The Pros & Cons: DreamCloud Mattress VS Casper Mattress

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In the past, mattresses were usually made with only one material. It could have been memory foam, coil springs, or even latex material. In recent years, however, mattress companies are innovating and coming up with mattresses that are made with hybrid material to provide optimal support and comfort. These mattresses are usually created after feedback from sleepers and many years of technological research. Utilizing this research, the companies aim to create a mattress that caters to different sleep preferences and provide relaxing and restorative sleep.

Dreamcloud vs Casper Comparison

DreamCloud Mattress
The Casper Mattress
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Layers Used8 layers
  • Cashmere polyester blend cover
  • gel infused memory foam
  • soft memory foam
  • natural latex
  • support foam
  • dense foam
  • micro coil compression system
  • and high-density foam
5 layers
  • Cover
  • Breathable open-cell foam
  • High-density foam
  • Zoned transition foam
  • and durable support foam
Height15 inches10 inches
FirmnessLuxury firmMedium
Motion TransferGoodFair
Trial Period365 nights100 nights
WarrantyLifetime Warranty10 years
Pricing (Queen)USD 1,199 with monthly payments available (originally USD 1,399 but they’ve got a special now)USD 995 with monthly payments available
ShippingFree shipping (some remote locations may require shipping fees). They only ship to the United StatesFree shipping
Only ships to the United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom

A Breakdown of the DreamCloud Mattress


The DreamCloud Mattress is a total of 15 inches and is made up of 8 separate layers that are constructed with a wide variety of materials such as latex, foundational foam, and even memory foam. Either than these 8 layers, the DreamCloud model also comes with a cover that’s made of cashmere for added softness. These layers all work together to provide optimal comfort and support for the sleeper and allow restorative and restful sleep. The DreamCloud even has a unique feature called the BestRest coil system which helps to provide additional support to the sleeper.

As most mattresses – especially memory foam – have a tendency to overheat at night, the DreamCloud aims to resolve this issue with foams that are breathable to keep you feeling cool. The company also only uses premium quality foam that is long-lasting and usually found in pricier mattresses. As a bonus, the DreamCloud Mattress also comes with both an unlimited warranty and a 365-night sleep trial for you to test out the bed.

• Top Layer – Cashmere polyester blend cover

The first layer of the DreamCloud bed is a soft cover that’s made of a cashmere and polyester blend. As cashmere is known to be cooler than foam or cotton, you’ll be kept cool and comfortable at night. The cover is also especially handmade and is both premium quality and durable.

• Second Layer – Gel-infused memory foam

The second layer of the DreamCloud bed is made of comfortable memory foam that’s specially infused with a cooling gel. Similar to other memory foam mattresses, the material helps to provide both contouring as well as additional support.

• Third Layer –Soft memory foam

After a layer of gel-infused memory, the third layer of the DreamCloud Mattress is another layer of memory foam. This foam layer helps to provide sleepers with additional comfort as you slowly sink into the soft memory foam. While you do get that subtle sink in feeling, you won’t have to worry about sinking into the bed as the latex layer helps to provide added support and bounce.

• Fourth Layer –Natural Latex

The fourth layer of the DreamCloud model is made of natural latex material. This material isn’t just durable, it’s also hypoallergenic and is uniquely made with both coils and memory foam. The natural latex material also provides an additional bounce and is responsive to each individual sleeper’s body type.

• Fifth Layer – Support memory foam

After the memory foam and latex, you get a layer of support memory foam in the fifth layer. This memory foam material is high-density to provide additional support to your body and enhanced contouring.

• Sixth Layer – Dense memory foam

The sixth layer of the DreamCloud bed is constructed with memory foam that’s denser than that of the fifth layer. With this layer of dense memory foam, it helps to further support the sleeper and the mattress. It will also contour to each individual sleeper no matter their body type and sleep position preference.

• Seventh Layer – a Micro coil compression system

The seventh layer of the DreamCloud Mattress is constructed with a unique micro coil compression system that helps provide the sleeper with the right amount of support. The coils allow air to flow freely and provides added flexibility. With the flexible coils, it helps to provide pressure point relief along with contouring and offers decent spinal alignment support. The coils also help to absorb movement – so you won’t have to worry about being woken up by your sleep partner’s tossing and turning at night.

