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30 of the Best Celebrity Bedroom Ideas

In a world where celebs do seem to have it all, but we can’t help but drool over their lifestyle choices. Today, we’re going to feast our eyes on the private room of some of the world’s most famous celebrities, but not before we do our own imagination exercise to try and picture what each bedroom would look like before actually seeing it. There are some major surprises (and big names) to come, so grab a bowl of ice-cream and let’s get snooping.

#1. The Kool Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian’s master bedroom is right at the border between romantic and glamorous. The right shapes and textures, paired with a “Love Me” neon sign give out of the feeling of coziness and good taste. To add luxury to the bedroom, there’s a very tasteful choice of bronze and platinum, which make a bold, yet elegant statement.

#2. Pretty Little Bedroom

There’s definitely something about Ian Harding that makes us want to go “awww” and it’s not just that handsome face. In his rustic canyon retreat, Harding hides a gorgeous chic bedroom that’s stylish and exquisite. With the wooden accent and greenish nature embellishments, this is definitely the kind of room you’d want to spend your weekends in.

#3. Catcher in the Light

If you’ve ever wondered what’s hidden inside the bedroom walls of an interior designer, Kelly Wearstler’s family retreat bedroom is definitely a masterpiece worth mentioning. The chromatic combination invites natural light to shine through the decor elements, while the wall painting patterns create a wonderful contrast. Everything about the arrangement is both abstract and somehow very well organized.

#4. Luscious Luxury

Straight out of a luxury hotel bedroom, we find ourselves in the nocturnal retreat of singer John Mayer. With elements by Armani and Benjamin Moore, the bedroom is full of light and spotless in terms of color combinations. The Andy Warhol print adds a touch of feminism to the limited chromatic scheme of the bedroom.

#5. Hooray for Hilary

Hilary Swank’s bedroom is basically a room fit for a queen. The canopy elements of the bed are replicated in the curtain decor, covering tall arched windows. The entire setting is reminiscent of a palace while keeping things in the lowest spectrum of the color scheme. The setting is dreamy… and pretty much what you’d expect to see in a home that costs $9.5M.

#6. Trump Card or Jack of All Trades?

Hands up if you’re curious about how the daughter of the world’s most powerful president dozes off into the night! Ivanka Trump’s bedroom is a great example of good taste, combining a custom-made headboard upholstered with alpaca velvet, while the ebonized side wood tables are just waiting to be discovered.

#7. Tropical Tenderness

If there was ever a time to go crazy over a fashion designer’s bedroom, this would be it. The Montauk getaway owned by Ralph Lauren is basically a gem hidden in the heart of a tropical wonderland, with a bedroom that combines romantic curtains and rattan furniture. Needless to say, the cotton bed curtains are made by the master himself.

#8. Friends…with Benefits

Former “Friends” superstar Jennifer Aniston isn’t just darn right pretty, she has impeccable interior decoration tastes as well. The light of her NYC bedroom is combined with simple, yet tasteful elements that are filled with personality. The zebra-printed footrest does hand-in-hand with the way-shaped rug, while the portraits on the walls are symmetrically arranged, to create the perfect balance.

#9. Designing Done Right

We had high expectations digging into the bedroom of Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler, in hopes of finding something as eccentric as they are. The bold yellow on the walls is definitely in a power contrast with the shiny silver tiles that decorate the canopy bed poles. To top it off, there’s a giant silver dollar replica hanging right above the bed. Did not disappoint.

#10. And the Oscar Goes To…

Not sure which part of Leonardo DiCaprio’s bedroom deserves an Oscar first. Maybe it that’s gorgeous fireplace right at the foot of the bed. Or it could be river stone wall surrounding it. Oh, or it could be the smooth spot lights that create a relaxing atmosphere. There’s something modern, yet very Gatsby about it.

#11. Sex and the Witty

Candace Bushnell, author of the award-winning series “Sex in the City”, is someone we always pictured in an outrageously scandalous bedroom. The design, however, was nothing short of amazing. Instead of filling with drama, her bedroom uses basic furniture, with muted tones. The combination between tones of brown and white are simple, yet intriguing

#12. From Twilight Till Dawn

If it’s a rustic decor you’re after, you’ll absolutely love Robert Pattinson’s bedroom. The wooden floors are in perfect combination with the wooden ceiling. The simple desk leads us daydreaming to a romantic scene, with a poet grabbing his quill and wondering away to new imagination realms.

#13. Lay Off of My Blue Velvet Chairs

There was something so very bachelor about Alec Baldwin, but it’s definitely not his bedroom. Everything about this bedroom reminds us of a dreamy bridesmaid’s photoshoot, combining beautiful shades of blue and teal with simple, white walls. The Daniel Romanoff blue velvet club chairs are the absolute centerpiece of the bedroom.

#14. Back to Basics

Picture an empty studio apartment room, with brick walls and large windows, decorated with vintage furniture. The result? Pretty much Vanessa Carlton’s bedroom. It’s astounding. It’s the kind of decor that makes you feel like time stood still and you’ll never grow old. The accent wall and hardwood floors are only outmatched by the mismatching side tables.

#15. Take Me Hathaway

If the walls of Anne’s Hathaway bedroom were pink, this would be exactly the bedroom of a princess. The outline of the room is simple, yet astonishingly beautiful. The headboard matches the small ebony table lying at the foot of the bed, the giant mirror gives a sense of more space, and there’s also the simple yet make-up table: it all seems part of a fairy-tale decor.

