How to Make an Air Mattress More Comfortable

Did you ever sleep on an air mattress only to wake up with a stiff back and a runny nose? An air mattress isn’t the best choice for a full-time bed, but it might be the only place to sleep in certain situations. So, how can you make an air mattress more comfortable? I slept on one throughout my college years and had to find ways to make it comfortable, so here are my tips!

Why Are Air Mattresses So Uncomfortable?

Air mattresses are uncomfortable and unsuitable for long-term sleeping for four main reasons.

Sharing a Bed is a Nuisance

One of the most significant drawbacks of sharing an air bed with another person is the increased likelihood of experiencing motion transfer at night. Simply put, one sleeper’s movements are likely to disturb the other. Especially if you sleep light, it may be challenging to receive a night’s rest that is sufficient for your needs.

It Offers Poor Body Support

The level of support that an inflatable mattress offers is not particularly well-known. While it can be acceptable to sleep on every once in a while, consistent use over a long period could cause back pain. Your spine doesn’t rest in its natural position if you do not have sufficient support, and as a result, you will not enjoy a good night’s sleep.

It Can Get Cold/Hot

Because of the increased air circulation, keeping your body temperature comfortable can be more challenging when you sleep on an air bed. Most of these mattresses are manufactured from artificial materials like vinyl, which means they do not breathe very well.

There’s no way to get rid of your body’s heat while you sleep. The air that is confined within takes on the temperature of the air that is outside. As summer approaches, this could cause an uncomfortable night of sleep during which one might sweat excessively.

Come winter, and your indoor air gets cooler too. Sleeping on an air mattress means you’re sleeping close to the floor, which is chilly and not comfortable.

They Are Difficult to Maintain

The level of maintenance required for a large number of mattresses is surprisingly minimal. For instance, if you choose the basic coil option, all that needs to be done sometimes to ensure the mattress lasts longer is to flip it to the other side. Air mattresses don’t work that way.

You will be responsible for ensuring that it has adequate air and that any holes in it are swiftly repaired. Even if there aren’t any holes, they will naturally get flatter and need to be refilled over time. Because of this, they are a choice that requires more upkeep.

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Can You Sleep on an Air Mattress Long Term?

It is not advisable to sleep on an air mattress long-term. People spend an average of eight hours in bed each night, so it’s vital that their bodies feel well-supported throughout that time. A good mattress can support essential body parts like the shoulders, hips, and spine.

The main drawback of air mattresses is their lack of resistance because of their lack of foam or coils. It’s not about how you feel; instead, it’s about supporting your body so that your spine stays aligned and your joints don’t get too sore as you sleep.

You can get there by investing in a mattress that is tailor-made for your unique shape and preferred method of sleeping. The air mattress fails to provide sufficient support in every way. It may be more comfortable for side sleepers because of its lack of “give back,” but it won’t do anything to support your spine.

If you prefer the feel of a rigid coil or spring mattress, then sleeping on your back is the best position for an air mattress.

How to Make an Air Mattress More Comfortable

There are a few ways that can make your experience sleeping on an air bed more comfortable.

What You Need

  • Foam topper
  • Quality pillows
  • Box spring
  • A rug or a carpet

Buy Proper Bedding

An air mattress is nothing more than an inflatable air structure to its core. In light of this, the air temperature inside will inevitably rise as the outside temperature increases.

When the temperature outside drops, the air around us will also experience a similar cooling trend. If you want to avoid any significant shifts in temperature, you need to ensure that the sheets on your bed are adequately spread out, and you should also use mattress covers.

Because of this, you won’t have to worry about feeling uneasy due to the significant temperature shifts.

Invest in a Topper

This is an expensive way to improve the mattress’s overall quality significantly and is also one of the most effective. It can keep you from sleeping on the air bed’s signature rubbery surface, which can be uncomfortable.

This surface tends to feel particularly unpleasant on less expensive options, but you can quickly get rid of such difficulties by adding a mattress topper to your bed. The topper will increase the comfort level to the greatest realistically possible extent. Additionally, it may be utilized on standard beds as well.

Place a Rug Underneath

This is yet another uncomplicated and speedy method that can enhance your air mattress’s overall quality. This is because the bottom layer of the bed is made of vinyl, and vinyl will not augur well when placed on a more rigid surface. One of these is a hardwood floor, which, among other things, will make it very difficult for you to fall and stay asleep.

Because of this, you should place the air mattress on a rug, which will considerably improve your sleep quality. This tip can also assist with the noise made by an air mattress.

Consider a Box Spring

This is one of the things that will go a long way toward improving the level of comfort provided by your air mattress.

It will also make it so that you can get out of bed much more quickly and with much less effort than you would typically have to put in. This is because the overall height would be quite a bit more. To improve your sleep quality even more, another item you could wish to take advantage of is a box spring because it is convenient.

Change the Pillow

Using an appropriate pillow is related to several significant and unquestionable benefits that cannot be ignored. Because of this specific factor, you must carefully consider the quality and suitability of the pillow you use on your bed at all times.

This is true for memory foam mattresses as well as normal ones. Even if you have the most luxurious and costly mattress, if your pillow is unsatisfactory and improper, this could result in a great deal of discomfort and even health problems.

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Bottom Line

If you don’t get enough quality shut-eye, it can take a toll on your mental as well as physical well-being. To accomplish this, you need to look into the bed’s firmness adjustment, the product’s ease of use, and its durability. After all, if an air mattress needs to be replaced frequently, its value is minimal at best.

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