• Eighth Layer – High-density memory foam

The final layer of the DreamCloud model is another layer of high-density memory foam that provides overall support for the entire bed. It supports the other seven layers and also helps in absorbing movement.

The Firmness

As the DreamCloud bed is made with different materials from latex to memory foam, it strikes a balance in its firmness level and provides optimal comfort. Since most sleepers prefer mattresses that are of a medium firmness level, the DreamCloud model comes in the perfect firmness level of 7.5 on the firmness scale.

While you’ll get the softness from the memory foam as you get that slow sink in feeling, you’ll also get a little bounce from the individual coils along with the latex layer. Since the firmness level is a little above average, it’s great for individuals that sleep on their back, stomach or side.


Since the DreamCloud Mattress is made with different distinct layers, you’ll notice how all of them work together in providing ultimate comfort. You’ll start off by noticing the softness of the memory foam and that slow sink in feeling. You won’t feel stuck in the bed, however, as the coils and latex will provide you with additional support.

Unique Features

• Made of 8 distinct layers

The DreamCloud model is made with 8 distinct layers – setting it apart from many other mattresses. It’s also a whopping 15 inches thick which is considerably thicker than other mattresses. With the 8 distinct layers, you’ll reap the benefits of each distinct layer and find a nice balance between soft memory foam and firmer latex. Each of the layers also works with each other to provide the ultimate sleep haven for the sleeper. You’ll be able to appreciate the various layers from the softness of the memory foam to the bounciness of the latex that’ll provide you with the perfect sleep.

A Breakdown of the Casper Mattress


Similar to the DreamCloud Mattress, the Casper Mattress is also constructed with different types of materials to create the ultimate sleep haven. However, unlike the DreamCloud Mattress, the Casper bed has 4 different layers instead of 8 different layers. The Casper model also has a uniquely incorporated feature called zoned support. This feature is part of the Casper Mattress’s transition foam layer and features a softer foam and a firmer foam. While the softer foam helps to provide additional support to the shoulder area, the firmer foam supports the lumbar region. The zoned support feature aims to target areas of the body that require additional comfort and support.

While zoned support is certainly a standout feature of the Casper Mattress, it is also made with different types of foam to make it supremely comfortable. There’s the comfort foam that’s made of latex like material for an added bounce, and even a memory foam layer to provide that soft sink in feeling while providing contour and pressure point relief.

• Top Layer – Soft Cover

The Casper Mattress starts off with a polyester cover that’s soft to the touch. Either than being specially crafted, the cover is also handmade. It’s considerably thicker than other covers so you won’t have to worry about the cover falling off the bed while you toss and turn at night. You can also easily wash the cover with your sheets as it’s removable.

• Second Layer – Comfort Foam

The second layer of the Casper Mattress starts off with a bouncier latex-like material. This material not only provides an added bounce, but latex is also known to be cooler than other materials. Hence, you won’t have to worry about feeling stuffy at night. The latex-like material is also responsive and will provide the sleeper with adequate pressure relief.

• Third Layer – Memory Foam

After the bounciness of the latex-like material, the third layer of the Casper Mattress is made with memory that provides a soft sink in feeling. With memory foam, you’ll get the benefits of contouring as well as pressure relief.

• Fourth Layer – Transition Foam

After the layer of bouncier latex and softer memory foam, you’ll then get the transition foam layer that’s made of poly foam. This layer also incorporates the zoned support feature with a section of the poly foam being softer and another section being firmer. The softer foam is placed towards the middle of the mattress as it helps to support the shoulder region. The firmer foam, on the other hand, is placed towards the bottom of the mattress and helps to support the hip region.

• Fifth Layer – Support Foam

The last layer of the Casper Mattress is a support foam that’s made of poly foam material and provides a solid foundation for the rest of the mattress. It helps to ensure that your body is properly supported and won’t sink in too far or feel stuck in the mattress.
casper support foam

The Firmness

The firmness level of all mattresses would differ depending on your sleep position and stature. For the Casper Mattress, it generally sits at a medium firmness level of 7.5. It’s firmer than traditional mattresses due to its hybrid material, and the presence of a foundation layer that’s made of durable polyfoam. All of the layers also work together to prop your body up and provide adequate support. Due to the Casper Mattress’s medium firmness level rating, it’s suitable for a wide variety of sleeping positions.


