39 of the Best Canopy Bed Ideas

Once upon a time, canopy beds were favored by the upper class who could afford this luxurious piece of furniture. They were a status symbol, custom made and included various small design details that made them special and unique. Nowadays, everyone can afford a canopy bed and they can add an air of sophistication to your bedroom or make your patio feel high-class during those long summer afternoons when all you want to do is lounge around with a cold drink in your hand.

They are incredibly cheap and you can decorate these beds as you like by adding different accessories such as twinkle lights. You can always switch the fabric to match the rest of the room or try out one of the canopy bed DIY ideas that are available online. Spring is just around the corner so it might be the perfect time to redecorate your home and consider adding this versatile piece of furniture to your master bedroom.

So if you want to wake up refreshed each morning and feel like royalty, a canopy bed can transform your bedroom into a small kingdom. Here are a couple of ideas that will get you started and help you out with the selection.

1. A Contemporary Option

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If you are keeping things simple around your home, the best way to complement that decor is to add a clean and modern canopy bed that has plenty of open space. Therefore, the light can flow freely through the room and nothing will stand in its way. Plus, this Lafferty Canopy Bed is really suitable for small apartments because it goes well with a low ceiling which means that you can create your dream bedroom anywhere.

2. …That Can Also Be Decorated

Are you a fan of the clean lines but still want to coziness and comfort of elegant canopy beds? You can choose a canopy bed with storage that also has light construction. They are airy and will add that extra layer of class to your bedroom. It will still be very modern and fit the contemporary decor you have going on in your master bedroom. Plus, a canopy bed king is so comfy and roomy that it should help you get some quality sleep.

3. Warm Browns

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Creating a homey atmosphere in your home starts with colors. If you have a large bedroom, consider a wooden canopy bed with a gorgeous brown finish. It will refresh the room and become a true centerpiece. This Island Canopy Bed fits the description because it has a mocha finish with a reddish shine. The wide frame reaches high to the ceiling and should look perfect in a spacious room.

4. A Modern Classic

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Thinner bed frame looks great in small bedrooms so if you are dealing with a lack of space, this might be the solution. Choosing a metal frame is the way to go if you love the industrial decor but it will fit almost anywhere because it is classic and clean. It will allow you to pick and choose the curtains you want and be a nice backdrop. Blanford Queen Canopy Bed has a small frame that is versatile and quite universal.

5. Detailed Half-Canopy

This reimagined classic is an unusual piece that will suit rustic bedrooms which follow the same style. Lovely details should help you achieve the relaxed atmosphere and make your sleeping space feel welcoming. A wooden frame is unobtrusive and belongs to rustic canopy beds category. Placing small curtains around it will make your room extra cozy. The result will be both charming and classy.

6. Flowy Curtains

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Imagine spending the long summer days surrounded by light curtains moving in the breeze. Sounds like heaven, right? So if you have a large patio or a very high ceiling in your bedroom, consider placing a canopy bed there because it will give you more sleep options when the weather is warm. Choose a bigger bed frame, preferably one of oak canopy beds, or anything made of full wood. PCHseries Canopy Bed is a good option because it has a slightly raised base and enough room for draping flowy curtains over it.

7. A Unique Combination

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Contemporary design often includes playing with materials and shapes. The full wooden frame might not be suitable for low ceilings and this combination of wood and metal will ensure you have enough space for hanging curtains and creating a magical atmosphere in your bedroom. Madeleine Upholstered Canopy Bed is a modern take on this classic. It is unique and eye-catching. Plus, this is a canopy bed with upholstered headboard.

8. White Magic

Decorating your bedroom in full white can be tricky, especially if it is small. Yes, a monochromatic palette will make the space appear bigger but a full canopy bed might not fit properly. Luckily, there is a solution. It might become a small DIY project but it is doable. Simply install iron rods on the ceiling and drape enough fabric through it to reach the floor. Your bed will become a small tent. The result is romantic and magical!

9. Otherworldly Style

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If you love unusual furniture and refuse to follow trends, choose an ornate and dark framed canopy bed. Breathtaking details will make the bed pop out and make the space mysterious but also pretty romantic. Enchanted Canopy Bed is decorated with wooden branches and it has its own little chandelier that follows the same theme. It is one of the finest wrought iron canopy beds you can find.

