DreamCloud Mattress Unboxing

Getting ready to buy a new mattress? If it’s been awhile, be aware… things have changed… a lot! The ability to browse hundreds of quality options in the comfort of your living room or office gives you the freedom and time to find one that’s well-suited for your needs.

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Hybrid products allow for a high degree of creativity as manufacturers are able to adjust the different pros and cons of various material types to complement one another. DreamCloud is one of the best examples I’ve run into weighing in at eight layers! Over the next week, I’m going to be breaking them down and analyzing how they work together to provide comfort and support.

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Unboxing/First Impression


Great Feature for Those Who Don’t Carry Much Weight

If you don’t carry much weight, it can be difficult to sink into your mattress, especially if your upper comfort layers are firm. If you weigh less than 130 pounds, I think you’ll appreciate the efforts DreamCloud made to help counteract this problem:

  • TrueTufted™ cashmere top that’s naturally soft and breathable
  • Five memory foam layers placed in both the comfort and support layers
  • Allowed me to sink in well and take advantage of the contour of the memory foam

Memory foam is often associated with excessive sinkage and overheating. However, I’ve been very impressed with the many ways manufacturers balance comfort and support in hybrid products. In the case of DreamCloud, a five-zoned, foam-encased pocketed micro coil compression system provides balanced support to keep this from happening.

My sleep partner is 230 pounds, and he really enjoyed the support offered by this product while I was happy with its plushness. This is a great product to consider for sleep partners who vary greatly in weight and/or support preferences.

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DreamCloud Mattress Overview

— Firmness

DreamCloud rates their product a 6.5 out of 10 with one being a feather pillow and ten being a cement floor. Medium is typically around five, so this seems to indicate DreamCloud is slightly firmer than average.

Since it feels so plush, this would explain why it’s so comfortable for my sleep partner who often complains the mattresses I like are too plush. Stay tuned as we use our sinkage test to see how firmness holds up to other products I’ve tried!

— Responsiveness and Bounce

When I apply pressure to the DreamCloud mattress, it resumes its shape very quickly when I release, and I suspect a lot of this has to do with the strategic placement of bouncy latex beneath the two memory foam layers found beneath the cover. For a product containing so much memory foam, the bounce is retained very well.

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Keep an Eye Out for Our Complete Review!

We’ve only taken a peek at the DreamCloud mattress. Over the course of next week, I will be testing this product out thoroughly to gain the most well-rounded understanding of how it could work for various sleepers.

While you wait, you can always swing by DreamCloud’s website to learn a little more about the product’s price, construction, and specs. We’re also here to answer any questions in the space below!