Awesome Gray Bedroom Ideas To Spark Creativity

Are you looking for some inspiration for your bedroom? Sometimes we just need a change in our homes, and there’s nowhere better to start than the bedroom. This is your happy place! The place you go for relaxation and sleep. You can’t relax if your room is boring and messy, can you? I’ve been in your shoes before. I know how it feels to want to change things around. Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest thing to do, especially if you don’t know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 30 gray bedroom ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Gray Bedrooms

#1. Luxurious

As you can see, there’s a lot of gray in this room. The headboard is made with a beautiful gray upholstery that resembles velvet. The walls are a light gray with the bright white lamps reflecting brightly off of them. I love how there are different hues of gray, ensuring that the light colors aren’t too overpowering.

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#2. Modern Gray

I love the modern look of this room. The furniture is traditional white and brown that we see a lot. The walls are a neutral cream color with gray window panels. The bed also has some gray on it, matching the window treatments. I admire how overall neutral the whole room is. It could work for both men and women.

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#3. Large & Elegant

I love how large and elegant this room is, hence the title! There is a fantastic use of gray and white in here. The walls are a gorgeous faux marble style with matching window treatments. The area rug is a neutral cream color with matching lamps. To complete the room is that dark hardwood floor that allows light to reflect off of it, creating more light throughout the room.

#4. Bricked In

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There’s no doubt that this room is small. The walls are gray bricks and surround a neutral colored headboard. The fixtures are a dark gray color, as are the lampshades. To break up this light color scheme is the blue quilt on the bed. Overall, this area is extremely small, but light colors do well for creating more lighting.

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#5. Silver & Gray

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I imagine this room in a romance novel. The whole area has a very romantic feel to it with the silver curtains and large mirror next to the bed. The walls are gray and the furniture is white and black. I love the upholstered platform bed with the bench at the end. It’s the perfect sitting space for putting on your dancing shoes.

Dark Gray Bedrooms

#6. Beautiful Trees

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I love the darkness that this room has. The walls feature a design of trees, leaves, and birds. The bed has a vintage gothic look to it with a dark comforter on top. The furniture is dark and has a distressed finish to it adding to the overall aesthetic appeal. I wish I could see more of the room, honestly. It has kind of a whimsical theme to it with all of the colors contrasting nicely.

#7. Wide Open Space

This large gray bedroom looks like something that you would see in a black and white movie or book. I really like how much gray is in the entire space. It isn’t too overpowering and it has a rather industrial feel to it, and it’s also super minimalistic. There’s very little furniture with the exception of the bed, nightstands, and the bean bag chair.

Light Gray Bedroom Ideas

#8. Lovely

As the title says, this is an extremely lovely room. The soft shade of gray behind the bed contrasts against the cream walls wonderfully. The dressers are gray along with the bench at the end of the bed. The upholstered headboard is a dark purple color, which I think is a good choice for this particular color scheme.

#9. White & Gray

Here, we have another modern styled room. The colors are neutral and bright. The shelving above the bed is perfect for storing valuables and anything you would want on display. Each side of the bed has a two-drawer nightstand next to it with a beautiful vase of tulips on one. Those tulips bring a pop of color to the room in a subtle way.

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#10. Modern Gray

This is another room that has that modern industrial look to it. The walls and floor are gray and there’s a huge floor lamp set above the bed. The headboard on the bed is a tufted cream colored upholstery that seems to match fairly well with the arm of the lamp. The rest of the room is minimal, leaving room for more decor.

Gray and Blue Bedrooms

#11. Shiny Blue

Sometimes, too much of one color can be rough on the eyes and rather boring to look at. What they did here was break up all of the grays with a shiny blue comforter. The headboard is a button tufted dark gray pattern against a light blue wall. The lighting does a nice job of contrasting against the light colors to create a beautiful hue throughout the room.

#12. Blue Stripes

Rather than the room having completely covered in gray, it has a pop of blue throughout. The bed frame and storage cubes on the shelf are a blue jay color. The walls are dark gray with some other red cabinets. There are a few colors going on in this room, all of which work wonderfully with one another. It’s the perfect teenager or college students’ bedroom.

#13. Cute Boy’s Room

This is definitely a cute bedroom for a boy. The walls are white and the furniture is gray. On the bed is a blue striped comforter with royal blue pillows. There’s also a matching royal blue area rug under the bed. Area rugs make great statement pieces and add a bit of flair to seemingly empty spaces.

#14. Patterned Wallpaper

If you like patterns, you’re going to like this master bedroom. It features blue and white patterned wallpaper all over every inch of the wall and a matching comforter to boot. The decor is ultra contemporary and features some very unique aspects to it. There is a beautiful gray area rug under the bed to protect your feet first thing in the morning against the cold hardwood floors.

#15. Oceanside

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When I look at this beautiful bedroom, the first thing I think of is a hotel room right by the ocean. It has a beautiful ocean blue coloring and distressed dressers next to the bed. The distressed look is very popular among beach-themed rooms. This master bedroom has a lot of very elegant touches to it and all of the colors work beautifully with one another. My favorite part of the room would have to be the bed. It looks comfy and reminds me of the ocean.

