The Best Cheap Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Life gets pretty hectic sometimes. With the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day grind, you can often lose that romantic touch with your partner. It’s not uncommon, in fact, it happens to a lot of people through time. This doesn’t mean there’s no way to spark that initial romance you felt toward each other.

Through this article, you will discover some of the best ways to help romance up the bedroom without spending too much money. These are some of the best, cheap romantic bedroom ideas you can try, so have a look and see which one stands out!

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#1. Stylish Bed

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This upscale romantic bedroom is all the proof you need to validate that you don’t need to spend so much money on a romantic bedroom space. This bed is decorated relatively simply, but adds a great feel to the room. It’s amazing what you can do with some gauzy material to drape along the bed and some mood lighting.

#2. Romantic Bedroom Design

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So just because you want to make a space more romantic, that doesn’t need you need to douse it with rose petals and candles. In this more intimate setting, plenty of cozy bedding sets the stage for this romantic retreat. The more cozy and inviting a space is, the more likely it is that your partner will want to stop and appreciate a tender moment together.

#3. Curtain Headboard

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This curtain headboard with an inspirational, romantic saying is a great way to help remind each other of the important things in life. Adding a romantic quote surrounded by delicate, gauzy curtains is an extra touch that will surely be the cause of more kisses and hugs throughout the day.


#4. Romantic String Lights

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This romantic string lights idea is so gorgeous and definitely won’t cost you much to execute. This makes the room look whimsical and vibrant, even though they are just tiny string lights. You can easily arrange the lights to adhere to your specific taste or decorative theme since the lights are so versatile.

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#5. Lofty Canopy Bed

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This lofty canopy bed sits an inviting space with all that cozy fabric and fluffy pillows. This is a bed setup that makes you just want to stop and cuddle. The color scheme here is also pretty neutral – plenty of white tones and crisp blues to make the space a clear and open area.


#6. Background with Lights

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Another great concept you can pull off with the help of string lights, this bedroom features a cozy background area, too. The darker shade of the fabric against the wall helps bring in darker tones that are what make those romantic moments extra romantic.


#7. Soft Lighting

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There is so much that you can do with string lights, but don’t forget about the traditional lure of the tender glow from candle light. Using candles, even incorporated with string lights, can make a space cozy, calm and inviting to romantic concepts. You just can’t go wrong with these combos.

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#8. Flower String Lights

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These flowery string lights really add to this calming environment. What’s super great about this concept is that string lights don’t cost much at all, and you can either purchase the lights with flowers already attached to them or simply buy a regular string of lights and attach your own flowers.


#9. Special Occasion Roses

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So, even though roses can be a bit cliché, who doesn’t love receiving them? If it’s an especially romantic occasion, like an anniversary or a birthday, why not splurge and cover the bed in rose petals? It’s a go-to idea for a reason since roses are the most romantic flower and are absolutely gorgeous.


#10. Fairy Tale Canopy

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This fairy-tale canopy bed is a truly gorgeous way to add some lustre into the bedroom. Even if you don’t have a four post bed, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a lofty canopy with some ingenuity. Simply attach a gauzy sheet or curtain to the ceiling and create your own canopy with ease.


#11. Flower Garland

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Spruce up the bedroom and create a simple, romantic space by adding some dried flowers into the mix. You can either use dried flowers or silk flowers if you want them to last longer. The draped look from the flowers will create a romantic space that definitely won’t cost you much money.


#12. Towel Origami

Some of the most romantic hotels in the world have mastered the art of towel origami. It’s really not as hard as it looks and you can easily find some help from the internet in finding out how to make a romantic towel companion such as this pair of loving swans. Don’t forget the rose petals!


#13. Color and Light

This may seem like a super simple concept, but there is something romantic about a really good color and light combo. Take this image, for example – the lighting seems to just bounce off of these vibrant colors. The whole scene is clean and uniformed, which adds some ease into the space.


#14. Gauzy Curtains with Roses

These are some of the best, cheap romantic bedroom ideas you can try.

The gauzier the fabric, the better. In this wonderful bedroom concept, gauzy material is used to create a lofty curtained look around this bed. Whether you have a four post bed or not, you can easily recreate this gorgeous scene by tufting the fabric from the ceiling. The roses are an extra nice touch that are sure to help set the mood.


#15. Fairy Lights

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Much like string lights, these tiny fairy lights are the sparkling, tiny version that literally look like stars cast throughout the bedroom. Since they are so small, they seem to twinkle thought the space and give that illusion of looking up at the night sky.


#16. Living Room Romance

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If its date night and the kids are away, why not take full advantage of the potentially romantic situation? Create an adult tent complete with a gorgeous blanket canopy and plenty of string lights. Don’t forget to splurge a little on that fantastic bottle of wine so that you can sip and reconnect in this tent built for two.


#17. Bohemian Romance

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It may not seem like there is much romance to be found in this bedroom, but the clean look to it is romance in itself. Since life gets so busy and couples often find it hard to find time to reconnect, having a clean, nicely decorate space to sit and talk about each other’s days may be the best kind of romantic outlet.


#18. Rustic Romance

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This more rustic romantic bedroom idea incorporates plenty of intriguing lighting and lots of interesting décor. The bird cages in the back of this bedroom are truly unique and can help inspire that romantic feeling into the space. Uniqueness in the bedroom is never a bad way to generate romance.


#19. Scattered Rose Petals

A recurring theme in the romance department, and for good reason, rose petals are the star of the show when it comes to romance. Scatter them about a bedroom setting or even create a rose petal path for your lover to follow if you are feeling extra romantic and want to make it clear that you need some alone time tougher.



So, what do you think? Which of these cheaper romantic ideas do you like the best? Do you prefer doing something for a more special occasion or do you want to inspire more romance within the bedroom on a daily level? Whatever you choose, there are so many ideas here that will surely help spark inspiration and get you on your romantic way!

Have any experience in decorating a bedroom to generate more romance? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to share your experiences within the comments section so that we can all get in on this conversation.