Eve Mattress Unboxing

Today, I am pleased at the opportunity to give you a run-down of the Eve queen-sized mattress. I recently got my hands on one of my own, and I’ve taken a deep look at its components in order to give you a better idea of whether or not this might be a good purchase for your needs. If you want a product that really brightens up the room, this one has a pure white cover with bright yellow side panels that I thought looked fresh and appealing.

This may be a good solution if you suffer with painful pressure points since Eve uses a unique combination of next-generation foams including visco-elastic properties, and this helps the mattress conform with the unique contours of your body. The company spent a period of four years developing in excess of 70,000 prototypes to ensure they arrived at the most viable solution for the majority of shoppers.

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What They Came Up With

The final result is a product that features three layers enveloped by a cover that’s double-knit and made of 100 percent two-way stretch polyester. The cover quickly snaps back into place when you tug on it where many other products tend to bunch up under these conditions. Since polyester is breathable, this helps you sleep cool.

The first layer is comprised of two inches of contouring memory foam. I have found it contours while still offering the bounce necessary to move around with ease. This is facilitated by the next one inch layer of active response foam which utilizes Variable Pressure Foaming technology. The product is supported by a 6 ½ inch base foam layer.

What I Think So Far

I slept on this product last night, and I’d like to go ahead and let you know what I think of it so far!


I slept on the Eve mattress last night, and I have a few initial thoughts to go ahead and share. This product features a medium firmness, and this can prove to be a good pick for those with a body mass index of 19-25 and facilitates all three primary sleeping positions.

In my case, I tend to prefer mattresses just a little on the plusher side. However, I was still able to sleep comfortably through the night with no tossing or turning.

Bounce and Responsiveness

One of the biggest complaints when it comes to traditional memory foam is that does tend to sink in and make it difficult for you to move around. However, it’s that sinking-in that provides proper contour. I can tell you that, while there is a slight delay in reformation when pressure is released, the second and third layer offer that additional bounce to make it really easy to move around and get in and out of the bed.

Stayed Tuned for Our Full Review

I will be sleeping on the bed for the next couple of weeks, and then I’ll return to provide you with my complete review. There’s much to be explored, and we want to make sure you understand all of its components as you shop for your next mattress. In the meantime, however, I encourage you to check out Eve’s website for more information.

Until we return with our full review, feel free to drop us a line in the space below with any questions or comments!