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Duvet vs Comforter: Which is Best for You?

Nowadays many products on the market have multiple names which become misleading when customers want to find exactly what they want. One example of this is the common bedding choices between duvets and comforters. Both of these items are a separate layer of bedding apart from the bed and sheets itself, but they’re not the same.

In this article, we will highlight the main differences between a duvet and comforter, so you don’t make the mistake of purchasing something you don’t need.

Duvet Comforter
Comes as One Piece With/Without a Cover Comes as an Entire Bedding Set
Pricier than a Comforter Economic Bedding Choice
Duvet is convenient to clean Comforter is Convenient for Decorating Room


A duvet, to be exact, is an insert that you can place on your bed. It can come with a cover or by itself. Since it does not come in a whole set, it’s easier to purchase a duvet and match it with your bedding. It’s also easy to maintain and means you don’t have to spend a lot of time making the bed in the morning. Duvets are more expensive than regular bedding, so it’s better to purchase one with a long term plan in mind.

— Comes without a Cover

A duvet is one piece that you purchase for your bed. Duvets come in a white or light beige color. The actual color of the duvet doesn’t matter since it’s meant to be used with a cover or coverlet over it. This will be the part of the duvet that is colored to match with your entire bedroom.

Having a separate cover from the actual duvet is much easier to clean. If there is a stain on the duvet cover, all you have to do is take it off and wash it. One thing to keep in mind though is that duvet covers are not meant to be dried in a machine. They are expensive and ruining your cover will waste a good amount of money.

You can have one duvet but multiple colored covers to mix and match them with the layout of your room. This keeps your room’s look fresh and your duvet clean.

— Price

The price of a duvet is not cheap since it’s made out of more quality materials like down or down alternative. A duvet is made to last for a long time, not just a season or one year. Considering how long the duvet is expected to last when cared for properly, the higher price is justified.

— Convenience

There is a great deal of convenience when it comes to duvets. There is only one piece that you need, and it can be used all year round. The covers are another situation, and not much of a hassle when you think about it.

Whenever you need a new cover or are in the mood for a different theme, you can change the cover and leave the duvet as is. The duvet itself never gets dirty and never has to be given to a professional cleaner, so long as you keep it covered.

The covers are not thick, heavy material so they’re easy to store away when not in use. The duvet, if you ever do have to put it back, is only one bulky item and won’t take up space for long. Instead, it’ll be used more than stored away.



A comforter is a thick blanket used as the top for your bed. Comforters come in sets so you can get a picture-perfect bed setting with your comforters serving as the frosting on the cake. Sheets and pillowcases also come in this set. Decorating your bed becomes a simple task when you use a comforter set. They are easy to wash and dry in a machine.

— Comes in an Entire Set

A comforter will not only be a stand-alone strong quilted blanket but will come with pillowcases and bedsheets as well. This makes decorating your room easier since you don’t need to accessorize your bed pieces to match. The entire set will also be easier to use when guests come over. You get a bed you need in place right away, and one that doesn’t look too scattered.

— Price

Purchasing a comforter is a more economical choice since you get the entire set for your bed under one price tag. What can become inconvenient is changing your bed sheets and comforters.

Since a comforter comes in only one color and the whole set compliments that color scheme, you might have to purchase more than one set to last yourself the year. If you have more than one bed in the house that uses comforters, then the price really starts to pile on top of itself.

— Convenience

Comforters are economical to purchase decisions, but they do come with some drawbacks when it comes to convenience. They come in entire sets which can become a hassle to look after and keep as one piece.

Since the comforter comes in an entire set, the whole set has to be stored together otherwise you’d risk losing pieces of the set, rendering it useless. Different sets will be used at different times of the year, meaning a lot of storage needed for all of the comforter sets you’ll have.



Duvets and comforters are a great luxury addition to your bedroom. They make all nights more comfortable and cozy, be it winter chills or summer heat. They can match the aesthetics of your room, pulling the whole room together in an appealing manner. It’s better not to have both at the same time since that will be too much for just one room. Just having one of these choices in your room will make them more enjoyable and comfortable.

Hopefully, the confusion between comforters and duvets has been cleared up through this article. If you have the experience to share or comments to remark on, feel free to mention them below and don’t forget to share this vital bedroom information with your friends and family!