Just How Big is a King-Sized Sheet?

Everyone loves a big bed with lots of room to spread out. More than one person can sleep in a large bed, which is awesome if you like to snuggle! As well, children often enjoy joining mum and dad in bed, so if you are a parent, then there will be room for your children as well. Sharing a King-sized bed is wonderful, because there is lots of space for more than one person. King-sized beds are a common bed size that is used due to how spacious they are. There are two main types of King sized beds, there is a regular King-sized bed and California King size. Typically, King-sized beds are 76 inches wide by approximately 80 inches long, which is wider, but not longer than the typical Queen-sized bed, by about 16 inches. California King beds are about 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. If you are buying sheets for your King-sized bed, ensure that you are purchasing the correct size of this bedsheet (California or regular), otherwise you may be disappointed that your sheets do not fit properly.

To have the perfect sheets for your bed, you just will need just a few items to get started. Typically, you will need two sheets for your bed. One goes on top of the mattress, and another overtop, but underneath your additional sheets that are in place. The trickiest aspect is finding a sheet that goes on top of your bed in the right size, which is what will be covered in this article. Using just a loose sheet would cause it to shift, which can be uncomfortable for sleeping. There are three main methods that you can use in order to solve this problem, all of which will be described in detail below in addition to the materials required.



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Method 1: The fitted sheet

The first is the simplest, and it is to purchase a fitted sheet of the exact size of your bed. Many people use fitted sheets, because they have an elastic edge, and therefore do not slip off of the bed during the nighttime. If you do not have much time on your hands, perhaps this is the solution for you! Just make sure that you know which size of King bed that you have, so you purchase the size of sheets that will properly fit your bed. Again, all you need for this method is to purchase a fitted sheet!

If you need fitted sheets, you can buy them in the exact size of the mattress that you own. It will tell you on the label whether it is for a King or California King size mattress, and you can double check the measurements on the mattress that you own to be sure that this sheet will fit correctly. However, a problem may arise if your mattress has extra padding, or you have a mattress topper. In these cases you may want to consider using flat sheets, instead of fitted ones. Fitted sheets, as the name indicates, are fitted to the exact size of the bed, so having extra cushioning may affect the ability for these sheets to stay attached to your bed.

Method 2: Using flat sheets and sheet straps

Another method that can be used to pick the correct sheets for your King-sized bed is to use flat sheets and sheet straps. Many people have extra flat sheets around. If these sheets are large enough, they can be placed on the bed with the corners neatly folded over. Next, sheet straps should be used to secure the sheet in place. This is an alternative to buying a fitted sheet, which can be costly if you do not own one. If you do not have the money to buy fitted sheets for your large mattress, this solution might be the one for you!

Method 3: Modifying a flat sheet

This last method is the most time-consuming. Again, if you do not own fitted sheets for your bed, you can use existing flat sheets that you own and alter them. This can be a great way to save some money, because fitted sheets can cost more than flat sheets, due to their specialized size.

This method requires a sewing kit and some skills with a needle and thread. Essentially, a flat elastic edge is added to the flat sheet. Ensure that the flat sheet that you are using has been washed at least once, in order to minimize shrinkage. Careful measurements of the mattress can then be made (length, width, and depth).

A sewing machine can be used to secure the elastic to the edge of the sheet after squares are cut in the four corners of the flat sheet. You can find guides for doing this in more detail, such as this tutorial. If you have extra flat sheets that you do not need, this might be the perfect use of them, plus you can save money this way!

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There are three main methods to find the perfect fitting sheets for your bed. First, you can use a fitted sheet of the correct size for your bed, ensuring that it is either a King or California King size. The second method is to use a flat sheet of a large enough size and to use sheet straps to secure it in place on the bed. The third option, and most time-consuming, is to modify a fitted sheet yourself using a flat sheet, elastics, and a sewing kit.

I hope that you learned some effective strategies in order to choose the right sheets to fit your bed size and requirements. Having a great sleep is very important, so picking sheets in order to achieve this result is crucial. If you enjoyed reading this article, please share it, or comment below with your own strategies for tackling the dilemma of fitting sheets to your king-sized bed!