22 Dorm Room Ideas to Spruce Up Your College HQ

As a college student living in a dorm room, you must be fully aware of how college dorms can be dull, basic, and boring. Dorm rooms are supposed to be your home away from home. But how do you live in a place that doesn’t vibe with you? It is no surprise then that most students start brainstorming décor ideas to make their room feel like the place where they belong.

If you are one such person looking to convert your boring dorm room into a cozy place for you to chill, study, and hang out in, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

This guide contains our top 22 ideas to spice up your dorm room in no time!

Dorm Room Wall Ideas

1. Floral Wall Hangings

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This cottage core style dorm room looks like a lovely place to study or relax. The neutral bedding is nice and fluffy and acts as the perfect backdrop to the live wallpaper of flowers arranged in neat lines. You could achieve this idea with real flowers if you dried them or fake flowers for an everlasting look. And the round mirror anchors the design perfectly.

2. Photo Display Wall Grid

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Have some mementos that you need to display? This aesthetic wall grid is a perfect way to put them up in an organized manner. Photo frames take up a lot of space; using wall grids is an alternative way of keeping your treasured memories within your sight. You can customize this cute board any way you like, spray paint it with funky colors or add string lights for a more laid back vibe.

3. Thematic Wall Collage

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A large collage of pictures is an artistic yet very simple way of injecting some personality into a room. Collect some aesthetic pictures that define who you are or resonate with your mood and stick them up to give your room a personalized feel. We recommend you collect a series of pictures that are all thematically linked and put them up together. Vary the sizes to make it look more visually appealing. You can also surround the collage with fairy lights or other wall hangings to make your dorm room look lovelier than you found it.

4. Indoor Wall Planters

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If you are a nature lover, fill your bedroom with live plants. This is a highly rewarding way of breathing life into your room. Not only will it enhance the look of your dorm, but also elevate your mood and keep the environment fresh. Use small, lightweight pots to hang on the walls quickly and opt for plants that survive indoors. If you want to add style to your planters, you can even paint them in different colors or get customized designs to suit your style.

5.  Abstract Wall Art

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If you want to turn those bare dorm room walls into stylish crafty pieces, go abstract! Create a single theme for your room like pink and white or red and black. Pick out some trendy, modern, abstract pictures revolving around your chosen theme and mount them on the walls for a truly artistic look.

Dorm Room Ideas for Guys

6. Lofted Beds

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Lofting beds is not just a great way of maximizing space in your tiny dorm room, it is also a great way of giving your room a classy look. Take advantage of your lofted bed and utilize the place below as a study space or storage space for your gym equipment. High beds are also very comfortable to sleep in. This dorm room idea is a perfect option if you want your room to be all cool and vibey but also find yourself stressing over limited space. 

7. Storage Loft

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This is another lofted bed idea you can use to get some storage space below your bed. Select the lofted bed design that fits your style and blends in with your dorm room’s shape, size, and color to get the most out of this idea. The loft bed in the picture consists of an attached study table which is a great way to fulfill your two needs: studying and sleeping. You can place storage boxes below your bed and a mini-fridge to further maximize the space for the essential things you need.

8. Color Coordination

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Be it room, clothes, or buildings – you can never go wrong with tasteful color coordination! The idea is to explore what exactly you want the room to feel like. Next, craft a color theme that most authentically resonates with that feeling and add hints of bright and bold colors to accentuate your room’s vibe. For example, a basic black-themed room can be decorated with bright red or white items. This will help you feel more at home in your room.

9. Sporty Dorm Rooms

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If you are a sports fan, this dorm room idea is for you! Decorate your room with the things representing your favorite sports team; this will help you stay in high spirits throughout the year. The posters, blankets, sports caps, and other merchandise will give your room a buzz of excitement – one that is sure to last throughout the year!

Dorm Room Ideas for Girls

10. Star Mirrors

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These delicate star-shaped wall mirrors will surely add a beautiful touch to your dorm room. We recommend mounting these above your bed or over the walls facing your bed but you can adjust the placement of these mirrors as you prefer. They are incredibly easy to take on and off, meaning you can get a nice, professional look with little to no effort. These stylish star-shaped accessories will give your room a great look when they sparkle off the light during the daytime, making the space appear bigger than it is.

