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Looking for a product that doesn’t skimp on responsiveness yet is still gentle to lie on? Look no further than the IDLE Sleep 14-inch hybrid mattress. This product combines coils and latex to balance out firm support to keep your spine aligned while conforming to your body and keeping pressure points at bay. Unlike sinky memory foam that can lead to excessive hug that makes mobility difficult, coils and latex give you that extra boost.

Unlike many companies that limit their warranty to 10 or even 20 years, IDLE Sleep confidently offers their customers a lengthy Lifetime Warranty. As long as you own your mattress, defects related to manufacturing issues are covered. When combined with their 120 night sleep trial that allows for no-questions-asked returns, you really have nothing to lose to try out this product for yourself!

Is IDLE Sleep’s Hybrid Mattress Right for You?

Not quite sure if you’re ready to make your purchase? It’s definitely good to do your homework, and we’ve tested this product out so you can take it for a virtual “test drive.” I encourage you to take a look at our full review if you want to learn exactly what to expect. In a nutshell, the 14-inch hybrid mattress by IDLE Sleep could be a great fit if you:

  • Like options when it comes to firmness
  • Enjoy a product that offers both cooling and heating features
  • Have trouble moving around or getting in and out of bed
  • Like a mattress with great responsiveness

Two Firmness Options in One Mattress

Many shoppers, especially sleep partners, settle for a medium mattress in terms of firmness. Not only is this the most common option amongst the newer online mattress companies, but it also caters to the average person. Trouble is, we’re not all average people. Heavier folks often benefit from a firmer sleep surface. Those who don’t carry much weight and children, on the other hand, can have trouble interacting with the deeper comfort layers on firm products. 

With the IDLE Sleep 14-inch hybrid mattress, you don’t have to choose just one firmness. By flipping this product over, you get to take advantage of two:

  • Medium- great fit for sleep partners with varied needs
  • Luxury firm- excellent option for those who need extra support for proper alignment and comfort

During your trial, you have plenty of time to try out each side. I’d suggest flipping the mattress two months after purchase. Remember, it can take up to 30 days to adjust to a new sleep surface, so give yourself plenty of time to figure out what you like. With two firmness options, this is a great opportunity to do just that!

IDLE Foam Technology for Great Breathability

Hot sleepers have three good reasons to be excited about IDLE Sleep’s hybrid mattress:

  1. Coils sleep cool by design.
  2. Latex is a natural material that is among the most breathable in the industry.
  3. IDLE created their very own foam technology that strategically places holes in the material to aid in air flow.

In our full review, we examined IDLE’s hybrid mattress for heat transfer capability. The results were pretty impressive. We also took a look at:

  • The full layer lineup
  • Durability expectations
  • Edge support
  • Performance and feel
  • Motion transfer
  • Maintenance tips and tricks
  • And much more!

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