How Much is a Sleep Number Bed?

When a product is introduced that encompasses new technologies and advances in an industry, there typically is a price tag associated with it that reflects the quality of the features you are receiving. It is important to look into what the cost of a something is actually referring to in order to break down exactly what you are getting, and if it is worth it.

Details such as material quality, what it claims to do, customer support and satisfaction guarantee, and warranty coverage are all part of what you are paying for. The Sleep Number bed entered into the sleep industry in the late 1980’s with a very new approach to sleep comfortably.

They have always been known to be a bed worth a significant investment, but have survived through the years due to excellent quality control. With the various changes they provide to keep up with new technology, the question surrounding how much is a Sleep Number bed is one that surfaces quite often.

Sleep Number Bed History

The founders of the Sleep Number bed approached the problem of the need for a true dual sleep system due to their own personal experiences with a lack of bed surface comfort. Either they or their wives, were uncomfortable with the mattress choices they had- resulting in one person not getting the sleep they deserved. The vision of the company began to provide a wholly unique, and new comfort approach to sleep which allowed for a customizable, and adjustable bed, sleep experience.

Today all of the Sleep Number beds are able to be adjusted to alleviate pressure points and create a surface that works with your body type and personal needs. They also all have an integrated SleepIQ technology to help monitor and report on your sleep habits in order to make adjustments and reflect on your overall health in relation to the rest you recieve. This is a highly advanced approach which currently is unparalleled by any other company.

Price Point Considerations

Sleep Number constantly runs discounts and sales on their products as they improve upon their materials and technological approaches. Because of this, their overall cost has somewhat of a soft price point. New bed introductions to meet the various needs of consumers based on consistent feedback is a regular occurrence, and because of this past models are slowly phased out- although still hold the same warranty and sleep trials offered by the company. This, just like the difference between a twin and queen size bed, can effect changes in cost.

I’ll go over these price ranges below, but it is important to take into account the many features of the bed designs to provide you a good overview of what, exactly, you are investing your money into. This is especially important for products that fall into a higher price point range.

– SleepIQ Technology

All Sleep Number beds have an integrated SleepIQ technology. This works in conjunction with the patented air chambers to help you adjust and find your own personalized Sleep Number number. This technology provides a reading of heart rate, respiration, and movement through a series of trackers in regular reports via a smartphone app that syncs with the bed. Currently, this is one of the only beds that has this integrated technology.

– Dual Air Chamber Controls

Every Sleep Number is equipped with either one or two, air chambers that are individually controlled to provide a true dual sleep experience. These air chambers can be set to your own unique Sleep Number and changed as you see fit. They also are able to adjust through the night separate from your controls to accommodate movement to help reduce pressure points and influence comfort.

– Bed Sizes and Model Choices

Obviously, the bed size you choose is going to reflect on price due to the differences in material use. The model choices are also reflective of the amount of material used in the design. Sleep Number offers three series choices that encompass between two and four model choices each. They are offered in various sizes as well.

Classic: these two models are offered in twin through California king sized beds, including split king options for further dual control when used with a FlexFit ergonomic bed base. These are the thinnest models and use the least amount of foam surface padding for a more firm, overall feel. They are amongst the least expensive models, with price point rising with the size of the bed.

Performance: The two Performance models are made to help with body recovery, and are a mid-range profile height with extra padding for pressure point reduction. The p6 model also includes a cooling foam layer for a cooler night’s sleep and is only offered in twin XL though California king sizes. The p5 has a wider range of sizes to choose from but does not have a cooling foam layer. The addition of materials define the price point differences of this series.

Innovative: The Innovative models have four different designs, and are the thickest, and most expensive choices. Difference sized options are available for each choice, with the smallest being a twinXL and largest a California king. All include a cooling layer, and their price point differences are dependent on foam thickness and bed size.

– Bed Materials and Options

As mentioned, each bed is equipped with the patented air flow system that made Sleep Number so famous. But the other materials used are nothing to ignore. The foam layers used are patented contouring foam of high quality to help confirm, support, and reduce pressure points. The cooling layers are made to absorb excess heat and release it to provide a cooling sensation. Performance options do allow you to choose between a cooling layer and regular layer, while all of the Innovative lines have a cooling foam included in the design.

– FlexFit Base Options

FlexFit bases are an optional purchase, and are not required for the use of your bed, but can enhance your experience. These have options to help raise the head, head, and foot, and even provide massage and heat. If you like the idea of having a separate control for even more dual comfort, you can purchase split top king bed options to take advantage of snore control as well. Although this detail does not affect your initial bed cost, it is something to consider.

– Payment Options

Just like their various sales, the company also offers financing offers that are variable with the season as well as specials they may run. These offers apply to select products, but generally, cover most all their bed models. Depending on the model, you may get 12 to 48 months financing to help you get your bed home and in use without worry of a large upfront cost. This is, of course, subject to a credit check- but is a nice option for such an important investment.

– Customer Support

Although there are mixed reviews for customer support, the fact that there are over 500 storefronts throughout North America ensures there is one close enough to you to first try out the bed and see for yourself how the adjustments and technology works. Buying, sight unseen, a product of this caliber is sometimes a difficult decision- especially since it deals with something so important: your sleep health and comfort.

– Sleep Trial and Warranty

Sleep Number offers a 100-night sleep trial to help you get accustomed to the new feel of a new bed, plus get used to the many adjustments and technological advancements. This is an excellent way to truly check out your new bed without fear of having wasted any money.

Every bed also comes with a prorated, 25-year warranty to cover any defects or problems with the bed material and hardware. The fact the bed hardware and materials should last 25 years, when most mattresses only last 7 to 10, keeps you from having to shell out more money, more often.

Current Price Point Ranges By Series Model

It is REALLY important to note here that these price points are subject to change due to sales, specials, clearance, and introduction of new models. These are constantly changing and are not a reflection of a price that is set for any amount of time. They do give you a good idea of price points based on the smallest size bed offered in the series, as well as the largest- including split top and flex top California King beds.

Rank Bed Model Low Price Point High Price Point
#1 Classic $599 $1999
#2 Performance $1549 $3199
#3 Innovative $2749 $5699
#4 Kids $799 $1298
#5 FlexFit Bases $699 $4199


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Buy a new bed can be a daunting task, and your research into any kind of investment in your comfort and health should be taken seriously. Cost is always a factor when making these types of decisions, and all the features of a product should be taken into consideration. Hopefully, this article has helped answer some questions surrounding the Sleep Number bed choices and where they approximately fall in reference to price.