Casper Original Unboxing

When seeking out a new mattress, you’re making a significant investment not only in your comfort but also your health. When you can sleep restfully, just some of the benefits you get to take advantage of include:

  • Improved memory
  • Decrease in inflammation
  • Sharpened attention
  • Improved ability to maintain proper weight

You’ll spend approximately ⅓ of your life asleep, and it’s our goal to help make sure you make the most of this time.

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We just unboxed the Casper Original mattress, whom, if you’ve spent any significant amount of time mattress shopping online, you’ve probably heard of. This all-foam product has gone through some changes over the years, and this tells me Casper has remained diligent in continually improving their product. I’ve always been a sucker for memory foam, and I’m excited to see how Casper Original works together with the top layer of comfort foam to offer contour. This product consists of four layers, and I’m going to be spending the next several days seeing how they work together to support restful sleep.

Preventing Excessive Sinkage in Memory Foam

Traditional memory foam took the industry by storm when it first started being used in mattresses. You may have been like me, mesmerized by the incredible commercials showing people jumping on a bed with a glass of red wine sitting dangerously close by. It never spills! These early products, however, had a tendency to:

  • Envelop the sleeper
  • Sleep hot
  • Make it difficult for the sleeper to move around and get in and out of bed

Casper places their memory foam layer beneath a strategic layer of response foam, and I can already tell that it works pretty well to keep you from sinking too much. As the name implies, response foam works to add bounce and make it easier to move on your mattress. In our full review, we’ll go into full detail about the sinkage you can expect.

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Casper Original Mattress Overview


The Casper Original mattress features a medium firmness, and this is accommodating in the majority of cases. Unless you have very specific needs where a firmer or plusher mattress is necessary, medium firmness usually does the trick.

Responsiveness and Bounce

When I apply pressure to the Casper Original mattress, it resumes its shape very quickly when I release, especially considering the inclusion of memory foam in the second layer. However, you can still feel the contour of the memory foam. In our full review, we’ll walk you through tests that visually demonstrate the degree of bounce and responsiveness you can expect.

Stay Tuned for Our Full Review

We’ve only scratched the surface of the Casper Original mattress. For next week, I’m going to be putting this product through a multitude of tests that will give you a well-rounded understanding of how Casper’s four layers work together.

While I do that, though, take some time to swing by Casper’s website. They offer a lot of valuable information that can help you familiarize yourself with their mattress. We’re also happy to address questions and comments in the space below.