Everything You Need to Know About the Cozyphones Sleep Headphones

Updated May 9, 2020

In a world where anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia are commonplace, more people are finding it hard to shut down their brains and go to sleep. As recent evidence has shown us, one of the solutions for pushing the mind to enter a state of calm is by listening to music. Actually, it’s more of a form of distracting your brain from whatever keeps you up at night.

And since technology never fails to keep up with what science suggests we do, it didn’t take long for entrepreneurs and companies to develop a special type of headphones that can be comfortably worn when sleeping. Among the brands that make decent sleep headphones, we came across CozyPhones, a brand with a story to tell and a product to sell.

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Who Is CozyPhones?

CozyPhones is a company that was founded by Paul, someone who has trouble falling asleep at night. Like every other good product out there, CozyPhones was basically created by a regular sleeper who was looking for a solution to his own problem. With a little entrepreneurial drive, Paul analyzed what could put him back to sleep when waking up at night, and discovered that the most soothing thing for him was to listen to audiobooks and podcasts.

Brands that are a story like this one will tell you that you’re dealing with a good product because the best way for someone who builds something to be actually good at what they’re doing is to have faced that problem themselves. When you identify yourself with people who need to listen to something before they go to bed, you become more aware of what a potential solution would look like.

When Paul bought his first pair of sleep headphones, he noticed that durability wasn’t their strong point. They stopped working after less than one year. That’s when he switched to earbuds, but it turns out those can be really painful after you’ve used them for a while (which is especially true if you are a side sleeper).

Seeing as how the concept behind using headband headphones was good, he decided he didn’t want to spend any more money on buying a new product, and instead tried creating his own headphones. In their first stages, the CozyPhones didn’t really have much other than a fleece headband, but as customer feedback started pouring it, Paul knew that this product has potential if he could meet as many market demands as possible.

In time, Paul also got the idea to expand their line of products creating CozyPhones with unique designs and sizes for children, and that’s when their business expanded like crazy. What’s even more interesting is that Paul’s daughter worked on the character designed for the new headbands.

The Kids Collection

CozyPhones selection for children is filled with fun designed and a variety of products for boys and girls alike. Their entire product line-up is divided into five different collections:

  • The CozyPhones Original series includes models with blue/pink/purple/white unicorns, pink kittens, pirates, pandas, frogs, lions, blue sharks, bunnies, and more.
  • The Sesame Street collection is now available for pre-order and it includes four beloved characters: Elmo, the Cookie Monsted, Oscar the Grouch, and Abby Cadabby.
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection is designed to cover all four heroes: Michaelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, and Raphael.
  • Children who are fans of Paw Patrol can have headphones with Skye, Marshall, or Chase.
  • You can also get the Jojo Siwa headband that comes with a detachable bow.


Adult’s Sleep Collection

Basically, CozyPhones for adults are divided into two main product categories: active and sleep. The sleep collection does what it promises: provide a set of affordable and quality headband headphones designed with the primary role of bed usage.

The Sleep collection is furthermore divided into three other collections: the Original Series, the Wired Contour Series, and the new Bluetooth Contour Series.

#1: The Original Series.

Featuring five different headband models, the Original Series is basically the first type of CozyPhones ever created. These are the least expensive out of all adult headbands and come with a bonus travel bag where you can conceal your headband and keep it protected from pretty much everything if you’re planning to travel and just throw these headphones in a bag.

What are some of the features of the headphones in these series?

  • They come with a braided cord that measures 1.5 meters in length and feels pretty resistant, so the chances of it suffering any damage are pretty low.
  • They can connect to your mobile device through a 3.5 mm jack. That would make them compatible with pretty much any audio playback device that has such a port, including a computer or a TV set.
  • The speakers are placed on the left and right sides of the headband. They can be removed so that the headband can be washed.
  • The headband itself is well-thought-of and is actually made from two different fabrics. The outer material is a soft fleece, while the inside, the one that comes in contact with the skin, is some sort of breathable materials, like mesh.

#2: The Wired Contour Series.

The Wired Contour Series is comprised of headbands that come in three different colors and feature a few improvements when compared to the original models.

  • CozyPhones claims that the Contour Series comes with a more improved mesh lining, which is designed to be cooler and prevent any potential head sweats while you’re sleeping.
  • The speakers still retain their ultra-thin design, which makes them unnoticeable when you sleep on your back, but a little obvious when you sleep on the sides. However, these headband headphones are still more comfortable than their alternatives.
  • The cord stays the same: it measures 1.5 meters in length and comes with a 3.5 mm jack that’s compatible with all smartphones, tablets, white noise machines, laptops, computers, walkmans, portable CD players, or whatever device supports this type of plug. Note that some cell phone models, like the newest versions of the iPhone, don’t have a headphones jack anymore, so you are out of luck if you were planning to use these headphones with the latest iPhone model.

#3: The Wireless Contour Series.

This particular collection of CozyPhones is basically like the ultimate upgrade for the Original and Wired Series. They retain most of the characteristics of the Contour Series, only these are wireless and eliminate that nasty cable that might have gotten in the way.

