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The online business model is taking off in the mattress industry, and it’s easy to see why. Manufacturers are able to cut costs along with the middleman. Nest recognized this early on in the game, and they were the first to introduce a mattress-in-a-box just for kids.

We were recently provided the Nest Big Kid’s Bed to try out, and my 10-year-old daughter has had a great experience on it so far. If you think your child will also appreciate the Energex foam in the comfort layer, we’d like to help you save even more. Just enter KIDS10 for a $10 discount… our reward to you for doing your research!

Coupon Code is KIDS10 for $10 off.

What is Energex?

Energex is a foam that works to offer the contour of memory foam without the common issues of feeling stuck and sleeping hot. It bounces back pretty quickly, but, when you lay down on it, you can feel it conform to the curves of your body.

A Mattress Made Just for Kids

The Big Kids Mattress was developed specifically with kids in mind. The densities found in both layers are promising, so the product should last. You may want to upgrade to something larger when your child gets into their teens. However, in cases of small kids like Jenna, I think it could be capable of offering proper support and comfort well into the teenage years.

If you need a little bit more information before making your purchase, be sure to check out our full review. Here, you can see the various tests we performed that demonstrate the product’s ability to breathe, more on firmness, and a whole lot more.