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As you venture off on a quest to find the right mattress, there are numerous things you have to take into consideration. With so many quality products now on the market, it takes time and effort to ensure you set your sights on the right brand.

Coupon Code is SLNU125

If you sleep hot and appreciate a company that continues to support you even after you’ve made your purchase, the Nuvanna mattress is one to closely consider. This product is made using three-layer engineering that focuses on cooling, comfort, and support. Aside from being aesthetically-appealing, it goes a long way in providing customers excellent balance in overall comfort and support. If you decide it could be the answer to your nocturnal needs, we’d like to help you save with coupon code SLNU125!

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Excellence in Heat Transfer

Hot sleeping is more than an inconvenience. It can prevent you from entering the most restorative sleep stages. Because of this, finding a mattress capable of adequately transferring heat is of utmost importance. Considering a good mattress can last ten years, this can translate into hundreds of hours of subpar sleep.

During the course of my review of the Nuvanna mattress, I applied controlled testing of heat transfer capabilities. I found it to perform 30 percent better than other products I have tried out. It achieves this through a combination of

   TENCEL® fibers in the cover

   Change gel particles in the first layer

High-Quality Materials That Should Last


Considering you’re about to spend a significant amount of money on a new mattress, it’s important to have assurance it will stand the test of time. When analyzing durability, you want to look at the density of the foams used. In the case of the Nuvanna mattress, this was very easy. Many companies try to conceal this information, and it was encouraging to find Nuvanna lists these numbers very clearly on their website. Each of the three layers features a density at or above what you want for excellence in durability. When combined with their 10-year warranty, I think you have plenty of assurance that the Nuvanna mattress was built to last.

Excellent Support Even After You’ve Made Your Purchase

We’ve all been there. We work with a company that’s very responsive and answers all our questions. However, once we make a purchase… radio silence. When you work with Nuvanna, you can rest assured this won’t be the case. They invite you to be part of their very active community that focuses on helping you find balance in life both in and out of bed. Just some of the resources you’ll have access to include:

My experience with the Nuvanna mattress was a very positive one, and I encourage you to examine the results of my complete review of this product. It can clear up any questions you may have to help you make the most informed purchase.