How to Fold Bed Sheets Properly

Do you ever find yourself frustrated and irritated while trying to fold bed sheets properly? Do your squares of fabric tend to resemble a circle or some other random shape, depending on the level of frustration or irritation? What about the wrinkles discovered from the multiple attempts at folding – annoying right?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, remember you are not alone in this struggle. Regardless of the time and patience spent on the task, it is easier to just fold your bed sheets into some semblance of a square and hope for the best in terms of wrinkles.
The top sheet, pillowcases, and even the comforter are all easier to fold than the dreaded fitted sheet, but depending on the size and smoothness of the material, even these can become cumbersome and frustrating.

There is a solution, however, and all it takes is a bit of practice and patience to learn how to fold all your bed sheets in a manner fit for a queen! Read on through this article for step-by-step instructions to fold your bed sheets and remove a stressor from your daily or weekly routine.

Exactly What is a Set of Bed Sheets?

You would think that a set of bed sheets is as described a set of sheets for your bed, but depending on the brand and size you purchase, there are some varieties of what you receive. For the purposes of this article, we will be taking a look at the generic set of bed sheets that includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases.

The more expensive brands of sheets can come with pillow shams and even seasonal sheets in a thicker material. Also growing in popularity is a product called Bed-in-a-bag. This option literally has everything you would need to outfit your bed in style- with not only the fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases but is also joined by a bed skirt, pillow shams, and the comforter itself.

How to Fold Bed Sheets

Ensure You Have Adequate Space Before You Begin

The first rule of thumb when it comes to folding bed sheets is to ensure you are in a wide-open space with enough room to maneuver the sheets into the proper position. Your arms will be stretched out to bring the sheets corner to corner or side to side (more on that below), and without the proper maneuvering room, this step is extremely difficult. Use an actual bed or a kitchen table to get a flat surface with ample room!

The Fitted Sheet

The fitted sheet is the sheet that has elastic sewed around the four sides and is designed to fit over the entire mattress. The sheet is held in place by the mattress itself with the excess material being tucked underneath the mattress to create a smooth sleeping surface.


Drape your sheet over your hands, holding it so that the top two corners are inside out and have a hand in each top corner.


Fold the fitted sheet in half lengthwise (vertically), flipping the right top corner over the left. This step will turn your sheet inside out and create pockets, which is what you need for correct folding.


Tuck the elastic corners of the fitted sheet into each other to bind the sheet in place.


Ensure your hold on the sheet has each hand holding two corners, and the tucked seam is facing you with the folded seam on the bottom.


Fold the folded sheet in half once more lengthwise, again bringing the remaining two opposite sides together so all four corners meet.


Repeat the tucking of the corners together to bind the sheet in place by tucking the right corners over the left-hand side.


Lay the folded sheet on a flat surface (bed, table, floor, etc.) with the curved edge in towards the center of the sheet to create a straight edge. The sheet should resemble a long panel of material.


Your sheet should resemble a big rectangle once these steps have been completed. Fold your panel of material into three or four sections vertically to create a square!

The fitted sheet is now folded into the actual shape of a square and not something resembling a circle or blob! If you like visual learning over the written word, check out this video on how to fold a fitted sheet.


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The Flat Sheet

The flat sheet (also known as the top sheet) is the sheet that has no sewn elastic, and generally, a tag or a sewed hem is the only indicator of which end of the sheet belongs on the headboard side of the bed versus the footboard.

1. Fold your flat sheet in either three or four sections lengthwise (depending on the size of the sheet – queen or king size sheets benefit more from four sections) to ensure there are no exposed edges.

2. Bring the top corners of the fitted sheet to meet up with the opposite side creating a panel. Repeat this step until you have a long panel of material.

3. Once you have a panel of folded material, fold this into three or four sections to create a square or rectangle.

4. Confirm that both the fitted sheet and flat sheet are folded into approximately the same size and stack on top of each other.

*A queen or king size sheet will fold easier into a rectangle rather than a square

The Pillowcases

The pillowcases are the smallest and easiest thing to fold in a sheet set. These material coverings go over your pillows and are usually a generic size to fit mostuniversal pillows. The material should have enough room to fit over thinly stuffed pillows to moderately stuffed pillows. Those who use oversized pillows on their bed might need to purchase specialty pillowcases to ensure a proper fit as the wrong size could flatten or bunch up the pillow resulting in an uncomfortable resting surface.

There are a variety of ways to conclude the folding of your bed sheets by using the pillowcases and depending on the method used; it could change how you fold the pillowcase itself!

Style One

Fold the pillowcases into thirds lengthwise and then fold this panel into thirds again to create a square. Try to fold your pillowcase from the bottom across the shorter side, as this will decrease the number of wrinkles created during the folding process. Place this square on top of the folded fitted sheet and flat sheet to create a stacked bundle to store in your linen closet.

Style Two

Fold one pillowcase into a square to be placed on top of the folded fitted and flat sheet. Place this bundle of sheets into the other pillowcase, creating a pouch for your sheets. Tuck the excess material and up underneath the stack of sheets and store!This method will not only keep your closet organized and looking great, but it is also a wonderful way to ensure that sheet sets stay together, and other pieces do not get mixed up in your closet.

Style Three

Use your pillowcase(s) as a binding tool to hold the sheets together in a bundle for easy storage and leave your linen closet in an organized state.

Fold your pillowcase into thirds lengthwise (vertically) to create a panel of material. Wrap this panel around your bundle of sheets and store with the ends against the shelf of your linen closet. This method will ensure your sheet set stays together and also present a nice smooth square of material when opening your closet door.

Store Properly

The way you store your sheets can also have an effect on the number of wrinkles found when changing your bed linens. If sheets are folded but then messily thrown onto a shelf with numerous other sheets, wrinkles can form, and it can be difficult to create matching sets. Different materials can get mixed up, or seasonal sheets (flannel, fleece, etc.) can mix with your everyday sheets.

An organized linen closet will have more room for storage and can be used to store a variety of items if storage levels in your current residence are low.

If you own a set of expensive or top-brand guest sheets that are used when a company is staying over, try to store these in the guest room on a flat surface.


Irritation and aggravation seem to be lurking around every corner in these changing times with society placing more pressure on each individual. People need to find happiness and tasks that give them a sense of achievement, and once they are found, hold on to them with all they have.

So, if a quick tutorial can help you achieve a task and feel a sense of accomplishment and happiness, especially when it comes to household tasks; grab a set of sheets, and with time and patience, be a pro sheet-folder!!

One tip that will speed up the process and guarantee a more accurate fold is to fold your sheet set directly from the dryer as the material is more pliable when warm. Try to avoid storing your sheets in plastic, as this can trap moisture and cause mold or mildew that can rot the material of your sheet set.

If you liked this article, please feel free to share this article with your friends and family! If you have another way to fold a set of bed sheets, let us know in the comments below.

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