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Capser Wave Mattress, hero shot in a white room and a blue blanket laid on the bedA restful night’s sleep can bring new light to even the most stressful situations. Finding the right mattress that will allow you to do that can be more valuable than you first realize. Many of us haven’t ever had a bed we were truly compatible with, but the online mattress industry is changing that.

You can easily shop around in the comfort of your home. If you carry a lot of weight and/or suffer with painful pressure points, the Casper Wave could prove to be just what you’ve been looking for. We’d like to help you save $200… just type in coupon code SleepJudge at checkout!

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Hyper Targeted Support™ for Added Comfort

The Wave mattress incorporates precision contouring through the use of 36 to 38 polymer channel inserts located between the comfort and support zones. They are specially-designed to provide targeted firmness that alleviates pressure in the shoulder area and encourages proper spinal alignment.

This type of accommodation is relatively common in innerspring products. They do so through zoning where you’ll find different levels of support in three to five areas of the mattress. It’s not often that you find an all-foam product that offers this type of accommodation. This makes the Casper Wave a great option for heavier people who want something that’s not excessively bouncy but still considers pressure points.

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Innovative Five-Layer Construction

The Casper Wave is made up of five layers, and they incorporate innovative strategy to maximize comfort and support. As a hybrid product, the main goal is to combine layers in a way that accentuates positive material features while diluting negative aspects.

For example, memory foam is often associated with excessive sinkage and difficulty moving while latex can be too bouncy. When you put these two materials together, you get a combined unit that offers great contour with appropriate bounce. The five layers of the Casper Wave include:

  • 1 inch weightless Flo Foam
  • 1 ½ inches latex
  • 1 ½ inches memory foam
  • 1 ½ inches high-resiliency foam with polymer channel inserts
  • 5 ½ inches contour-cut support foam

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Great for Stomach or Back Sleepers

Jess sleeping on her stomach on a casper wave mattress

The Casper Wave comes in one firmness setting, and it’s just slightly firmer than a medium. This makes it more appropriate for people who carry more weight and/or sleep on their stomachs or backs. While this firmness level isn’t typically ideal for side sleepers, the inclusion of the polymer channel inserts helps reduce the shoulder pressure this usually causes.

Could the Casper Wave be Right for You?

As you prepare to make your mattress purchase, there are so many things to consider. This is a pretty big investment, and you want to make sure you get it right. Having tried this product out, I think it could be for you if you carry a lot of weight and/or suffer with pressure points. You will also appreciate its excellent motion isolation if you have a sleep partner.

If you’re not quite sure yet, take a few minutes to read our full review. We have thoroughly tested this product and can help answer your questions before you buy.