Everything You Need to Know About the eBerry Sleep Headphones

The topic of how our brain responds to music is complex, and could even be a subject fit for a thesis paper. Since we have been dealing with music our entire lives (tell me you’ve never listened to a sad song when you felt down!), certain tunes will induce different states of mind and spirit, states that range from happiness to nostalgia.

Because people can literally train their brains to become activated when listening to certain songs, it is pretty clear that we can use music to induce a state of calm, which can eventually put us to sleep. But is music as good for sleeping as some people claim it is? And how can one possibly sleep with a pair of headphones throughout the entire night and still feel comfortable?

Benefits of Listening to Music While Sleeping

According to, adults can benefit from a good “lullaby” such as much as babies can. It turns out that listening to music when you’re sleeping can actually increase both the quantity and the quality of your sleep:

  • When you put on your favorite tunes, those that you really enjoy listening to, you can fall asleep faster. Why does this happen? First of all, you unconsciously associate the music you like with the lullabies you used to listen to when you were a child. Second, when you make a habit out of falling asleep to certain songs, playing them in the background can signal your brain that it’s time to fall asleep. Yes, you can literally train your brain to become sleepy thanks to music.

  • Furthermore, listening to music has always been a form of relaxation. For the best results, you want songs that have between 60 and 100 beats per minute, which is really close to your heart rate.
  • Many people go to bed with way too many thoughts on their minds. Some of them think about what happened during the day, others focus on unresolved problems, while some people prematurely start to worry about the upcoming tasks during the next day. But when you start playing some tunes in the background, your brain can shift its attention from all those thoughts and submerse into something more positive. If you could play songs that remind you of happy moments, that’s even better.
  • You’ve probably heard about serotonin, often referred to as the happiness hormone. Serotonin is actually a chemical that makes the brain feel good. It seems that people who suffer from depression have very low levels of serotonin, so finding ways to naturally boost it is important for one’s mental health. If music makes you happy, that means it also increases your serotonin levels, so why not put those headphones on and fall asleep to your favorite music?

A Closer Look at the eBerry Sleep Headphones

eBerry might be a company that not a lot of tech enthusiasts have heard of, but when it comes to making sleep headphones, they offer the best price on the market. The eBerry sleep headphones that we are addressing today are basically a combination of really small and flat speakers that are concealed inside a headband made from comfortable fabric.

The speakers are connected to your portable music device (be it a tablet, a music player, a smartphone, or whatever else you might be using and that has an audio jack port) and will playback whatever songs, audiobooks, or music that you might want to listen to.

To further shed some light on this product for people who have never heard of sleeping headphones: this is a new category of headphones that are designed to have miniature speakers hidden in a headband that goes over your ears and is designed to be as comfortable for nocturnal use as possible.

The reason for designing such a product is to have a fixed set of headphones that actually stays in place no matter how much you toss and turn during the night. Other types of sleep headphones may cause great discomfort when you consider that plenty of people like to sleep on the side, and headphones that go over the ears or inside (earbuds) will eventually be uncomfortable at some point.

Size & Colors

Naturally, a headband that’s designed to keep a set of speakers in place has to fit your head. The eBerry sleep headphones measure 8.2 x 4.7 x 1.6 inches and only come in a single size, but one that should fit most head sizes even so. It is available in four colors: grey, orange, lavender, and sky blue.

The Speakers

Speakers are about half of the equation when it comes to comfortable headphones for sleeping that can actually do the job they’re meant to do. eBerry’s speakers are not the product that will render the most crystal-clear sound from all similar products in this category, but they are no doubt some of the best speakers you can get for the price.

With their 5 cm in diameter, the speakers are located on the left and right side of the headband. Their flat design makes them almost unnoticeable from a comfort point of view, so you can easily sleep on the side without feeling any kind of disturbance. The fact that they measure only 3 mm in thickness is further proof that these are designed to be as invisible as possible, making sure that the sleeper doesn’t feel discomfort.

The Connector

The eBerry sleep headphones are basically regular headphones in terms of connectivity. At the end of the wire, you will find a 3.5 mm audio jack, which is pretty much standard for a lot of Android phones, but also for some iPhone models. Furthermore, you can connect the headphones to your tablet, Kindle, or whatever other mobile device features an audio jack port.

The Headband

When you’re looking to purchase a set of headphones that are meant to be used for sleeping, and particularly when dealing with a model that’s designed to be worn as a headband, the quality of the fabric used is super important. The choice of fabric needs to be right at the border between soft and cool, because nobody likes an itchy material that will cause their head to sweat during the night.