Gray and White Bedroom Ideas

#16. Lightly Colored

The light colors in this bedroom allow natural lighting to reflect off of it. When this happens, the whole room is lit up naturally rather than artificially. The bed is a bright white, as are the walls. The closet is brown and gray striped, breaking up all of the light colorings. The overall aesthetics of the room are very pleasing to the eye.

#17. Spacious

This spacious room has a lot of potential for some beautiful decor and furniture. Right now, the bed is simply a mattress on the floor with a chalk outline of a headboard on the wall, which is a pretty genius idea. The furnishings are all a bright white color against that gray wall with a swirl design to it. I love the random bean bag ottoman that sits at the end of the bed. It’s a cute sitting space.

#18. Warm

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This warm and neutral room has the perfect shade of light gray on its walls. It gives the room a romantic feel to it with both a touch of class and modernity. The bright white comforter and other linens really help the wall colors to pop. I admire how they used the yellow patterned area rug under the bed to break up the white and gray.

#19. Fall Guest Room

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This is one of my favorite bedrooms on the whole list. This guest room has a fall theme to it. There are faux pumpkins and fresh cut branches all over the place. The walls are an elegant dark gray with matching linens and pillows. The dressers are a lovely white and gray color to go with the theme of the rest of the room. I highly recommend this neutral guest room design.

#20. Retro Lady

When I see this room, I think “retro”. Those red high heels in the middle of the room paired with the black polka dot bedding look like a classy lady with a vintage style to her. The walls are a beautiful gray with white furnishings. There are signs of classic style all around and also a touch of minimalism.

#21. Upholstered Wall

That’s a whole lot of upholstery! The entire wall behind the bed has a button tufted upholstery on it. The carpeting is bright white, lightening up the room naturally, mostly because of that large window off to the back of the room. In the corner, we see a dark purple chair. It adds a chic feel to the space and a pop of color.

Gray and Yellow Bedroom Ideas/Gray and Mustard Bedroom Ideas

#22. A Side Of Mustard

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The mustard yellow coloring in this room reminds me of the 1960’s era. There was a lot of the bright coloring, such as this. The walls are a dark gray, which is more modern. So what we have here is a crossover between modernism and vintage. It’s nice to see a pop of coloring in dark rooms like this. Sometimes, dark colors can just seem so boring and gloomy!

#23. Orange/Yellow

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This is another one of those rooms that has a modern and vintage feel to it. The walls are a light gray and the flooring is a brown color. On the bed, we see white, black, and dark yellow/orange linens. One of my favorite things about this room is that it’s simple. There’s not a lot going on and it would be easy to recreate on a budget.

#24. Rustic

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The first thing that I see when I look at this room is the bedframe. It’s a beautiful rustic frame with a largely extended headboard. Behind it are a dark gray wall and white crown molding. The linens, along with the chandelier, are a mustard yellow color. These are all beautiful colors that complement each other nicely.

#25. Sophistication

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The beautiful gray and ivory printed comforter is based on vintage tiles from Spain. The comforter can be reversed to reveal a mustard yellow color. The walls are a distressed gray and white with a distressed mirror leaning against it. I really enjoy the mix of rustic and sophisticated style that is in this room.

#26. Simple Pillows

The walls are the same gray pattern that we have seen in many rooms on this list. The bed looks to be just a simple plywood-style headboard with an ivory quilt. On top of the bed is a yellow pillow. This little bit of coloring really works wonders in a room like this. I am also a huge fan of the product boxes used as shelving. It’s a cheap way to make your own furniture!

Gray and Beige Bedroom/Gray and Brown Bedroom Ideas

#27. Neutral Elegance

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There are no better neutral colors to work with than beige and gray. These colors work with any other color on the spectrum. In this room, they use both of them together. I love how they used the big beige curtains against the dark painted gray walls. Even the furniture throughout the room is both beige and gray. At the end of the bed are two simple stools, which I really like.

#28. Mysterious

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When I look at this room, the first word that pops into my head is “mysterious”. The reason is that the room is a mess, but why? Do they like it like that? Were they in a hurry? The colors are also very dark and mysterious. There’s also that large painting on the wall and the pillow that features the neutral beige color that we’ve seen many times before.

#29. Art Deco Room

This luxurious master bedroom has a Victorian art deco theme to it. The walls are a gray color with the white trim. The flooring is a gorgeous dark hardwood that allows the natural lighting to bounce off it, eliminating the need for artificial lights. The bed, wow! It’s absolutely gorgeous and the use of coloring on it is exquisite.

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#30. Manly

Yup, this room screams “manly”. Not to mention, there’s a man sitting in the chair looking comfy as heck. The room itself is gray and black. On the wall is a random bicycle. I’m not sure if it’s for decorating the wall or if that’s how he stores his mode of transportation. The bed features a gray and black comforter, which are some manly colors.

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We really hope that you enjoyed our list of some awesome gray bedroom ideas. Most of these would be very simple to recreate with just a few splashes of paint and a nice comforter on top of a comfy mattress. Personally, gray is one of my favorite colors to work with, because you can pair it with any color scheme and it contrasts wonderfully. If you have any ideas of your own or have a room that you’ve decorated in a similar way, feel free to share it with us!