DaVinci Twilight Crib Mattress Review

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Our Rating: (5.5 / Out Of 10)

Today, it isn’t hard to find a crib mattress. The hard part is finding the right mattress for your child’s crib or toddler bed. There are hundreds of different kinds, which is why it can be so hard to pick just one that is going to keep your child safe while they are in a deep slumber for the night. I am here to make this choice easier for you. I got my hands on the DaVinci Twilight mattress and performed a medley of tests that give me a better idea as to how it performs in comparison to others that I have tested.

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DaVinci Twilight Specs

MaterialOrganicDegassing Period
Firmness Level for Baby
Foam Core & Vinyl CoverNoNone2
Firmness Level for ToddlerWeightWarrantyCost
39 pounds10 years$

The MDB Promise

MDB is the maker of the DaVinci brand, along with others. Safety is their obsession and children are their priority. They been providing consumers with safe baby products for 22 years, well before there were safety commissions or legislations. They have been ardent about initiating processes and systems that guarantee you receive the safest products possible.

Their quality control team individually checks and hand packs each product to ensure that they meet only the highest craftsmanship quality before they leave the factory. They are then re-inspected by a second team once they arrive in the U.S.

They are also environmentally conscious when it comes to their business. They make sure that all of their craftsmanship is done through socially responsible manufacturing processes. All-in-all, this paired with the safety of our children being their top priority, makes for an environmentally friendly company that only wants the best in safety for their customers.

Presenting The Davinci Twilight

Before you buy a product, you usually want to know more about it, right? That’s how I feel, especially if it has to do with my child. The DaVinci Twilight is completely free of lead, toxic flame retardants, TRIS, phthalates, and adhesives.

The DaVinci Twilight has a triple-laminated waterproof cover made from vinyl with a polyester backing. This makes cleanup after an accident or a spill much easier. All you have to do is wipe it up with a cloth and it’s good as new-as seen in my video. It’s also equipped with an ultra-fresh additive to make the surface of the mattress anti-bacterial.

Made for easy handling, the DaVinci Twilight crib mattress is lightweight and is made to fit universally in the MDB Family cribs. This isn’t to say that it won’t fit in a different brand of cribs, but you should measure your crib before purchasing this mattress.

The Good & The Bad

When it comes to the safety of my child, I look for the perfect product. I have come to realize that this is a far-fetched reality and that nothing is perfect. This is why I have compiled this short list of good and bad qualities of the DaVinci Twilight.


The Good

  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Breathable

The Bad

  • No edge support
  • Slight odor
  • Very bouncy
  • Squishy

Thoughts About The Packaging

When the mattress arrived, it wasn’t in a box, which was very disappointing. It was only wrapped in a loose plastic and very open to certain environmental factors that could have ruined the mattress, such as water and dirt.

On the upside, the plastic that was on the mattress had the MDB brand plastered all over it, so at least I knew who it was from and what the company name was.

Features & Benefits

This is the heart and soul of my reviews, the features and benefits. This is the section where I tell you all about my tests and how the mattress performed.

What Sets It Apart?

Honestly, the fact that it has some of the core features as a higher end mattress model while remaining super affordable, is one of the main things that sets it apart from the rest. Hypoallergenic mattresses are sometimes very expensive, especially when they’re mixed with an organic mattress.

I’m a fan of affordable products, especially when they are specifically made to be safe for my children. I have 4 of kids, so “cheap” is my middle name-not really, but you get the picture. If I can get my hands on something that is going to keep my child safe while being cheap, i’ll sign my name wherever needed. This is why the DaVinci Twilight stands out from other mattresses. It’s light on the wallet and heavy on the safety.

Construction & Composition

The DaVinci Twilight has just a few pieces to it.


The triple-laminated waterproof cover makes cleaning easier when it comes to accidents and spills, as mentioned above. When I did my test, I poured a small amount of water on the mattress and I was able to wipe it up clean without leaving anything behind. I didn’t notice water being soaked up and I only had to use a small amount of cloth to wipe it up.

This cover has a vinyl surface with a double polyester backing and an ultra-fresh additive that creates an anti-bacterial surface.


The single piece foam core is 6”, which meets crib mattress safety standards. It’s all tied in with the cover for a single piece composition. This foam has been advertised as “ultra firm”, but I am going to have to disagree with that. I’ll fill you in on this later on in my “support” section.


This mattress was very similar to the comfort of the 7 year old mattress my son had been sleeping on before I started testing other kinds. I’m 99.9% positive that this is why he slept so well on it. When I took it out of the packaging, I noticed how it was kinds squishy, as if it had already been broken in.

