How to Fall Asleep in Under a Minute

Updated February 6, 2021

One of the worst feelings is when you just can’t sleep. Your eyes have been open for so long that they’ve adjusted to the pitch black. Your phone keeps reminding you of the oncoming day while your alarm looms ever closer. You’ve been working the whole day, yet for some reason you just can’t get any sleep.

These nights are the worst since it seems impossible to catch any sleep… but what if there was? It turns out, catching that refreshing night’s sleep isn’t as hard as you thought. There are a variety of ways to set yourself to sleep in little under a minute, probably what you’re looking for to help your busy schedule.

What Does it Take?

A good night’s rest can start from anywhere. The position you sleep in, the bed, pillows, and blankets are all important factors that can help you sleep faster. What’s in your room, the lighting, decorations, and scents all influence your rest.

When it comes to sleep, every little detail helps. There are also a handful of breathing practices you can attempt to get the immediate sleep you need. If they don’t work, there are other techniques you can attempt to try.

The main idea all these techniques have in common is to relax and calm your mind and muscles down. They all work to soothe and block out any excessive, stressful thoughts you might have. These techniques can also help you more if you suffer from insomnia, ADHD, or anxiety.

Since this article will focus primarily on the techniques you can use to put yourself to sleep, we’ll briefly list all of the items you can get to help create a better sleeping environment below;


Items for your Room to Sleep Better

Blackout Curtains

these are a great way to block out sunlight in case you intend on sleeping in or starting your eight-hour rest in the afternoon. In any case, they will create the dark surrounding that will help your brain realize it’s time to sleep.

White Noise Machine

this machine creates a simple and barely noticeable sound that helps your brain shut down smoothly. Most people find pin-drop silence unnerving, so a white noise machine will make sure there is no complete silence to calm you down. Some white noise machines also come with an aromatherapy option, where you can have your favorite scent flow over throughout your room.

We’re going to show you some of the best white noise machines on the market.

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Dimmer Switches

you most likely spend much of you time at home in your bedroom, so you’ll naturally require good lighting there. Installing dimmer switches can help you adjust the lighting according to the time of day, and if you or your partner needs to sleep while you’re still awake, you can dim the lights for them.

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in the case of your room, a programmable thermostat is ideal. When it comes to your room, it’s okay to be as picky as Goldilocks. Not too cold, not too hot, but a perfect balance. This will help you sleep comfortably.

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Consider the colors and decorations you place in your room and try to keep your electronics at a minimum. There are a lot of blinking lights that can distract you. Your phone should also not be within reach, otherwise you’ll be subconsciously inclined to reach for it.


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Ways to Fall Asleep Within a Minute


Technique 1: 4-7-8 Breathing Technique

This technique was created by Dr. Andrew Weil and can help tuck you to sleep in a matter of 60 seconds. This technique may not be ideal for someone who has respiratory complications, such as asthma.

— Step 1: Exhale

Let all the air in your lungs out, letting out a ‘whoosh’ as you do so.

— Step 2: Inhale through your nose

Make sure your lips are closed and inhale through your nose, counting down four seconds while you do so.

— Step 3: Hold Your Breath

Hold this breath in for seven seconds.

— Step 4: Exhale

Exhale through your mouth for eight seconds, allowing a slow ‘whoosh’ sound to escape your lips.

— Step 5: Repeat

Repeat this procedure over again and soon enough, you be peacefully asleep.

Technique 2: The Military Method

This method is practiced by military pilots and soldiers to help them sleep anywhere, in any condition, restfully. It’s very efficient and can even help you sleep while you’re still seated upright.

The key to this method is tensing and then relaxing your muscles. Eventually, your body will be relaxed enough to shut down. You start by relaxing all of the muscles inside of your body one by one so you’re limp. First your face, then shoulders, chest, legs, thighs, and finally calves.

Clear out your mind and imagine a relaxing scenery or calming image. If your mind is still buzzing, repeat the same words over and over in your head. Your mind will finally succumb to the peaceful image or repetition and fall asleep.

Technique 3: Paradoxical Intention

You might be familiar with the effectiveness of this method from when you were a child. Telling yourself over and over that you aren’t going to sleep makes your body suddenly want to. It’s similar to the way a yawn is contagious. Just thinking about a yawn makes you want to, which then brings forth the feeling of being tired.

The same concept applies here. Rather than forcing your body to sleep, you’re forcing your mind to stay awake. The energy you use up trying to stay awake will drain you faster and send you to sleep quicker. This paradox is something we have all experienced but may never have used to our advantage.

Technique 4: Find Your Happy Place

Surely you have heard of this technique as well. Your mind is clustered with all of the thoughts assembled from your day. One way to clear out all of these thoughts is to manifest a serene image inside of your mind.

This technique does call for a stronger imagination, however. You won’t be satisfied with only the picture, you need the feelings, the sounds, and the scents to create the prefect getaway.

Think of an open field, with the smell of fresh morning grass, the reflection of the dew still present on the blades. The sun is barely up and the light coming from it is still soft on your skin, with a subtle warmth. The grass is gentle against your legs and a delicate breeze is brushing past your cheeks.

This kind of imagery in detail is what will help you lure in sleep.

Technique 5: Create a More Sleep-Friendly Environment

Your room may not be as sleep friendly as you wish it to be. Turns out, there are a lot of distractions keeping your eyes from shutting. Before you get in bed, check your room for all of these things to make sure your room is as ready as you are for rest and relaxation.

1. Keep all of your clocks out of sight. No one can resist the urge to check the time and seeing what time it is might jut stress you out more. Your phone and alarm clock should be out of sight, out of mind.

2. Take a warm shower before you go to bed or take a hot water bottle with you to make sure you’re warm under your blanket. Cover your feet with socks and make sure you have all of your layers over you before you go to sleep

3. If it’s too hot in your room, open the window and keep your layers thin. Keep flipping your pillow so you have the cool side.

4. Try to get a light fifteen-minute workout, yoga session, or simple stretches before you go to bed, just to make sure you’ve used up all of your energy for the day.

5. Eat earlier so your stomach isn’t still digesting food while you lie down. This can give you a stomachache or congest your system. Also, the sudden urge to go to the bathroom will wake you up and ruin your sleep, so it’s best to avoid this possibility.



All in all, there is no one perfect way to fall asleep within a minute, but it’s not impossible. You have to prepare your surroundings for the oncoming night first. The room, the lights, the bed, it all needs to be perfect to welcome long hours of rest.

Next are your muscles and energy. A little movement before you go to sleep will help your energy drain out completely and muscles relax. Your mind is the final step to finding peacefulness. Whether it’s a soft sound, music, aromas, or imagery that puts you to rest, use what you have to make sure your mind is still and calm. No clustering thoughts trailing from the day should get in the way of your sleep. Finally, don’t forget to breathe.

Leave us a comment below if our article managed to help you get some good night’s rest and share it with someone else you know who needs some tricks on a minute’s wait for great sleep.