Comforter VS Quilt: Which is Best?

Updated May 18, 2020

As the warmer months of the year approach, you may find yourself in limbo between the proper bedding materials. It’s too hot for a heavy blanket, but also maybe too cool at night for a sheet, so what is the ideal bedding? When it comes to having to choose between a comforter and a quilt, for example, you may be confused about what is more appropriate.

The good news is you don’t have to put away either of these bedding options. Some people just like to crank up the air conditioning at night and fall blissfully asleep under some cozy bedding. If you aren’t sure which to choose when it comes to a comforter vs. quilt, we have laid out a few defining characteristics for both so you can choose which will work best for you!

Comforter VS Quilt Comparison

Comforter Quilt
Usually a lighter material Heavier, softer padding
Usually comes in a set Has a wide variety of colors and patterns
Can be found in many retail stores Can be easily personalized if a custom job
Is easy to wash and care for Sturdier materials
Is a good choice for children’s rooms Can be a bit heavier for extra warmth

Why a Comforter or Quilt?

With so many different bedding options out there, you may find yourself wondering why the best option would be a comforter or a quilt. The fact remains that you can choose any type of bedding that fits with your lifestyle, but a comforter or a quilt are both pretty standard in the bedroom. For example, almost any retail store will carry a comforter by itself or even a comforter set that comes complete with sham covers and maybe even some curtains.

Quilts also offer the ease of being purchased in major retail stores, and although they may not come in a set like a comforter, quilts often come in bright, vibrant colors and can add a lot of style into space. It’s not uncommon to find a quilt as an accent piece to a bedroom when not in use. Quilts also make pretty great throws, so if you have a fashionable chair, for example, a nice quilt will bring out the colors of a room.

So, Which is Better?

When it comes between a comforter and a quilt, neither one of them is necessarily better than the other. They both have their winning factors; it just depends on what the sleeper is coziest with. A quilt is typically layered with heavy textiles and a softer layer or cotton, down feathers or another fill in between for extra warmth and breathability. A comforter is typically filled between two sheets with polyfill or a lighter, gauzier material that does provide warmth but isn’t as heavy.



Comforters range anywhere from $25 to $80 – with $80 being a luxury item. Typically, the standard for a good comforter is set at about $35.

Feature and Maintenance

Comforters are typically made from a gauzier material in between thinner layers of cloth or sheets. The more expensive the comforter, the more ornate or heavier the materials can get. It’s not uncommon to use a comforter as an accent piece for a bedroom – so sometimes comforters will be decorated with beads, buttons, or interesting shapes and patterns. Most comforters can be washed in a standard sized washer and dryer, depending on the size.


If purchased from a major retail store, most comforters can be returned within a certain amount of time if they are clean and relatively unused. Always check your store policy beforehand to make sure you understand the return policies of that specific store.

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A standard quilt will cost you about $40. The higher quality quilts do start to range at $99, but the more common quilts you can find in a retail store range from $35 to $40.

Features and Maintenance

The quilt is typically a sewn, layered blanket with heavier textiles sandwiched in between. Quilts are more commonly used in the wintertime to keep warm, but there are plenty of modern versions of quilts that are built with more breathable fabrics and lighter textiles. A quilt is a bit heavier, so you may need to wash these in a larger machine you’d find at a laundromat. You will need to check the care settings on each quilt to see the care settings for each.


Much like comforters, quilts, if purchased at a retail or home store, can most likely be returned if they do not meet your specifications. If the product is relatively unused and not dirty, you should have no problem returning the item in the appropriate return time frame. Check your store policy before purchasing any item to make sure you fully understand the return policies.


No matter which you choose, the comforter or the quilt, always make sure to check out the feel of the product. Make sure that the product is meeting all your expectations and will be a good fit for your life. Make sure to read the descriptions to make sure the product is free of any allergen producing materials that you may be sensitive to.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is if you’re looking for a lighter material, a comforter maybe your summer go-to, while a quilt is sure to keep you toasty even with the air conditioning on full blast. A quilt is also a great staple to have for the harsher, colder months since they are a bit heavier and will provide a bit more warmth. If you want a cozy blanket to cozy up on the couch with a good book, a comforter would probably make a better fit.

Ultimately, do what makes you comfortable! There are so many styles and fabrics to choose from when it comes to a comforter vs. quilt, so you have a lot of different options. Comforters and quilts are not going out of style anytime soon, so you have plenty of time to find the perfect one!