When I put my son on it for the first time, he fell right to sleep. There was no fuss, no tossing or turning, he wasn’t struggling to get comfortable, nothing like that. He slept through the night and woke up in pretty much the same position as when he started.

Unfortunately, i’m not sure how comfortable this is going to be for a baby. It’s quite soft and not in a good way. Your baby may not be a fan of sleeping on a mattress that has no support, which brings me to my next topic.


The support of this mattress is essentially non-existent. I know, not what you wanted to hear. But here’s the good part-it may be better suited for toddlers. The reason I say this is because babies need a solid surface to sleep on. Not like a rock, but something that’s firm, yet comfortable. This mattress, to me, is way too soft for an infant. If you check out my whole video, you’ll see that I can pretty much squeeze the whole mattress. I shouldn’t be able to do that with a firm, supportive mattress.

So, this probably isn’t the most supportive mattress in the world for a mattress. Honestly, I don’t think that it would help to protect them from SIDS since it’s not as firm as it should be. If they roll over and can’t get on their backs again, their suffocation risk increases greatly. Especially when the mattress sinks in and makes it harder for the baby to roll. I have a few pictures of my son kneeling on the mattress and it sinks in considerably. No other mattress I have had, has done this.

The Two Finger Test

Before I had gotten this mattress, I was unaware that it was specifically made for a certain line of cribs. So this mattress didn’t fit in my crib very well. It still passed the two finger test, but barely. I do this test because if a mattress doesn’t have edge support, which this one doesn’t-i’ll get to this soon-it poses an entrapment risk to the baby if they roll into the space between the mattress and crib.

Usually, if a mattress doesn’t fit in a crib properly, you shouldn’t use it. But, for the sake of the review, I kept my toddler son on it. Since he’s bigger, he doesn’t roll to the edge and if he did, he would know how to get out or he would let me know he was stuck.

Moral of this story, it passed the two finger test in my crib, which is slightly too big for the mattress, so it should pass for the cribs that are specifically meant for this mattress. As always, check the measurements first if you have any doubts.

Edge Support

As I mentioned earlier, there is no edge support. I placed my bowling ball on the edge of it and it fell right off. There was no chance of balancing and it literally just sunk, no support was there at all. These types of mattresses that have no edge support concern me. This is mostly because of the entrapment risk for babies. When babies are first learning to roll, they’ll roll until they hit something. In this case, it’s going to be the crib rails, and if the mattress is just a little too small, the baby could get sucked in that gap.

Edge support is also huge when it comes time for your toddler to convert to a toddler bed. My daughter is going on 4 years old right now and she still falls off of the bed because she rolls too close to the edge. If your toddler is sleeping on a mattress with no edge support, what’s going to happen when they get close to the edge? BOOM! On the floor they go. In these cases of edge support lack, like to recommend a bed rail. They’ll keep your child from rolling off of the edge of the bed.


The DaVinci Twilight has rounded corners, something that i’m not particularly fond of. For me, rounded corners make the mattress seem like it doesn’t fit in the crib well. It takes away from that extra ½ inch that square corners provide. I have found that mattresses with square corners fit more snug in the crib and move around less. Although, since the corners are rounded, this means that they probably won’t be sharp like some square cornered mattresses have been.

Water Resistance Test


I check all of my mattress for seam construction. I do this because children, especially curious ones, enjoy pulling on things. When they see a loose thread that they think is something to play with, what do you think they are going to do? They’re going to yank on that string until it breaks or until the whole thing is unraveled. I don’t like the thought of this because kids tend to swallow small things, such as thread. This can lead to many health issues.

Upon inspection of the mattress, I did notice a few spots where there were some loose threads. By the look of it, it was from where they had merged the two ends. I don’t think that a small child would be strong enough to pull them apart. Other than that spot, everything else seemed tightly sewn.

Ease Of Transport

I don’t know about you, but i’m not a fan of having to lift a heavy mattress out of a crib in the wee hours of the night for a sheet change. I have had my fair share of doing that over the past few months since my son has hit a new stage-the “take my diaper off and play in my own poo” stage. Lightweight mattresses have been my best friend, and this one is definitely light weight.

Coming in at only 7.5 pounds, it’s extremely lightweight, making cleaning and sheet changes a breeze. I can lift it up with just two fingers without struggling to do so.

How Does It Feel?

Honestly, I don’t like the plasticy feel. The cover is made from vinyl, which yes, makes for easy clean up, but it’s a little noisy. By that I mean when my son did move around on it, I could hear him do it. It’s also not as soft feeling as other mattresses with cloth covers, obviously. So if I were to lay my son on it without a cover, he wouldn’t be happy about it.


