eLuxury Double Thick Mattress Pad & Topper Unboxing

You spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a new mattress. It’s well worth it considering your sleep surface will make a significant impact on your overall quality of life for many years to come. However, what can be done when you find your sleep surface just isn’t working for you and your trial period is over?

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You could buy something new even though there are likely many years left on your mattress, or, you could transform your firmness with the addition of a pad and topper combo. Today, we’re going to be unboxing the Double Thick mattress pad and topper by eLuxury. This combo includes:

  • eLuxury’s best-selling Extra Plush Mattress Pad
  • A 2 inch Visco Elastic Mattress Topper for double the thickness


Unboxing/First Impression


Understanding Traditional Memory Foam Feel

When visco foam first hit the market, I can remember seeing the commercials that showed a lady jumping on her bed with a glass of red wine sitting dangerously close. I was amazed and just had to try it for myself. Shortly thereafter, I bought my first memory foam mattress and enjoyed it for 10 years.

Consumer feedback indicated people had trouble with hot sleeping on this material developed by NASA and originally intended for crash protection for airline pilots and passengers. Since that time, manufacturers have implemented various measures to help promote cool sleeping in visco foam. I’ve tried numerous products that use techniques like gel beads to help people sleep cool, and they’re pretty effective.

I’ve also noticed that these efforts to promote cool sleep often take away from the level of contour original memory foam offered.


What Type of Feel is Offered by eLuxury Visco Foam?

The visco foam included as part of the Double Thick mattress and pad combo has more of the traditional memory foam feel. If you don’t carry much weight or struggle with painful pressure points lying on your side, I think you’re going to really enjoy the significant increase in hug and contour this product has to offer. However, there are two main takeaways:

  • Hot sleeping is more likely
  • It can be difficult to move around

Over the course of the next several weeks, I’m going to put this product through testing to see just how hot it sleeps, and we’ll also take a look at how well it does at softening your sleep surface. Depending on your needs, it may be worth the compromise. Other aspects we’ll examine include:

While we’re testing, take a moment to check out eLuxury’s website to get a better idea of how this product works, cost, and size options.

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