How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

One of the most common issues we have with our bedroom is the small space. Sometimes, it’s impossible to extend a room’s square footage so you have to rely on optical illusions instead.

We’ve come up with basic design tips to make your small bedroom look bigger. Find out the benefits of making your space look bigger and how you can achieve this!

Our solutions range from simple changes you can do on your own to a complete remodeling of the bedroom!

Why Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger?

We spend most of our lives sleeping. That alone is enough reason to invest in your bedroom and make it look bigger!

Take a look at the benefits of making your bedroom look bigger.

—  More Space for Your “Stuff”

Perhaps you have too many books in your bedroom that your room feels so cramped already. You worry because you just purchased ten new ones and the small bookshelf you have in your room is already full! Even the bedroom nightstand has a tower of books stacked on it.

Making your bedroom look bigger will help you maximize the space for your collection, whether it’s a set of books, clothes, or plants!

— A Place to Relax

It’s hard to get cozy in a poky little room. Instead, a visually pleasing, tranquil bedroom is the perfect environment to relax in and escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.
There is a feeling of ease and comfort when you sleep in a room that’s tidy and spacious. It relieves your stress from your busy work schedule, parent duties, and your social life. Your body takes a break as your brain recharges.

— Add New Elements to Your Room

Making your bedroom look bigger means more space to add new decorations and furniture. If you want to change the whole theme of your room without spending too much, simply make your bedroom look bigger then add one to two statement pieces in the spaces you’ve saved! It’s a simple way to make your room look more luxurious!

— More Activities

Making your bedroom look big makes it more versatile and dynamic. Instead of statement pieces, you can create a special coffee corner in your bedroom or an area for working out and doing yoga.

A new desk setup also makes for a great addition to your bedroom, especially if you have been working from home.

— Adds Value to Your Home

A spacious room adds value to your home. Future potential buyers will be more interested in a tiny bedroom that looks big than a tiny bedroom only.

If you’re doing this project to increase the value of your home, you’re on the right track! This type of room usually caters to people who live alone. Do your research on your target market first when you are planning to sell your home.

Different Ways You Can Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

There are many ways you can maximize your small bedroom without renovating. Here are some of them.

• Balance and Symmetry

Making your room look bigger means avoiding asymmetrical designs. This doesn’t mean you need matching couches for your bedroom. It can be as simple as putting a mirror or a painting across a window.

When considering balance, think about colors as well. If you have light floors, it would help to add dark-colored rugs to emphasize the walking space.

• Optical Illusions

Optical illusions are the best way to make your space seem larger than it really is. One example is the use of transparent chairs and tables. Not only are they trendy, but they also give the illusion of a wider room despite occupying the same amount of space.

You can also take advantage of exposed furniture legs to make the space more noticeable from below. Just make sure this space is always neat. You don’t want a bunch of old clothes being seen under your bed, don’t you?

The most common optical illusion to make a room bigger is the use of mirrors. They add depth and height to your room if you know how to angle them correctly!

• Organization

Another basic technique to make your room appear huge is by organizing. Simply free your bedroom from clutter! Keep all clothes in the closet, have small baskets for your papers and pencils, and put your books on a shelf instead of having them all over the floor.

Organizing your room also means color-coding them. Decorations need to be consistent to avoid the cramped illusion. Try keeping your books based on the color of the covers. You can also match your bedding with the color of the walls.

How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Any room looks great if they are well-designed despite the small size. From simple organization tips to complete renovations, here are some tips to make your small bedroom look bigger.

— Avoid too Much Furniture

Do you really need two couches in your room? How about your bedside tables on both sides of the bed? We know it’s nice to have beautiful furniture pieces, but it’s nicer to have extra space!

You can avoid too much furniture in the house by getting rid of the unnecessary ones or investing in space-saving furniture. For instance, you can eliminate your wardrobe and just buy a bed with built-in storage underneath.

— Use Glass

Glass makes your bedroom wider and more open. It’s the perfect solution to creating partitions without sacrificing natural light.

Using French doors is a classic method. Here are the steps to follow when installing interior French doors:

1. Remove the existing door frame with a pry bar and a hammer
2. Reframe the opening for your new French door
3. Install the frame or the door jamb and determine whether the actual door will fit
4. Mount your French door and secure it with hinges
5. Install the remaining hardware, such as door knobs and handles

— Painting Tips

The color of your paint can affect how big or small your room looks. Here are some paint variants to make your space look bigger:

  • Stark white
  • Light taupe
  • Blush pink
  • Dark navy
  • Cool gray

You can also consider these painting tips for a more open-spaced feeling:

  • If you want to paint using more than one color, use monochromatic hues
  • Paint the trim of your room a lighter color
  • If you have brightly colored furniture, try painting your walls dark grey for balance

— Modify Your Bed

Your bed is usually the star of your bedroom, so make sure it complements the whole space for a wider appearance.

Here are some bedding tips to follow:

  • Invest in a low-slung frame for a bigger space on the upper part of your room
  • Choose a bed frame with a lighter silhouette
  • Replace your headboard with a shelf that’s mounted on the wall
  • If you’re fine with your current bed frame, change your bedding into breezy and clean linens
  • Get rid of extra pillows to maintain the illusion of space

The Bottom Line

Your bedroom doesn’t have to be big, but it’s always great to make it look big! A few tweaks to make it look more spacious can turn it into a sanctuary of sweet dreams. What bedroom tweaks helped make your narrow room look wider?

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