How to Choose Between a Comforter vs Coverlet

Updated June 10, 2020

Updating the bedroom and finding a new comforter or coverlet can be a fun experience. It can, however, be a bit overwhelming, especially if you aren’t sure which one is better for your space. There are tons of options out there, but which is really the better choice? A lot of that question comes down to you and what your specifications are.

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When it comes to a comforter vs coverlet, what are the differences? Are there any major things you should take into consideration before deciding? Whether you prefer cotton, silk, polyester or wool, both of these types of bedding come in so many textiles, colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. Don’t get too overwhelmed, however, as this could be a really easy decision if you know what you’re looking for.

Comforter vs Coverlet Comparison

Comforter Coverlet
Thicker, warmer material Thinner, cooler material
Good for decor and use Great as a throw and bedspread all year long
Easy to care for Durable and lightweight


A Lot to Love

When it comes to a comforter vs coverlet, there are truly a lot of similarities. Both a comforter and a coverlet have all kinds of patterns and designs that can really add to a bedroom. There are hundreds of color schemes and decor designs that you could follow and plenty of each (comforters and coverlets) that could seamlessly fit any type of theme. A bonus is that both comforter and coverlets can come in sets with matching sheets, bed skirts, and curtains, so that could also take some fuss out of decorating or redecorating a bedroom.

While both are so versatile, the actual construction of these two bedding toppers could be a determining factor. While a comforter is warmer and thicker, a coverlet is a bit thinner and much more lightweight. While comforters are typically filled with down feathers or polyester filling, a coverlet is typically sandwiched between a very thin layer of cotton, or no filling whatsoever.

Why Either?

Choosing between a comforter and a coverlet could be difficult because each one has its valuable properties. A comforter is pretty standard when it comes to new bedding because they are easy to find, can keep you warm all year long, and are really easy to care for. A coverlet is pretty much the same, with the only difference being in the material. A coverlet is thinner, which is perfect for those long, warm summer nights, but may not be so great for the wintertime if you live in an especially cold area. The same could be said about comforters during the summer, as the thicker material could be too hot and uncomfortable to sleep.

Since no two comforters or coverlets are the same, you have access to thousands of different types of textiles, materials, and thicknesses of each, so you have a lot of options to sift through. Both are highly durable products and should be able to be cared for in an easy way.


— Price

A standard comforter will start around $30, while a higher-end comforter could start at around $100. If you purchase a comforter with a lot of beading or extra design elements, it will naturally be more expensive. Also, if you choose to buy a comforter set with matching elements, you can expect a set to start around $150. There are plenty of options to choose from, however, so you can find a set or single comforter that will match your budget.

— Features and Maintenance

Since a standard comforter is filled with polyester fill, wool or down, you could essentially wash the cover in a standard washing machine and even dry it in a commercial dryer. The more elaborate comforters will need to be cared for in a different way, as embellishments or the fill could come off of the comforter itself. Always read your care instructions before attempting to wash the comforter on your own.

— Warranty

Since comforters can be found at almost every home bedding store, you’d just to make sure you understand that particular department store’s warranties and refund policies beforehand. There is usually a pretty concrete and evident policy, but if you aren’t sure, there’s always a customer service department that can answer any questions you may have.

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— Price

Just because coverlets are typically thinner in construct, that doesn’t mean that they will necessarily be cheaper than a comforter. A standard coverlet will cost about $25 to $30. If you are more interested in a coverlet that comprises microfibers or other fancier materials, you can expect a coverlet to start around $40. Of course, the size factor could raise or lower the price, but that’s a pretty standard expense when it comes to bedding materials.

— Features and Maintenance

The great thing about coverlets is that they are super easy to care for. Most coverlets can be washed in-home washing and drying machines, but of course, there could be the occasional exception. If you have a larger coverlet, for example, your machine may not be able to support the size. Just like the comforters, always check the care tag before you try to wash or dry the coverlet as they are all different.

— Warranty

Just like the comforter, the warranty will depend on the store that you purchase it from. Before you buy, just make sure that you are aware of all policies and procedures and you’re shopping experience should be a breeze.

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As you can see, there is a lot to love about both comforters and coverlets, but the real decision will come to you once you know which one, you’ll be more comfortable with. If you aren’t in a time crunch, take a little extra time to feel each out to help you come to a better decision. You definitely will not be disappointed by either, but everyone has their preferences.

Just remember – a comforter is a bit thicker than a coverlet, so if you are shopping for a particular season or time of year, keep that in mind.