11. The Leafy Light Decor

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This unique and creative décor idea can change the look of your dorm room completely. Hang these faux leaf strings and string lights from the ceiling to give your room a bright, lively look. The evergreen leaves will make your dorm room look natural and peaceful. The leafy light décor in the picture is placed right over the bed but you can also put these by the window for an exhilarating feeling every time the wind blows!

12. Nature Inspired Dorm Room

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This bright room gives off cheerful and happy vibes. If you are a nature lover, you might enjoy decorating your room like this. Adding green, orange, red, and yellow hints to a plain white room will make it look refreshing. The ceiling can be decorated with string lights to make the space look brighter. You can add posters of plants, flowers, and butterflies all over the walls along with living plants along the window sill. It’s all about the colors – if you get them right, you’ll feel the best.

13. 6 Drawer Storage Unit

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Storage space is something that all students appreciate, perhaps girls more than boys. This 6-drawer storage unit is an ideal addition to keep your dorm room neat and organized. The colors grey and white can add an elegant touch to the furniture while the multipurpose lamps on top of the table can be used for storing jewelry or little trinkets. It is a neat little way of keeping everything in one place.

14. White Brick Wallpaper

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Temporary wallpapers contribute brilliantly towards the transformation of a dorm room. The white brick wallpaper looks classy yet straightforward when combined with other wall décor items. It gives a natural brick-like texture to the wall with a rustic finishing.

15. Throw Pillows

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Placing many pillows on the bed is a sure-fire way of making your room feel cozy and your bed comfortable. Toss small, soft, decorative pillows of all shapes and sizes to give your dorm room an aesthetic and comfy vibe. These different colored decorative pillows will help combine the various color accents used in the room, giving the dorm a casual but cohesive appearance.

16. Mandala Hanging

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Indian hippie mandala tapestries can be used as a backdrop to make your room attractive. These mandala hangings give out sheer artistry and a spiritual vibe to the dorm room. If you are into hippie stuff like this, you must add mandala hanging to your shopping list.

17. New York Poster

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People love New York City. If you are also a victim of the bustling charm of the city, this idea is for you. Apart from the black and white New York poster on the wall, the compact living space also symbolizes city life. Keep your study table close and keep your bed slim and compact. This will not only save you a lot of space but also make your room look bigger and airier.

Dorm Room Storage Ideas

18.Cloth Storage Racks

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Foldable storage racks are an excellent way to save up on space and arrange your things conveniently. These racks are made of cloth which makes them easy to place. You can use this item to carry your clothes, towels, shoes, bathrobes, and everything else in between without ruining the look of your room. The grey color matches the theme of the dorm room, which does not make it look out of place. So if you are getting a rack, make sure the color fits in your room’s theme and you’d be good to go.

19. Cute Rainbow Room

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A full white room wrapped in a rainbow theme is a creative dorm room idea to keep things cheery. The rainbow-colored blanket and pillows make the room look brighter, giving out some happy feels. This lofted bed has an attached study area and storage, saving space and making the room look neat. You can copy this look to make the most out of your small dorm room and make it look chic and modern.

20. Loft Bed with Storage

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If you are keen to keep your room nice and tidy, you should opt for this dorm room idea. A lofted bed with storage space underneath is ideal for making your dorm room more spacious. The storage space here can be divided into sections and each section can be used for a different purpose. It is a great way of maximizing space without ruining the look of your room.

21. Joint Organizers

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This funky dorm room idea consists of massive storage space underneath the bed. If you face a lack of space in your dorm room, we have a solution for you. Place different storage boxes under the bed and use them to keep things in an organized manner. If you adopt this idea, you might not need extra shelves or drawers around the small dorm room.

22. Tapestry Room Decor

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Tapestry art is a cool way of transforming a boring white wall. Fun tapestries are trending these days because they add both character and color to dorm rooms. You can get any tapestry design that suits your style such as cityscapes or graffiti or bohemian prints. If the vibes are right, we say you go for it!


Final Words

Decorating your college dorm room doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You can easily add personality and your own style without having to break the bank. Did you find any inspiration from our list of 22 dorm room ideas? Do you have your own college décor idea to share? Feel free to comment below! And for more bedroom design ideas, check out our website!

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