In all seriousness, it had way too much bounce. Usually this means that the mattress is too firm because what happens when you bounce a ball on a hard surface, it bounces, right? And when you toss a ball on memory foam it may have a tiny bit of bounce but stop, correct? Well, on this mattress, the ball bounced right off of the mattress. I honestly tell you why this happened, but it did. So, what do you think is going to happen when your child is moving around? They’re going to bounce. It’s not the ideal surface for them to learn how to roll or stand on.

Heat Regulation Features

Since there is just one type of foam wrapped in vinyl, there are no temperature regulation features. There is nothing about this mattress that would make it breathe better than other mattresses. So, even though there are no special features in this category, I still did a heat retention test. Let’s go check it out.

Heat Retention

For this test, I took my temperature gun and my heated sock to the mattress. What I did was heat up the sock to a random temperature, since I can’t control exactly what temperature it gets to inside the microwave. I then set it on the mattress and waited until that portion of the mattress was heated to 130 degrees. If it was above that temperature, I started my countdown once it hit that specific temperature. I then recorded how long it took to cool down to normal body temperature-98 degrees.

Alright, how did it do? Well, it actually cooled down in 21 seconds. The average speed is around 20-25 seconds to cool off based on all of the mattresses I have tested. A speed of 21 seconds is a great thing and means that somewhere, heat is escaping and the mattress is cooling down. This means that your child is less likely to overheat or sweat while sleeping.


Since I don’t really have much to say about this, it’s going to be short. It didn’t smell. No chemical, factory, or plastic smell. All it had was that new mattress smell, which is completely harmless and will go away.

Feedback From Other Consumers (Parents & Caregivers)

Here are some comments about the DaVinci Twilight that other users had.

Construction & Composition
  • Seems durable
  • Tightly sewn

Comfort For Baby
  • Some babies slept well
  • Complaints of babies not liking it

Water Resistance
  • Water resistance holds true
  • Accidents were easy to clean

  • No complaints of sweating

  • Complaints of sagging middles
  • No support for toddlers
  • Not “ultra firm” as advertised

Comfort For Toddler
  • Comfortable for toddlers

Ease Of Movement
  • Lightweight nature makes it portable
  • Easy to take out of cribs
  • Easy to place back in the crib

Maintenance, Protection, Care & Warranty

Does it work in all cribs?

Best suited for cribs made by DaVinci. Measures 52″L x 27.5″W x 6″H

Is a protector needed?

Since the mattress is water resistant, it isn’t really necessary, but if you want to protect the longevity of it, Pads/protectors may be a good option.

Does it work on convertible cribs?

Yes, this crib mattress will work on a convertible crib, more specifically for DaVinci cribs.

Is there a warranty?

10 years.

Is it dual sided?

No. But it can still be used for toddlers.

How easy is cleaning?

Spills and accidents can be wiped away with a cloth.

Is The DaVinci Twilight The Right Fit For Your Baby/Toddler?

If you can relate to any of these questions, this mattress may work well for your baby/toddler.

Are You On A Budget?

Honestly, I recommend this mattress to anyone who may be on a budget looking for a good toddler mattress, not an infant mattress. The low cost is easy on the wallet and is good enough for a toddler bed for maybe a few years.

Looking For Something Waterproof?

Since this mattress is waterproof and as shown in my video, passed the water resistance test, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good potty training mattress. By this I mean it’s ideal for a toddler bed that may be prone to frequent accidents due to potty training. It’s easy to clean and lightweight enough to move around easily.

Want A Good Warranty?

One of the better things I can say about this mattress is that it has an excellent warranty. I have run into mattress with just a 1 year warranty or even a 30 day satisfaction guarantee type thing. This mattress has a 10 year warranty.


If you are on a budget or need a quick fix, this mattress would be a good fit. Yes, it’s lightweight, waterproof, and cools down relatively quickly, but the safety features is the area in which it failed my tests. With that said, from my own experience and based on what other users have said about it, I cannot confidently say that it is ideal for a baby. In my opinion, this mattress is more for toddlers who are aware of their surroundings and out of the SIDS risk pool. Honestly, I wish that this was ideal for babies because of the great price, but I guess not all mattresses are winners.

DaVinci Twilight Crib Mattress


Safety for baby


Safety for toddler


Support for babies


Support for toddler


Edge Support






Heat Retention


Off Gassing





  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Breathable


  • No edge support
  • Slight odor
  • Very bouncy
  • Squishy