Since there are different types of foam incorporated into the mattress, you’ll notice each and every one of these layers and how they work together. After noticing the soft polyester cover, you’ll get that slow sink in feeling that comes from the softness of the memory foam. However, you won’t sink all the way in as the latex and foundation layer helps to provide bounce and support.

Unique Features

• Zoned Support

It’s rare to find a mattress that has both softer and firmer foam incorporated into a layer. The Casper Mattress’s zoned support feature is perfect for individuals that require more support in the shoulder and hip regions of the body. While the softer foam is placed towards the middle of the mattress, the firmer foam is placed towards the end of the mattress. Since these areas are sensitive regions for many individuals, the zoned support is great in helping to provide added comfort and support.

Which One to Get


As the DreamCloud Mattress is made of 8 distinct layers and premium materials, the mattress is rather affordable for sleepers that are looking for a mattress that’s a little more luxurious. While it’s more expensive than the Casper Mattress, the DreamCloud Mattress also has a few more layers and totals up to 15 inches. Since it’s made with both soft and comfortable memory foam along with bouncier and responsive latex, you’ll get the best of both worlds and won’t have any trouble falling asleep at night. It’s also great for sleepers that prefer to sleep on their stomach or back as the mattress is firmer than traditional mattresses.

If you’re looking for a mattress that’s softer, the DreamCloud Mattress may not be ideal for you. With its combination of different materials, the mattress is a tad firmer and ideal for sleepers that’s looking for something a little sturdier. If you’re worried about having to replace your mattress if it’s worn out, you’ll be happy to know that the DreamCloud Mattress comes with an unlimited warranty. The DreamCloud Mattress also comes with a 365-night sleep trial so you can test out the mattress and make sure that you’re happy with it before making your purchase.

The Casper

Similar to the DreamCloud Mattress, the Casper Mattress is also made of hybrid materials – albeit different ones. However, the Casper Mattress is made of 5 distinct layers instead of 8 distinct layers. If you’re looking for something that’s a little more affordable and still comfortable, the Casper Mattress is a great choice. It also provides ideal support and strikes a perfect balance between soft memory foam and bouncier firmer latex.

If you have a tendency to feel sore in certain areas of your body – especially the shoulder or lumbar region, the Casper Mattress would also be a great choice. Since the Casper Mattress has the uniquely incorporated zoned support feature into its transition layer, you’ll get much-needed comfort and support in those regions.

Price wise, the Casper Mattress is a little more affordable than the DreamCloud Mattress. While it doesn’t quite have the same warranty and sleep trial period as the DreamCloud Mattress, it’s still an ideal buy for sleepers that are looking for a mattress that can provide a restful sleep for a number of years. The layers of the Casper Mattress are made with durable materials and all work together in providing a sleep haven.


The DreamCloud Mattress and the Casper Mattress are quite similar as they are both made with hybrid materials. However, the DreamCloud Mattress focuses on memory foam, latex, and individual coils while the Casper Mattress uses poly foam, a latex-like material, and memory foam. The DreamCloud Mattress also has a few more layers incorporated into its mattress than the Casper Mattress. Since they’re made with a combination of different materials, it’d be best to try out the sleep trial, so you’ll know which mattress would be better suited to your needs. While the Casper Mattress has a 100-night sleep trial, the DreamCloud Mattress has a 365-night sleep trial.

If you’re still unsure after testing out both mattresses, you can head online to read up on other people’s experiences and reviews and get some helpful insight. If you have any physical pains or issues, it’d be better to consult a medical professional and see if he or she can give a professional opinion on which mattress would be better suited to your needs. If you have a shoulder issue, for example, your medical professional might suggest the Casper Mattress since it has the zoned support feature. Either way, don’t rush into purchasing a mattress as it is a long-term investment. Take your time in deciding a mattress that best suits your needs and sleeps preferences.