Do Adjustable Beds Damage Mattresses?

If you have been considering a new bed frame and/or mattress but are unsure of how each may work with one another due to design and materials, this is an article worth reading. This is particularly true if you own, or would like to own an adjustable bed frame.

These popular bed styles are a great addition for those looking to enhance their comfort experience, but many people want to ensure they won’t be ruining any products due to the unique nature of a movable bed frame. Those wondering do adjustable beds damaged mattresses can find all the answers they need below.

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Adjustable Beds Explained

Adjustable beds are one of the best bedding products you can invest in, especially if you have struggled with surface sleep comfort. Sometimes even the best-matched mattress and pillows for your sleep style need a bit of adjustment to support you as they should, but one needs to take care to use a mattress that enhances that comfort.

Adjustable beds typically have between 1 and 5 various actions to provide support where it is needed. The most simple design can adjust the head of the bed, but many others work to lift or lower the foot of the bed, provide added spinal support through the middle of the bed, and can even allow for knee, hip, and shoulder alignment independent of the rest of the bed. Split designs even exist for dual sleepers.

Why People Buy Adjustable Beds

There are quite a few benefits for you to consider when looking over adjustable bed models. Many of these have to do with comfort, but they can also help with various ailments you may suffer from. For example, an adjustable bed can provide the following:

chronic arthritic pain

  • Relieve chronic arthritic pain
  • Allow for easier entry and exit from a bed
  • Provide support for injury recovery
  • Alleviate back pain
  • Reduce snoring and sleep apnea symptoms
  • Improve digestion
  • Increase circulation

  • Reduce heartburn and acid reflux
  • Reduce leg swelling

Some may even have built-in massage, chargers, and lighting solutions. They are designed for comfort as much as a luxury and are generally part of high-end comfort packages offered by top brand name sleep companies.

Will An Adjustable Bed Ruin My Mattress?

The bottom line is, an adjustable option most likely won’t ruin any mattress you have, but you may have a less than comfortable experience without the use of the right kind. An innerspring mattress will flex with any adjustments you make, but they can create uncomfortable pressure points and less than forgiving surfaces. Because of this, they aren’t considered compatible with adjustable frames.

Memory foam may also start to compress over time although they are considered one of the best mattresses to use. When memory foam is your favored choice, be sure to look into the bed design and read up on the manufacturer’s specs to get the best option.

Problems an Adjustable Bed May Have

Even though most mattress types work with these types of frames, there are a few other issues they occasionally have that you should consider. To start, it may take time to adjust your bed to exactly how you like it. This takes some trial and error to discover how it works best with your choice of mattress. Other details to take into account:

  • Mechanical failures can occur as with any other product that uses a motor and electronics to function.
  • You need to be aware of the movement of the frame to avoid pinching materials in between the mechanisms.
  • These are heavy products that are not easy to move once set up.

Best Mattresses for Use With an Adjustable Bed

Luckily, these beds do work well with most mattresses. This includes some of the most popular brands, styles, and models in the sleep industry.

  • Memory foam mattresses provide excellent body and adjustable contouring without sacrificing any support. They flex well and are considered a favorite of those who use adjustability.

  • Latex foam and latex foam blends are also highly popular to provide surface contouring. Latex is also durable and flexes easily back into shape without holding memory.

  • Air mattresses also work well as their air chambers often work independently from one another and create a perfect fit for your personalized adjustments as well as your own body shape and size.


When looking for an adjustable bedding option you need to be sure to pay attention to the type of mattress you plan on using with it. Innerspring mattresses are best avoided due to the discomfort that may be caused when they are flexed. Materials that move easily and provide contouring, such as memory foam, latex foam, and blends, are generally sought to allow you long term use of a favored sleep surface.