12 Simple Tips To Prevent Bed Head

No one wants to wake up to bed head, that dreaded condition when your hair is going crazy and you want to run away from your mirror, screaming all the while. You can’t go back to bed and you can’t hide under a hat for the rest of your day. When cowlicks, crazy strands of hair that won’t behave, and knots plague you each morning, you need to find a solution.
Girl with bad hair looking at a brush with hair stuck in it

Fortunately, you can combat bed head with a little planning. While this issue is more common for women, it can affect men as well. Pay attention and give yourself something to smile about the next time you check out your reflection come morning.

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Be Proactive About Bed Head

Woman showering and washing long hair

According to the National Sleep Foundation, try some hair care at night before you go to bed. This is especially helpful if you do not have the time to bother with a shower in the morning. Your hair will actually be more manageable if you wash it at night. Once it is completely dry, you’ll find that it’s easiest to take preventative measures with long hair. Straighten it if you have curls, braid it, or put in a bun.

The Best Approach to Take for Short Hair

Young man holding his short black messy hair

If you have short hair, you can wrap your head up in a bandana. Other options include wetting your head down in the morning or wearing a style with lots of layers that can have a tousled look or slather it in some pomade to get that slick look. If you can’t keep bed head away, make it work for you and give yourself some flair with spikes or throw in some mousse and let it go.

Be Thorough About Drying Your Hair

Slashed Beauty recommends that you keep your hair dry. If it’s damp, you can expect your hair to be standing up every which way when you wake up in the morning. A cotton shirt can be wrapped around your hair to protect it if you need more than a bandana to keep it secure.

Give Your Hair a Good Brushing

A purple and pink brush with hair in it

Before you go to sleep, try a brushing regimen for your hair. You’ll get rid of any excess product in your hair, help in hydration, and smooth your locks. Use a brush that will be gentle and handle with care.

What about Bed Beard?

Same treatment goes for your beard; consider using a beard brush and oils before bed to keep it a little more tame in the morning. Brushing your beard not only helps the hairs to grow together but it alsopromotes smoother, shinier and healthier beard hair.

For Long Hair

Pin it Down

Break out the bobby pins. If you have long hair, you can methodically pin your hair to your head. Work your way all the way around until there are no stray locks and you can brush it out in the morning.

Pull it Up to the Top

Young beautiful smiling girl with hair bun and makeup looking at camera, over white background

One of the simplest solutions for long hair is the top-knot. Make sure you use a hair band that will not damage your hair and pull it straight up to the top. When you wake up, remove the band and brush it out.

Keep Moisture in the Air in Your Bedroom

Believe it or not, moisture in the air can help your hair. Avoid dried out hair that can cause bed head by running a humidifier. You can keep a humidifier going at any point in the year, whether you have the heat running full blast or you’re freezing yourself out with the air conditioner.

Consider Silk Bedding

Silk sheets are smooth on your body and your hair. You’ll give your head a treat and keep your locks laying flat when you opt for silk. It will be a bigger investment, but your hair will thank you.

Try a Leave-In Product

A leave-in conditioner can do wonders for your battle against bed head. Aveeno’s Nourish and Condition spray will moisturize and smooth your hair. Your locks will be much more cooperative when morning arrives.

Condition the Ends of Your Hair

Fit and Fab Living gives more tips for conditioning, recommending you give your ends extra attention. Moisturize the ends instead of your roots and you’ll have better results.

Try Experimenting with Your Hair in the Morning

When all else fails, take a little extra time with your hair regimen in the morning. Throw in some leave-in conditioner again, spray it down, break out the flat iron, or try the curling iron. If you can’t beat bed head, try new styling tricks that will make the most of stray strands of hair.

Cut Back on Washing Your Hair

Wash your hair too often and you will lose the oils that naturally keep it moist and manageable. Try every other day for a change instead of daily washing. You will find that your hair has improved shine and will cooperate with you more often when you are getting up to face the mirror each day.

You Don’t Have to Live with Bed Head

No matter what hairstyle you have, whether you are a man or a woman, you can win the battle against bed head. Take care with your hair regimen. Wash at night, make sure your hair is completely dry before you hit your pillow, and wrap your hair to keep those unsightly cowlicks and troublesome strands under control. Don’t forget Aveeno’s Nourish and Condition spray to give your hair some TLC that will keep it smooth and manageable in the morning.