10. Easy DIY Canopy Bed

Rural and rustic decor can be completely transformed if you add a canopy to your bed. You can refresh your standard sleeping space by hanging a circular canopy curtain on your ceiling. It will take you just a couple of minutes but the result will be spectacular. The design will resemble exotic canopy beds you have only seen in movies depicting far away destinations.

11. The Queen of Elegance

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With its crisp edges and wooden body, a canopy bed queen size should fill out your bedroom and high top panels will add a touch of elegance. You can drape long and flowy curtains (bright colors are recommended) in order to create a charming and classy atmosphere that mimics the style of royalty. If you are looking for something similar, Amedori Canopy Bed is well-constructed and firm. The darker wood is suitable for every interior design so it is versatile.


Elegant and Victorian Canopy Bed Ideas

12. Flamboyant and Colorful

Heavy materials and drapery are a sign of class, sophistication, and elegance. Victorian times were all about it so if you want to relive that era, go for slightly over the top fabrics that are timeless and luxurious. Your bedroom will look like a royal chamber from the turn of the century if you choose this vintage canopy bed.

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13. Faux leather Luxury

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Rich wooden frames were very popular in the Victorian period and the designers back then added numerous details in order to make the whole construction appear expensive and elaborate. An ornate and vintage canopy bed will make your bedroom more extravagant. Edmore Upholstered Canopy Bed does have a lot of ornaments, including faux leather head and footboards.

14. Romantic Crown Canopy

This feminine crown canopy bed looks like something from a fairytale. Inspired by the royalty, the draping above the bed is minimum, while the detailing on the sides is intricate and rich. You will immediately fall in love with the design because it is simple, very bright, and every Disney princess would love to catch some zs in this bed.

15. It’s All About Details

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Details make every design look amazing and well-thought-of. So if your room can accommodate a tall canopy bed with four thick posts clearly inspired by the Victorian era, it should be on your list. It has heavy drapery on the top but you can hang your own curtains around it. Sienna Canopy Bed is made of numerous materials including marble and wood. The detailing is stunning and it looks incredibly expensive.

16. Pretty in Beige

Beige might not be the first color that pops into your mind when you think about bedroom decor but it is quite lovely and works well with the rest of the furniture. This canopy bed twin size has beautifully made posts that will make the bed even more stunning. It looks good with or without drapes.

17. We Can Be Royals

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It is clear from a very first glance that the old European rulers inspire this canopy bed. The focus is on details and rich, expensive materials so it comes as no surprise that the bed looks luxurious and posh. Just like the name says, Royal Canopy Bed is made of wood and features so many small carvings and decorations. It will bring your bedroom to a whole new level.

18. Intriguing Elegance

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Elegant canopy beds often feature interesting designs that elevate the feeling of opulence. Even though the posts might seem a bit over the top, they will fit into any vintage bedroom and complete the look perfectly. Upholstered Canopy Bed is a mix of expensive materials and extraordinary craftsmanship. You will enjoy waking up and seeing all the carvings on the frame.

19. Sturdy and Vintage

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When we talk about unique canopy bed designs, we often focus on contemporary furniture. However, this particular Victorian piece is definitely unusual and magnificent. Kamella Canopy Bed has a curved metal top which is supported by four sturdy columns that are carved to perfection. It is a little bit extravagant but if you feel like it would fit your aesthetics, it might be the best option.


Round Canopy Bed Ideas

20. All in White

There is nothing dreamier than a round canopy bed completely draped in white. Even though circular shapes are not commonly seen in bedrooms, this model will open up space. So if you are aiming for a unique interior design that is also romantic and delightful, this should be the centerpiece in your bedroom.

21. Pop-art Extravaganza

This modern and pop-art-inspired piece is not your common round canopy bed. A metal circle that holds the drapery make it stand out. The curtains also have that retro look and it will fit right in with vintage 1960s wallpapers and other decorations that were heavily used in that decade. So dust off your lava lamp and accessorize the room!


Metal Canopy Bed Ideas

22. Clean and Simple

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If you live in an apartment close to an urban area and prefer to keep your bedroom uncluttered, a white metal canopy bed full size will fit right in and make space feel wider and roomier. Just like the name suggests, Upholstered Canopy Bed has a simple frame that reaches high to the ceiling, as well as an upholstered headboard.

23. Details are Everything

Metal canopy beds are usually not ornamented but you can sometimes find a couple of decorations somewhere. Everyone loves cute details and they can make a bed frame more unique. Even though it is not one of California king canopy beds, this particular model is timeless and has small detailing on the top of each column. It will give you so much space to try out various curtain colors.

