Easy 12-Step Ritual To A Better Sleep

Sometimes natural sleep becomes elusive, and we just can’t drop off. Most of the time it’s because we get into the habit of running around all day. That can continue into the evening, until we switch off the computer and drag ourselves to bed.

One of the most important aspects of getting a good nights sleep is lifestyle and ritual. For an excellent natural sleeping remedy try zero stimulants throughout the day, cut sugar right down, eat light in the evening and take time to wind down before bed.

You’ll need these:


Chamomile Tea


A prepared space for meditation (you’ll need to to sit with your spine straight. The space must be uncluttered, clean and well-ventilated).



Organic candles such as the Neom Organics Scent To Sleep Range.



A timer – try the Insight Timer application on your iPhone. Its perfect for meditation.


 This free breath download.


1. Switch off your computer at 6pm.


2. Eat a light dinner, no later than 7pm

3. Drink a cup of Chamomile tea.

4. Run a warm bath at 9pm with a few drops of Lavender bath oil.

5. Prepare your bed, make sure your bed is comfortable, ideally with fresh sheets. The quality of your mattress is also important, and it’s truly worth making a good investment into something that’s right for you and your body.

6. Prepare your meditation space with candles and no other light.


7. Slide into your warm bath and take long deep breaths. Stay in the bath for at least 10 minutes.

8. Pop some drops of Lavender oil on a tissue and put that somewhere on your clothing so you can smell the lavender.


9. Set your timer for 20-30 minutes and do the breath meditation from the free download on this website.

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10. Blow your candles out, and slide into bed.

Author: Anandi (Alison Francis)

Anandi is a sleep and wellbeing consultant. Her accolades include qualified NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist, senior yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Consultant and Chopra centre qualified meditation instructor. Anandi is an ex-insomniac and suffered from chronic insomnia for a period of nearly 15 years from 1990-2005. Anandi comes from a background of over 25 years in health and wellbeing and found Yoga in 2002. After being introduced to the breath by Yogi Vishvketu in India she continued to experiment with the breath. The key to the door of the prison of her insomnia was simple relaxed breathing over a period of 3 months.

Anandi teaches breathing privately, on workshops and retreats for those suffering from lack of sleep, stress and anxiety. She also offers online workshops for breathing and meditation for insomnia. Anandi has been featured in Cosmopolitan, The London Evening Standard, Psychologies, Spirit and Destiny and many other publications. She is also on the board of wellness experts for Neom Organics and Healing Holidays London. Anandi is Alison’s spiritual name and Alison Francis is her birth name. Alison was given her spiritual name Anandi which means ‘in bliss’ by her Guru in India in 2007.

You can follow her on her websiteFacebook and Twitter, or learn more from her on her Youtube channel. “Learning to make space for the breath is fundamental to health. The mind and breath are intimately connected. Our practice should open the heart, calm the mind and expand the breath. If we can do that, we open the door to managing stress, reacting less and sleeping well.”