


— EPP Beads

These are also known as expanded polypropylene, and it’s a type of polymer. It is more popular across the ocean than anywhere else. They are strong, durable, and super resilient. When squished, they will go back to their original shape. They won’t decrease their volume as quickly as the EPS beads do wither. The only thing about this kind of bead is that they are very flammable.


— Micro-Beads

Lastly, we have microbeads. They are small pellets that come from polyethylene plastic. They aren’t that great for larger bean bags, only the smaller ones. These have mostly been banned around the globe because they are apparently a danger to the earth.

How To Fill Your Bean Bag

Okay, so you’ve picked out the bean bag material that you want to work with, great! The first thing you need to remember is that not all bean bags can be refilled. So, let’s get started with the instructions.

— What You Will Need

    • Bean bag fill of your choice
    • Vacuum (maybe)
    • Fillable bean bag
    • Garbage bag

Step 1: Inspect Your Refill Bag

Inspecting your fill is important because you will want to ensure that you got all of the material you asked for. If you don’t have enough of what you need, your bag is going to be flat and uncomfortable. If you find an issue with your fill, return it. You are going to want to find out from the manufacturer how much fill is actually inside of the bag so that you can match it.

Step 2: Inspect Your Bean Bag Chair

This is another important step. You’ll want to make sure that the chair doesn’t have any holes or rips that are going to allow the foam to escape. Higher quality chairs are constructed of more durable materials, which are less likely to puncture. The last thing you want is to have to clean up thousands of tiny microbeads because of a rip in your chair.

Step 3: Locate The Zipper

Next, locate the zipper of the cover and take it off. Then locate the zipper on the inner bag if you have one and unzip it. Pour all of the old contents into a garbage bag if you are replacing all of the foam rather than just some of it. Make sure it doesn’t spill all over the place. It’s a pain to clean up.

Step 4: Fill The Chair

This part you are going to want to be really careful with, especially if you are working with beads rather than the foam. For the beads, here’s a pro tip. Put the foam bag inside of the bean bag and close the bag a little, just enough so that you can still grab the fill bag. Carefully dump the fill bag into the inner liner. If you can, get a friend to help you do the task. This will make it a lot easier. If you spill the beads, you can just vacuum them up with any household vacuum cleaner.

Step 5: Close The Zipper

Some chairs will have the zipper locks, so make sure you put it back on when you zip it up. Others will have the special patches to keep them safe from small children. Make sure all of the beads or foam is inside of the sack and close it up.

Step 6: Sit On The Chair

You’re going to want to sit on the chair to get the air out of it. It may feel like you are sitting in quicksand, but that will go away once the air is out of it. You can also fluff the chair a little bit to make sure that the beads are equally dispersed throughout. If you want it stiffer, add more beads.


There you have it, that is how you refill a bean bag chair. It’s not the hardest thing in the world to do, it’s just a matter of finding the beads that you are the most comfortable with. If you know somebody who is looking to refill their chair, share this with them. If you have your own methods for filling these, please let us know in the comments below.