The Ghostbed Unboxing

When it comes to mattresses, getting the firmness right can be a challenge. Although most companies offer some sort of sleep trial to help you determine if their product will be right for you, ideally, you want to get it right the first time around.

I just got my brand new Ghostbed, and they have taken measures to help back, side and stomach sleepers. Their unique layer lineup is designed to offer good spinal alignment without creating a mattress that’s uncomfortably hard. Ghostbed offers two mattress models, and we’re covering the original. They also offer the Luxe model. I’m excited to see how this product does in maximizing comfort for all sleeping positions through their unique layer lineup.

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Unboxing/First Impression

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Good Durability Expectations

I haven’t had a chance really dig into this product just yet, but I have high expectations when it comes to durability. That’s because the densities of the foams it contains are at or above where they need to be when it comes to longevity. Furthermore, it contains latex, and this is one of the most durable materials in the industry.

As we take a look at The Ghostbed, we’ll cut open the fire sock and take a firsthand look at each layer in the three-layer lineup.

Benefits of a Thin, Stretchy Cover

The cover of the Ghostbed is very smooth and soft, and that’s because it’s made of a stretchy, durable blend of viscose and polyester. I love thin covers like this since they really allow you to engage with the comfort layers. I can feel the contour that’s provided by the memory foam in the second layer.

The cover seems to be breathable, and I’m really excited to take a look at the cooling properties of this mattress as a whole. There are two primary efforts to keep hot sleep at bay with The Ghostbed:

  1. Layer one is composed of aerated latex. Latex is naturally very breathable, and I am interested to see how the small ventilating holes work to increase air flow.
  2. The proprietary memory foam features large cells to promote heat transfer.

Many don’t realize just how important cool sleeping is, but it goes beyond comfort. Your body temperature actually needs to slightly drop in order for you to maximize the time spent in REM sleep. Failure for this to occur means you don’t get adequate sleep.

Of course, we’ll put this to the test using our standard heat transfer analysis during our review process, so make sure you come back to see those results and a whole lot more!

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