#16. Bedroom Glam

There’s really no better way to describe Cameron Diaz’s bedroom than glamorous and chic. It combines a ruched skirt that dresses the bed, with silk linens worthy of the blonde goddess that Cameron has always been. To top it off, we spotted the plush mohair chair that’s so milky white, you almost don’t want to sit on it.

#17. Pitch White Light

White lovers, look no further. Step into the bedroom of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi to witness the beauty that lies in simplicity. The bed bears the mark of Jay Holman while being covered with soft Matteo linen. To top it off, there’s vintage linen that gives the bedroom a traditional look.

#18. Hilary Swag

Yes, she’s back into our list with another one of her bedroom decors. Simple, yet exquisite, this setting beads Calvin Klein Home items, with a combination of vintage items (like the lamps and side table), is ever so dreamy. The only thing missing is a floral touch next to the bed. Oh, wait…

#19. Baby’s Back, Alright!

Former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter sure has one lucky baby. Little Odin’s nursery is a sight for sore eyes, combining bedding items from New Arrival’s Tori Swaim, with a steampunk flying machine wallpaper that’s out of this world. And what could be cooler than spelling out the baby’s name with awesome metal letters?

#20. She’s Got the Look

The only thing better than looking at Megan Fox… is looking at Megan Fox’s superb bedroom decor. The sleigh-type bed is complemented by the drawers in matching colors. The glass doors and windows are covered by silky curtains and the vaulted ceiling is just the final drop of modernism that this entire decor needed.

#21. Out-of-This-World Elegance

Remember “Armageddon” director Michael Bay? After gazing into this bedroom, you sure won’t forget about him any time soon. There’s an onyx backlit wall that partially covers the bath, which is perfectly matched with the oak paneled walls. The pièce de résistance of the whole thing are the Christian Liaigre console table and bench.

#22. Bed-room Uh-La-La

We’re absolutely ga-ga over Lady Gaga’s bedroom. There’s a soothing combination between tones of white, gray and beige. The canopy bed is a romantic element that we always love to see, especially when paired with a set of white covers. The rustic chandelier matches the simple color scheme of the room, but there’s somehow nothing simple about it.

#23. Kan-ye Sleep in Here?

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, but don’t bad-mouth her interior designing tastes. The bedroom she shares with Kanye features a sleigh bed with a touch of lilac upholstery. The nightstands are dark, with intricate designs on the front panel. The white armchairs beautifully match the wooden beams that traverse the wall, while the added throw pillow on the edge of the window is definitely cute.

#24. I Slept All Night

You’ve guessed it, we’re moving on to Celine Dion’s bedroom. We expected to be greeted by tall white walls and huge windows with red velvet drapes falling all the way down to the floor. Instead, this bedroom showed us another side of Celine. The wenge and dark chocolate furniture is complemented by the brown linen and the bole fluffy carpet. Best description? Modern gangster luxury bedroom.

#25. Legend-wait for it-ary

We knew that John Legend and Chrissy Teigen were kinda like royalty but that bedroom look… we never saw that coming. The leather wrapped bed is something out of adult movie (not a bad thing, really) and feels very masculine to say the list. The opposing wall is filled with colorful butterfly art, surrounding a wall-mounted TV set.

#26. Runaway Bedroom

Julia Roberts’ bedroom is very… Julia Roberts. It’s simple and romantic, decorated in good taste and matching her free personality. The thick-edged black mirror compliments the all-white walls. Underneath it lied a glass table that’s matched with a white armchair, to create an inviting sleeping setup.

Celebrity Baby Bedrooms

#27. Less Is More

And this statement couldn’t be any truer, especially when you look at Tia Mowry’s nursery, which is the very definition of class. The simple white and wenge combo amazes through the details of the set up. The canvases adorning the walls are hung with adorable ribbons, while the golden crown emblem adorns the baby’s crib.

#28. You Snooze, You Win

Or “You’re Christina Aguilera’s baby, you win”. Her baby’s bedroom is sprayed with vivid colors, wallpapers and wall stickers that spruce up the place to the point where even a grown up would love some play time in there. The tall room is a burst of colorful imagination, with a play table in the middle, white drawers and a light blue armchair that we’re pretty sure is used during story-time.

#29. Alba Waiting for You

Jessica Alba has always inspired a certain finesse, and that finesse is most definitely reflected in her baby’s nursery. Featuring a Stokke crib front and center, the room is lit up by the soothing colors and white painted wall trees. The simple light blue shelves are a perfect place to store story books, while the center carpet has a chromatic combination fit for a baby prince.

#30. Baby’s Got Blues

Jessica Simpson’s baby room has BOY written all over it. The different shades of light blue are comforting and inviting, with different matching elements, such as blue flowers and a light blue rug. While the furniture bought for this nursery isn’t pretentious, we give Simpson five stars for her baby bedroom decorating tastes.


When you have so much money available to spend on interior design, it basically becomes a battle in which everyone is trying to prove they have the better tastes (or the number of a better designer). But we’re curious to know, which is your favorite setup in this bedroom titan celebrity race? We’re betting on Celine. Come one, you didn’t expect that design either, did you? Remember to like and share, it keeps the internet aware!