How to Make Your Bed: Fast and Efficient

Making your bed is a simple yet time consuming and underappreciated task. There are many different elements that are needed in order to make your bed in the most perfect way.

Being able to pull back those sheets and jump in a freshly made bed at the end of the day is such a relieving feeling. Here is my little ‘how-to’ guide on making the perfect bed in the most fast and efficient way possible.

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Bed Making Essentials

There are many different elements and components needed to make a bed. Let’s touch on all items from start to finish. Imagine you just purchased a brand-new mattress. Here is the full process of what you need.

• Mattress Cover

A mattress cover is typically white. It is shaped much like a fitted sheet with elastic around the border. This cover is meant to protect your actual mattress from stains and any liquids that may be spilt on the bed. It also protects your mattress from body odors and sweat, keeping the mattress stain free and fresh for a longer period of time.

• Fitted Sheet

A fitted sheet is what goes over top of the mattress and cover. It also has an elastic border. Assure you tuck the elastic underneath the mattress. This will assure stability and will lessen the chance of it lifting off the mattress and moving around.

• Flat (loose) Sheet

This is the sheet that you cover up in. This sheet does not have an elastic border.

• Comforter or Duvet

This is the top blanket on your bed. This can be printed, colored, and designed in whatever way you like. This is what will make your bed original and match whatever aesthetic you are trying to portray.

• Pillows

The fluffy head rests. You can have one pillow or ten. It is totally up to you. The more the better for me!

• Pillow Covers

When it comes to pillow covers, these can also be bought in any color/design you like. These covers protect the pillows from sweat and body odors, keeping them fresh for longer.

Bonus Items

• Quilt

A quilt can be added to the bed and is especially useful for the cold seasons. This just assures extra warmth and comfort.

• Bed Skirts

A bed skirt would be added to the top of the box spring, underneath the mattress. This is not a necessity but more less a preference. The skirt is used to cover up the empty looking space underneath the bed.

• Throw Pillows / Throw Blankets

These items are again, not a necessity but are for decoration. Throw pillows can bring out the pops of color and aesthetic in the room. It gives the bed a comfier and well put together feel.

• Pillow Shams

These are the fancy pillow covers that typically are meant to match and have the exact same design and material as the comforter or duvet cover. They typically are bought as a set.

Make Your Bed in 5 Simple Steps

Step 1: The Cover

Grab that nice new crisp white mattress cover. Stretch the cover fully across the bed. Assure to tuck the elastic border underneath the mattress. This will keep the cover in place and will avoid any slipping and sliding.

Step 2: The Fitted Sheet

Time to add the fitted sheet. This is the sheet that you will be laying on top of every night so make sure it is a comfy one! Just like the cover, stretch the sheet across the entire mattress. Again, tuck the elastic border underneath the mattress assuring placement and zero movement.

Step 3: The Loose Sheet

This sheet will be the one that you first cover up in. It will be what caresses your skin every night. Spread this sheet fully across your mattress. When it is flattened out completely, lift the bottom corners of the mattress, one at a time, and tuck the sheet underneath. Tucking your sheet under the foot of the mattress will keep those little piggies snug at night. It will also keep your sheet in place, avoiding it falling on the floor throughout the night.

Step 4: The Comforter / Duvet

This is the very top blanket on your super comfy bed! Just like the other components, Spread this blanket across your bed evenly. If you are looking for a super clean-cut look, you can make about a 1-foot fold down from the top of the blanket.

Step 5: The Pillows

The final step! Woo-hoo! You made it! Pick out the perfect covers for your pillows. If you want to be extra safe with protecting your pillows from sweat and body odor, you can double the covers for each pillow.

Place a white pillow cover over the pillow and then follow that with the colored/designed cover you wish to use. Place the pillows at the top of the bed in whichever layout you desire!

Bonus Step

If you are looking to be a little extra fancy and decorate your bed, you can now add throw/accent pillows and blankets. Adding the pillows to the top of the bed and the blanket to the foot will give your bed the little extra pizazz it needs!

— Let’s Talk Clean

When it comes to cleaning your bed and bedding, some of the components need to be washed and changed on different schedules. Personally, I like to wash my fitted sheet, flat sheet and top pillow covers once every week.

Body odor and sweat can build up on this over time so it is best for your skin, health and body to keep these clean. I also recommend washing your comforter/duvet cover every second week.

This is something that also should stay fresh as it does touch your skin and face very frequently. As for your white bottom pillow covers and the mattress covers, I suggest washing them once monthly. Add a little bit of bleach to the washing solution when cleaning these to achieve extra freshness.

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Sizes and the Best Fit for You

Beds come in a standard four sizes, though smaller and bigger can be made available. The four standard size beds are as follows: Twin, Double, Queen and King.

A twin bed is meant to comfortably sleep one person. This is probably the size bed you had as a kid or even in a dorm room. A double is the next size up. This can comfortably sleep one or two people. If two, I hope you like to cuddle.

A queen is the next size up. This is the perfect bed for a couple. You have plenty of room and it fits well in an average size bedroom.

A king bed is the biggest bed of the four. This bed gives you lots of extra room. This bed is great for the bed hoggers. It is also great for you dog parents out there who have snuggle buddies in bed who love to take up all the room.

Since beds can come in all different sizes, you have to make sure you purchase the proper size bedding. If you buy too small, it won’t fit. Too big will hang on the floor. It is easy to purchase the wrong size so always remember to check the packaging first before purchase.

In Conclusion

Every bed is different in its own unique way. The way you make it, the decorations and colors you choose are what make your bed yours! There are so many ways to make it original and one of a kind. We hope these tips helped you get started. And be sure to check out our website for more helpful tips like how to wash throw pillows!

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