When referring strictly to the eBerry headband, we’re dealing with polar fleece. This means two things: it’s a soft and warm headband. Some of you might actually feel that the fabric is too hot to use during warm summer nights, but fleece is a material that’s quite good at wicking away moisture. However, it’s not the most breathable choice of fabric, so consider that if you’re the kind of person who sleeps hot.

Another very important thing to keep in mind, and something that’s definitely a plus in our opinion, is the fact that you can remove the speakers and wash the headband. Whether you opt for the eBerry headphones or not, it’s important to look for a model that can be washed in the machine, because bacteria and sweat will inevitably cause a foul odor that penetrates the fabric.

How It Works

The concept behind the eBerry headband is super simple. It’s basically the same as attacking any other pair of wired headphones to your phone or your tablet. The difference lies in the design, not the playback mechanism itself.

All that you have to do is to plug the 3.5 mm audio jack into the designated slot of your phone, the same as you would with a regular set of headphones or earbuds. Your phone should display a small icon depicting a set of headphones (probably on the top side of your display). Once the headphones are connected, you can play your favorite videos or audio files, audiobooks, and even enjoy streaming a movie from your mobile Netflix app.

Who Could Use These?

The greatest part about having a set of headphones like the ones from eBerry is their versatility in terms of who can actually use them. They are suitable for a great variety of situations, and even if they are generally referred to as “sleeping headphones”, they are absolutely compatible with other types of situations as well.

Here are some scenarios that could give you more hints on whether the eBerry sleep headphones might be worthy of your next purchase:

  • If you have a sleeping partner who tends to snore too loud, you could really benefit from these headphones.
  • People that have tried other types of headphones so far, but found them too uncomfortable to sleep with should definitely try and see if headbands with integrated headphones are a better match. And, since eBerry’s headphones are available from such a low price, why not start there?
  • Those of you that are fans of meditating will adore the headphones both when you’re in bed, as well as when you’re meditating during the day. Because of the way in which they’re constructed, the eBerry headphones can choke some of that background noise and give you the possibility to focus solely on your meditation sessions.
  • Do you like listening to audiobooks when you go to bed? Rest assured that the eBerry headphones can lend a helping hand with providing you with the right audio setting for learning new things or disconnecting with a fiction book before snoozing.
  • Do you like to crawl in bed and look at some YouTube videos, maybe watch a stream on your phone before sleeping, but your sleeping partner is a light sleeper? That shouldn’t be a problem anymore, because you can listen to whatever you want in absolute silence.
  • Most importantly, the eBerry headphones are not limited to use only when sleeping. They are basically of great help whenever you want to listen to something in private, or when you don’t want to disturb other people that are around you. They are excellent for working out at the gym, for listening to music while you’re commuting to work or school, if you want to listen to audiobooks while you’re on the backseat of the car, or if you want to watch some videos when your significant other is in the room, watching some TV show.

Potential Drawbacks of the eBerry Headphones

Since we don’t believe in the concept of a flawless product, we wanted to point out all the things that might eventually be considered as drawbacks by some people:

  • First of all, the eBerry headphones are not wireless. Because they are wired speakers, two disadvantages may arise. First of all, the cord is a bit too short (it measures approximately 40 inches), which makes it difficult to hold the phone in just any position if you’re using your headphones to listen to a video. If you’re just listening to music, you can just tuck in your audio playback device under the pillow and you should be good to go.  Second, there’s always the risk of strangling, even if the cord is a little short. If you’re a particularly fussy sleeper, the changes or you pushing the phone too far away/unplugging the speakers/getting tangled up in the cord are quite high.
  • While average in size, the headband can be a bit too large for some people, particularly for those who have a smaller head. However, this is a problem that can easily be solved with a little sewing, bringing the headband down to a smaller size.
  • If you’re a huge technology aficionado and like to buy products that have a lot of features, the eBerry sleep headphones might not be the right purchase. As you may have guessed from the low price tag, these headphones are pretty basic. It lacks functions that some people might find convenient, such as an integrated set of volume controls (the volume can only be adjusted from the audio playback device connected to the speakers).


There are plenty of benefits to using a set of sleep headphones that are concealed inside a headband. In fact, this particular category of headphones has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years, but some models can cost as much as $100, which doesn’t always justify the cost if you’ve never tried using such a product and aren’t sure you’ll like it.

Because of its convenient price, eBerry is basically the perfect product to start your sleep headphones experience with. The flat speakers are concealed inside a headband made from soft and comfortable polar fleece and are thin enough to make sure you can’t feel them even if you’re a side sleeper.

The headphones connect to your mobile device using a 3.5 mm audio jack, which is compatible with many different iPhones and Android models. When the headband fabric starts feeling too dirty, you can always remove the speakers and wash the fabric in your washing machine.