Hotel Collection Mattresses: The Best Mattresses From Your Favorite Hotel Brands

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If you travel regularly, whether for business or leisure, you have probably experienced a variety of various hotel mattresses and the quality feels they often encompass. These beds are often made specifically for hotel chains by popular sleep industry brands, and when a guest experiences an exceptionally comforting night, the hunt to find that particular mattress is a common occurrence.

Luckily, most of these mattresses are either available through the hotel or the brand company as either the same model or within a similar series of designs. Looking over hotel collection mattress reviews can help you find your best night’s sleep, and bring it home for personal use! Our reviews below highlight some of the most popular hotel collection mattresses with consumers.

5 Best Hotel Collection Mattresses Comparisons


Stearns & Foster Reserve Collection
  • Offgassing: n/a
  • Firmness Level (Scale of 1-10): 6.0
  • Trial Period: n/a
  • Warranty: 10 year

Simmons Hospitality Beautyrest Black Mattress
  • Offgassing: none
  • Firmness Level (Scale of 1-10): ~ 7
  • Trial Period: none
  • Warranty: 10 years

Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Concierge Suite II
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  • Offgassing: Minimal
  • Firmness Level (Scale of 1-10): 7.0
  • Trial Period: 120 nights
  • Warranty: 10 years

Serta Presidential Suite II Euro Pillow Top
  • Offgassing: minimal
  • Firmness Level (Scale of 1-10): ~4.0
  • Trial Period: 45 nights
  • Warranty: 10 years

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Silver Chill Firm

  • Offgassing: may take a few days to dissipate
  • Firmness Level (Scale of 1-10):
    ranges from 6- 9
  • Trial Period: none
  • Warranty: 10 years

Hotel Collection Mattresses Defined

Hotel Collection Mattresses are those mattresses offered by the companies that make them specifically for hotel chains. These mattresses may be the exact same model used in the hotel themselves or are similar in make and material for consumer purchase. These types of bed collections use commercial grade materials (as explained below) and are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of sleep positions and personal comfort preferences. They are also usually made and sold as a wholesale option to help keep overhead cost down for hotels- savings which trickle-savings the guests.

— The Differences Between Hotel Collections and Other Collections

Almost every brand of mattress organizes their mattresses into collections to help define the detail and comfort of each. Hotel Collections are a more specialized and customized choice made specifically for the specs provided by top rated, popular hotel chains. But just like the brands offered to the regular consumer, the Serta Simmons Bedding Company, and Tempur-Sealy Company dominate the market. This is good news for you because it is more likely you can find exactly what you are looking for concerning comfort.

These customized models may or may not be available to the common consumer, but there is almost always a similar choice option offered for purchase. You also can always check with the hotel chain to see if they have any mattresses for sale as many now run their own boutique to help you create the same comfort in your home as you experienced while away from home.

— Commercial Grade Material Construction

Commercial grade materials are often used in wholesale construction in order to provide a higher quality standard for longer, heavier use compared to your own home products. These products are often more durable and long lasting and include attention to details for a wider variety of consumers. After all, a hotel cannot foresee the specific sleep needs of each guest.

Why You May Want a Hotel Collection Mattress

Despite these specialized collections being the same brand as what you may find on a showroom floor, looking into them and reading reviews will provide you an idea of the additional quality and material construction that may benefit your comfort. Although there is not often a very large selection to choose from, they are considered a worthwhile investment by many consumers and to provide comfort to a wider variety of sleep needs.

Choosing the Best Hotel Collection Option for You

A good night’s sleep is beneficial to your overall health, and you should always search for those products that help you achieve a deep, restful night. Consider the following guide to help you find your mattress choice if you are considering a collection of this caliber.

   1. You can always first ask the hotel you have stayed in which brand makes their mattresses and if they have a boutique in which it is available. Many times they may have the information on hand for you due to it being a commonly asked question.

   2. Having the brand name, or even the make and model, can provide you with an excellent place to jump off from to begin your own search of the company. Many provide a selection similar to what is offered in a hotel and will break down a side by side comparison for you to consider.

   3. If you are simply searching for information on these collections due to hearing positive feedback, or are simply curious, this article is a great place to start to provide you some basic info and some of the best mattresses offered though consumer reviews. First understand what your sleep position says about you and what to consider before making an investment here in the Ultimate Mattress Buyers Guide: How to Choose a Mattress.

Best Hotel Collection Mattresses Reviews

The following reviews provide some of the best hotel collection selections from the leading brands. These are either the actual bed offered within hotel chains, or are made as a consumer option to what is offered to their 5-star clients.

#1. Stearns & Foster Reserve Collection


Offgassing: n/a
Firmness Level (Scale of 1-10): 6.0
Trial Period: n/a
Warranty: 10 year

Stearns and Foster have been around for more than 100 years and is well established as a luxury bedding choice. It is found in many top rated hotel chains, and their Reserve Collection is considered the best of the best in a side by side comparison to their hotel models. This hybrid innerspring and foam provides excellent adaptability to your weight and has some serious edge support to provide motion isolation.

The pillowtop option allows for a softer, more comforting surface structure without sacrificing underlying support. Available in many sizes, as well as split top choices, this bed works well with adjustable bases.



