How Many Coils Should A Crib Mattress Have?

Crib mattresses come in all kinds of different forms-innerspring, foam, memory foam, and more. Innerspring mattresses seem to be making more and more of an appearance in homes all over the world and it has many people wondering, “how many coils should a crib mattress have” in an innerspring bed. I did some digging and found a bunch of useful information about coils and innerspring mattresses.


What Is An Innerspring Crib Mattress

A lot of us are used to the traditional foam crib mattress that we slept on as babies and as our kids may now sleep on. Recently, innerspring crib mattresses have been popping up in my mommy friends’ houses. Why is this? Well, innerspring mattresses are actually more durable than traditional foam and they offer more support.

Overall Support Durability


Innerspring mattresses are quite supportive, as I just mentioned. They offer a better weight distribution and they tend to hold up better against just about anything that lays on it. The edge support is also quite remarkable with them, which is great for preventing SIDS. The edges of these are usually wrapped in coil to prevent edge sagging, which is pretty cool.


Inside of the mattress are a bunch of coil springs that keep the mattresses shape and firmness. Over time, these do tend to take a beating, but there is a really low chance of these springs getting worn out. The only issue with these types of beds is that they aren’t easy to clean unless they’re made from waterproof vinyl

Breathability Weight


Innersprings mattresses tend to be very breathable because they aren’t filled with fluff. Rather, they are composed of the coils, some comfort layers, and usually have some kind of air hole that allows air to flow in and out of the inside. This will keep your baby cool and safe from overheating while they are sleeping. No one like a cranky, sweaty baby at 2 a.m.


Unfortunately, the only downfall to these is the weight. The more coils inside of the mattress, the heavier it is going to be. This could cause some issues when it comes time to change sheets or clean it. The ones that I have encountered have weighed upwards of 20 pounds.

Understanding Coils

If you don’t already know, coils and coil count are two different things. The coils are the amount of coils that are actually inside of the mattress and the coil count is the equivalent amount of coils that would be found in a full size mattress. So really, the coil count doesn’t matter.

Coils, on the other hand, matter. There is a definite relationship between the amount of coils and the firmness of the mattress. For example, if the crib mattress has 250 coils that are made with the same gauge steel as a crib mattress with only 150 coils, it’s probably going to be more firm. If those same coils are made with a thinner gauge steel, then you will see no difference.

So the main idea here is the more coils you have and the thicker gauge it is, the more firm the mattress is going to be. Generally, mattresses that only have 70 or 80 coils will be less expensive but also less durable.


How Many Coils Should A Baby Crib Mattress Have?

Honestly, there really is no set number. In my “expert” opinion, I would say start with a mattress that has at least 150 coils. This seems to be the most common number and the price isn’t completely outrageous. If you look for this amount of coils along with a higher quality material, you’ll end up with a flat, comfortable, and firm surface for your baby to sleep on.

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Why Firm?

If you notice, I have mentioned the word “firm” quite a bit in this article. The reason being is the more firm the mattress, the safer your baby is going to be on it. This is why the more coils are the better option. Babies need a flat, firm surface to sleep on. If they are on something that is too soft for them, they are at a higher risk for suffocation or entrapment. Let’s stay away from that and stick with the high coil mattress, shall we?



To sum everything up, the main idea here was to determine how many coils a crib mattress should have. Well, as I said earlier, there really isn’t a set number. A good range would be between 150-250 coils to ensure proper firmness. If you are on a budget and need something in a pinch and your child is old enough to get themselves out of a divot, I would say it is okay to go with something more in the 100 range. Remember, when it comes to babies, the more firm, the better. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to drop up a line!