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If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already taken a moment to get to know this mattress. Winkbeds has created a product that can help you move around easily without causing significant issues for your sleep partner. If you’re ready to buy your Winkbeds, we’d like to help you save an extra $50. Just enter promo code Sleepjudge50 during checkout!

Four Firmness Options

  • Luxury Firm
    • Most popular option
    • Works well for the average shopper
    • Works well for sleep partners looking for a happy medium sleep solution
  • Soft
    • Works well for sleepers 130 pounds and less
    • Plusher surface allows lighter-weight adults to enjoy better contour
  • Firm
    • Good for people between around 130 to 300 pounds
    • Maximizes support in lumbar area
    • Prevents heavier areas of the body from sinking
  • Plus
    • Great for people over 300 pounds
    • Maximizes pressure relief and body support

Don’t Forget to Check Out the CoolControl Base

Before you buy your mattress, take a moment to check out the coolControl base. This product is made specifically for use with your new Winkbeds mattress, and it utilizes technology which allows for mattress temperature adjustments throughout the night. This addition could prove beneficial if you suffer significantly with hot sleeping. You can check out our full review to see how the mattress itself performs thermally as well as examine complete details before you buy.