  • Dependable brand with long-lasting consumer ratings
  • Layered support for wide range of body types and comfort needs
  • Sleeps cool


  • No sleep trial
  • Bulky to set up

Who Should Buy This:

This is truly a luxury mattress choice made by one of the best brands in the business. If you are searching for a product made specifically for comfort and support, this is well worth considering.

#2. Simmons Hospitality Beautyrest Black Luxury Firm Mattress


Offgassing: none
Firmness Level (Scale of 1-10): ~ 7
Trial Period: none
Warranty: 10 years

Simmons is yet another long-standing name in the sleep industry that has been providing top-notch comfort for over 100 years. Here at The Sleep Judge we have actually detailed and reviewed their popular choices more than once, but the Hospitality Collection is specific to consumer purchase- and even includes which hotels they are found in if you feel like checking them out in advance.

The Hospitality Beautyrest Black is one of their highest end products found in a popular hotel chain. This option is a pocket coil hybrid design made with a patented foam for pressure point reduction. Cooling DualCool Technology Fibers, created by the company, is threaded with silver to prevent bacteria and mold growth- and is considered a top pick for allergy sufferers.



  • Can be used with an adjustable base
  • High coil count ensures better durability and personalized deep support
  • Respectable cooling


  • Height may cause some awkwardness getting out of bed
  • Maybe too firm for some sleepers depending on the model

Who Should Buy This:

The hospitality line of Simmons Mattresses are considered another luxury pick and are the exact replica of what is offered in their hotels. If you have slept upon one of these choices than you are well aware of the comfort.

#3. Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Concierge Suite II


Offgassing: Minimal
Firmness Level (Scale of 1-10): 7.0
Trial Period: 120 nights
Warranty: 10 years

Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Concierge Suite II is a favorite with The Sleep Judge Review Team and is found in many of our recommendations. It also is a choice that is found in many high-end hotels that is available for consumer purchase. This hybrid design includes foam layers and innerspring coils for long-lasting support. It is designed to give comfort to all sleep positions and support all body types, and from our review seems to do a decent job of it overall despite no true one-size-fits-all mattress truly exists.

The soft, supportive memory foam sink reduces pressure points but the pocketed coil move independently to distribute weight where needed to avoid any sort of mattress sink. This also aides in motion transfer to keep the movement from one side of the bed to the other.



  • Good motion transfer reduction despite the use of continuous coil innerspring unit
  • The company has a good reputation
  • Good bounce
  • Flippable, which enhances durability
  • Great edge support


  • Can be too firm for people who don’t weigh much
  • Can be uncomfortable for side sleeping

Who Should Buy This:

This is a bed with a more firm support that provides excellent comfort for heavier sleepers and very good pressure point reduction. It also is considered a very cool sleep for those who sleep warm due to a gel layer.

#4. Serta Presidential Suite II Euro Pillow Top


Offgassing: minimal
Firmness Level (Scale of 1-10): ~4.0
Trial Period: 45 nights
Warranty: 10 years

Serta’s Presidential Suite II Euro Pillow Top is their slightly softer mattress compared to the Hotel Concierge II. This luxury mattress is a more traditional design that allows rotation and flipping to keep your bed lasting longer. The patented Continuous Support Innerspring is combined with their Cool Twist Gel Foams to provide weight distribution and all body support, as well as a cooler night’s sleep for those who sleep warm.

This deep mattress choice is 14.5 inches in profile and has a thick pillow top to provide a softer surface experience. Like all their top of the line models, it boasts Total Edge Support for excellent adaptability and motion transfer control.



  • Good underlying support with a soft surface
  • Durable and good quality for the value
  • Decent trial time


  • Possible manufacturing design change from hotel vs home
  • Some complaints of too firm, others too soft

Who Should Buy This:

This soft mattress choice is for plush mattress lovers and is made specifically for those who find the firmer choices to be slightly too firm for their preferences. Lighter sleepers and side sleepers will most likely find this mattress to their liking.

#5. Sealy Posturepedic Premium Hybrid Silver Chill Firm Mattress


Offgassing: may take a few days to dissipate
Firmness Level (Scale of 1-10): ranges from 6- 9
Trial Period: none
Warranty: 10 years

Sealy Posturepedic Premium Hybrid Silver Chill Mattresses are considered the top performer’s in relation to consumer mattress options. A side by side comparison of their hotel options showcases layered hybrid construction for excellent support and motion control, as well as pressure point reduction. These particular mattresses are offered with optional thicknesses to consumers to meet a wider variety of sleep needs.

Designed with a micro cover for extensive breathability, this mattress is designed to help you sleep cool and comfortable. The pillow top allows for a soft, initial sink without sacrificing support or comfort.



  • The firm choice is not too hard and provides good contouring and support
  • Nicely cooling
  • Supportive of back pain and provides relief from pressure points


  • Slightly heavy and bulky to set up
  • Offgassing may be an issue depending on how it was stored

Who Should Buy This:

As an adjustable base compatible choice, this is an excellent choice that allows for even further customization through the choice of thickness for a more firm feel when needed.


Hotel Collection Mattresses are truly unique and made for luxury. Whether you find the exact model you have experienced before while traveling, or simply prefer the brand and relative options provided for your own needs, these are options you should consider. A hybrid pocketed coil and foam layered construction defines all these choices to provide a long-lasting support that dissipates weight and allows for excellent control of motion transfer. The materials used are also considered the best in the business.

If you have any questions about the above brands or mattress choices, please let us know below!