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Mars mattress with the app box (blue) place on the bed in a room with blue walls and a wooden bedframeHas it been awhile since you last mattress shopped? If so, you’ll be surprised with how drastically things have changed. Today, you can match yourself with a quality sleep product without ever leaving your home. Aside from this, there are also new technologies available to help you take advantage of the most advanced sleep ever before made possible.

Of all the mattresses I’ve tried out, Eight offers the most in terms of technology. I had the chance to try out their sleep tracker about nine months ago. This product records information like:

  • Heart rate
  • Respiration
  • Bed and room temperature
  • REM sleep

Over the past two years, Eight has collected two hundred billion data points, and they have used this information to create a new app: the AI-Powered Sleep Coach. Combined with the Mar+ mattress, you’re in for a truly unique experience, and we can help you save $50! Just type in coupon code THESLEEPJUDGE at checkout.

Use Code THESLEEPJUDGE for $50 Off.

Hug of Foam with Bounce of Latex

You need some bounce to facilitate movement, and you also want some hug for comfort. However, you don’t want too much of either. The first two inches of the Mars+ mattress is made of reactive foam, and it’s specially-designed to bounce like latex and hug like foam. It works really well with the next two inch layer of comfort transition foam that relieves pressure in the hips and back. This unique comfort zone makes the Mars+ mattress a great consideration for side sleepers.

New Addition to Your Smart Home

It seems like there are new smart devices introduced every day. The AI-Powered Sleep Coach is one that can truly improve your quality of life and is an excellent new addition to your smart home. It can do everything from turn off the lights when you fall asleep to get your coffee brewing in the morning. Some of the individual-specific advice it can offer includes:

  • Amount of additional sleep time necessary to get appropriate REM sleep
  • Average sleep for the month
  • Average tossing and turning and how this measures up to the average sleeper
  • How quickly you rise after waking up

This technology allows you to pick up on habits, both good and bad, to help you better understand your sleep habits.

Is the Mars+ Smart Mattress Right for You?

We understand that the investment in a mattress is a big one. It’s also a purchase that makes a big difference in your quality of life each and every day. If you’re not quite sure yet, check out our full review. We provide in-depth information and testing that can help make the choice more clear. In a nutshell, though, the Mars+ Smart mattress could be for you if:

  • You’re a stomach sleeper
  • You prefer a slightly plusher product
  • You weight up to 300 pounds
  • You rely on good edge support
  • You have a sleep partner and rely on low motion transfer