These headphones basically retain the functions of the other models, only they connect to your mobile device by establishing a Bluetooth connection, instead of a regular 3.5 mm jack. That automatically means that you can only connect them to devices that have Bluetooth, like smartphones, laptops, and maybe a few smart TVs.

Because they operate without a wire, these headphones require charging every day, depending on how much you use them at night. Assuming that you don’t plan on listening to music for hours on end while you’re sleeping, the battery should be just enough to help these headphones put you to sleep.

The good news is that the headphones come with one USB cable that can be used for charging. The bad news is that CozyPhones does not provide an actual power plug for you to charge these in an outlet, but if you can probably remove the charging cord from your smartphone’s wall adapter and put the USB cable of the CozyPhones in there. Otherwise, you can only charge them through a device with a USB port, like a laptop or computer.

#4: The Active Series.

Last, but not least, we have the Active Series of CozyPhones headbands. If the other models were advertised while putting emphasis on the comfort they provide while you are sleeping, these headphones promise to deliver a better experience if you use them while you’re awake.

That means that people who are looking for headphones to use when exercising, jogging, biking, hiking, on the plane, train, or while driving, might be more interested in what this particular collection has to offer.

Truth be told, we didn’t exactly feel there was much difference between these headphones and the ones that are designed for sleeping, as most of the specs remain the same. The one thing that’s noticeable is how the fleece fabric is now replaced by Lycra which, as you may already know, is fabric preferred when making sports equipment, That’s because Lycra, which is also known as spandex, is naturally more breathable, absorbs moisture faster, and also dries quicker.

The inner part of these headbands stays true to the rest of the design for the CozyPhones, with a mesh lining that’s definitely more breathable compared to other fabrics that could have been used on this side of the headphones. Aside from that, the Active Series headphones are pretty much identical to ones in the Wired Contour Series.

CozyPhones Accessories

Aside from the actual headphones, CozyPhones also sells a couple of accessories that you might be interested in if you want to make the best out of your experience and interactions with this product:

  • The wireless Bluetooth adapter pack is technology’s way of saying you can eliminate wires from your CozyPhones. This is basically an adapter that can be used to turn your wired headphones into wireless ones. What’s even more interesting is that CozyPhones claims this product is compatible with all wired devices that come with a 3.5 mm jack. Could they be used to turn wired headphones from other brands into wireless headsets? Let us know if you tried that. The adapter comes with a small remote control that has playback buttons for operating the Bluetooth-connected device. Very important: this Bluetooth adapter costs less than a new pair of CozyPhones.
  • The Cozy Case is a convertible tablet holder that can actually help you pack your kid’s items in a single bag. With multiple interesting colors available, the bag itself is pretty spacious, as it includes a pouch for different items, a special slot for your child’s tablet and a front pocket that will fit CozyPhones in kid-size. This case features an adjustable quick release handle, which means that you can attach it to the back of a front car seat and have your child enjoy playing with their tablet or watching videos on a long car ride. The slot for the tablet has a clear screen protector that will allow your child to operate the touchscreen without getting the actual screen dirty.

Warranty & Returns

Like every responsible buyer, you surely want to know about the warranty and return policy before you actually spend money on a product. The return policy of the CozyPhones will give its buyers a 30-day window to return the product which has to be in the same condition as when they received it. That means that you should hold onto the original packaging until you’re 100 percent sure this is a keeper.

You will also require proof of purchase if you want to receive a refund. Take note that if the product is not in its original state, the company may decide to issue only a partial refund. It’s also very important to note that you can ask for a refund if the product doesn’t fit you. So even if you buy the wrong size or none of the available sizes are good for you, you won’t be losing any money.

As far as the warranty is concerned, you should know that there is a 180-days warranty that you can benefit from. That’s roughly half a year during which CozyPhones promises that your product will be in tip-top shape. We do feel that this warranty coverage is pretty short, but yet again this is a budget buy.


CozyPhones promises to ship their headphones free of charge to all US locations, and since they don’t offer any information about additional shipping fees to states like Alaska or Hawaii, it’s safe to assume that shipping is free for those residents as well.

You can also order your CozyPhones if you live outside the US. For example, those living in Canada can order directly from the company’s official website, but also by visiting their national Amazon store. UK orders can only be placed on Amazon UK, while those living in Australia can place their orders directly from the website.

The CozyPhones can also be shipped internationally. However, in order to do so, you will have to contact the support team and see what are the current shipping rates and potential custom taxes that you will have to pay if you decide to buy the CozyPhones from another country.



The CozyPhones headband with integrated speakers is a decent budget solution for those who simply can’t get used to using any other type of headphones out there. Designed with a pair of ultra-thin speakers and a material that’s soft on the outside and breathable on the inside, CozyPhones started off with a rather basic product and expanded its line of items with dozens of adorable models that are perfect for children.

Granted that these headphones aren’t the most technologically-advanced products in their category and there is still room for improvement, but they still manage to deliver what was promised considering their relatively low price. What started off as being a wired pair of headphones, the latest CozyPhones models now integrate Bluetooth technology that connects to your portable device without using any wires, which means fewer cords to bother you while you’re sleeping.