How Much Does a Mattress Cost?

Ever wonder why new mattresses are so expensive? With a good mattress being anywhere between $1,000 to $3,000, people often wonder how much a mattress costs in terms of production. The answer to that and other important mattress-relation questions is down below.

Why Are Mattresses Expensive?

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Getting a new mattress might require a big expense. Most people wonder how much a mattress costs, only to be left wondering why mattresses are so expensive? There are actually multiple reasons behind that.

— Markup

The primary reason mattresses are so expensive is due to a significant markup. If you understood how much it costs to manufacture a mattress compared to how much they sell for, you’d probably want to get into the mattress business.

Mattresses have a hefty markup that enables mattress business owners to cover their high overhead costs while still profiting handsomely on each mattress sold.

One disadvantage for mattress store owners is that individuals will wait an extended time between mattress purchases.

It would likely be at least five years before the consumer requires another, so the store owner must profit from the original sale.

— Materials

A mattress must be constructed of superior materials.

It is constructed to last for many years, and mattress manufacturers expect you to sleep on your mattress for approximately eight hours per night.

If the mattress is produced with cheap or dangerous materials, the users will be extremely unhappy, and the product will cease to sell. These must be constructed of durable materials to withstand years of use.

The expense of producing all of this material is significant, and it will almost surely increase the overall amount you pay.

— Longevity

In general, you should be able to retain a mattress for seven to ten years after purchase. While some people’s sleeping patterns or preferences may change during this time, the majority will be content with maintaining a mattress for this length of time.

As long as you take care of your mattress properly, you should be able to maintain it for an extended period. This is a significant cause for the high price of mattresses.

Should You Trust a Cheap Mattress?

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This is a loaded question, and it demands an answer a bit broader than a simple “yes” or “no”. Many buyers believe that a high-quality mattress will set them back thousands of dollars.

While this is true for some types, affordable beds are also readily accessible. Despite their low prices, these mattresses are made with the same high-quality materials and function just like their more expensive rivals.

Mattress pricing is determined by various factors, such as the type of mattress, the materials used, the size, and any distinctive or unusual characteristics. The price of a mattress also varies by brand. Online mattress retailers often charge less than brick-and-mortar retailers, who incur higher overhead costs.

Simply because a mattress is inexpensive does not mean it is of bad quality. Indeed, a low-cost mattress may fulfill your demands better than a product costing twice, if not three times, as much.

The optimal mattress for any sleeper gives sufficient support to prevent excessive sinkage while still feeling soft enough to cushion the spine and relieve discomfort.

This is why firmness is one of the most critical variables to consider when shopping for a new mattress. Suppose you locate a low-cost mattress with a firmness level that matches your body type and sleeping position. In that case, there is a significant possibility that this mattress will satisfy your demands.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Mattress?

The answer to this issue is contingent upon the mattress’s materials. Mattresses boast some of the industry’s largest profit margins.

Compared to grocery store chains, where profit margins may reach 5%, Consumer Reports believes that mattress markups range between 40% and 50%, depending on the brand.
According to one study, a $3,000 mattress can be manufactured for as low as $300, a 900 percent markup. Mattress stores often have low overhead costs since they deal directly with manufacturers and pay their employee’s commissions.

What Goes into a High-Quality Mattress?

What separates a quality mattress from a lower rank is the quality of the materials used. On the lower end of the pricing tiers, an economy mattress may lack the endurance and durability of a higher-priced model.

Additionally, it may have fewer features or less padding. That is not to say it should be of low quality. Several inexpensive solutions provide a comfortable night’s sleep.

People who buy mattresses at the next price level might find more padding and heavier springs. Check to make sure you’re not just paying for fancy showrooms and salespeople who charge a lot of money.

If you opt to go with a more expensive mattress, make sure you’re paying for a better sleeping surface, not just the extra costs of a mattress store’s overhead.

Superior-quality mattresses are constructed with denser foams that provide better support and durability. Mattress manufacturers utilize foam density ratings to show the weight of the foam per cubic foot. Increased density would ideally result in a more supportive sleeping surface.

Most budget mattresses are also treated with a spray-on flame retardant. More expensive models occasionally utilize a flame retardant barrier made primarily of a natural material with a small amount of polyester used to link the materials together.

Final Words

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People shell out big dollars on a brand-new bed, considering the number of hours people spend sleeping and how important sleep quality is. However, you need to know that mattresses don’t often cost as much to produce as you end up paying for them.

That’s why buying a new mattress requires such extensive research: to make sure you’re getting the best quality for the price.

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