24. Metal with a Flare

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Not everyone is a fan of clean lines and simple designs. So if you want to add some metal curves to your bedroom, take a closer look at some of the medieval canopy beds that combine metal and wood. George Canopy Bed has a gorgeous construction that can be decorated with a curtain of your choosing and look unbelievably beautiful in your master bedroom.

25. Black and Posh

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Black metal canopy beds will suit bedrooms which are decorated with industrial furniture. A slightly distressed finish looks stylish and elegant, especially when combined with upholstery and white sheets. If you are looking for something similar, Beetham Upholstered Canopy Bed might do the work. The canopy is high, with sharp lines, and will not take too much space.

26. Breezy Elegance

The thin metal rods create an airy atmosphere and let you soak in the surroundings every time you wake up. The tall canopy will look magical on sunny days so make sure you use brightly colored curtains for decorating because they look great in contrast with black metal. Footboard features simple designs that complement the bed well.

27. Fit for a High Ceiling

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Studio apartments are an ideal backdrop for tall rod iron canopy beds. Place it near a window and you will get one of a kind bedroom that looks magical in a light spring breeze. Baxton Studio Queen Canopy Bed is designed for that purpose because the canopy reaches quite high so it might not fit a standard apartment. Plus, the subtle swirls on the head and footboard make it feel even more enchanting.

28. Perfect for a Princess

Black iron canopy beds might sound a bit too industrial and cold but when you add a couple of design changes and include beautiful detailing on the very top, it can become quite romantic and lovely. The construction is still simple and follows straight lines. Once you hang a perfect set of curtains, you will be astonished by the final result.


Canopy Beds for Toddlers, Kids, and Teens

29. Fairytale Design

This vintage inspired canopy bed is made for little girls who read fairy tales and dream about far away kingdoms. A combination of wood and exotic canopy looks like something otherworldly. The four-post bed is draped with a white curtain but you can play with different options and choose something that will be suitable for the color scheme of your kid’s room. If you go for pink, it will look very similar to vintage Barbie canopy bed.

30. Fluttering Butterflies

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Your kid has a small room and you don’t think that a canopy bed will fit inside? This idea might prove you otherwise. Forget the heavy construction – the canopy itself hangs from the ceiling and drapes over the bed, almost tent-like. Blue Butterfly Bed Canopy doesn’t have any other parts and you can use it with the existing bed. Your little one will be thrilled with this new addition, especially because the light fabric is decorated with tiny butterflies.

31. Canopies and Cradles

A simple canopy will bring so much joy to your little one. And it can completely transform the nursery too! Canopy beds for toddler girls can be easily made on your own so if you have some extra time, you can get to work right away. Grab your DIY kit, select the fabric you want to use, and start creating. Keep in mind that the canopy itself doesn’t have to be perfect but make sure it is secured well to the ceiling.

32. 2-in-1 Solution

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Kids rooms are often small so in order to make the best of the space you have, add a double canopy bed inside. You will basically end up with two single beds because you can pull out the second one. Plus, you can decorate the canopy frame as your kids want to. Twin Canopy Bed with Trundle is a good idea for tiny spaces, and the design will fit both boys and girls.

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33. DIY Canopy with Twinkle Lights

If your teen wants a canopy bed, you can easily make one with a bit of fabric and imagination. DIY canopies can be decorated any way they want and twinkle lights are among the most common ideas. Teens are crazy about them. Your kid will be able to feel the magic in the air as soon as they step inside. Bed canopy with lights will refresh the room instantly and it is a great option if you are reorganizing your house at the moment.


Outdoor Canopy Bed Ideas

34. Dreamy Sunshade

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting by the sea and enjoying the light summer breeze. The best way to stay in shade is to place a simple outdoor canopy nearby and get a couch or a bed under it. Make sure that the construction is firm and that the fabric is connected to the frame. The drapes will flow easily around you so soak in the moment.

35. Lounging on a Patio

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Having somewhere to sit and lounge is quite important, especially if you have a large backyard or a patio. But direct sunshine might force you indoors. Sancho Canopy 4 Piece Lounge Seating Group might look like a typical furniture set but you are wrong. It has a hidden canopy on the back that can be lifted up when needed and you will get an instant shade.

36. Luxurious Feel

These canopies are often seen in high-class resorts but you can get something similar for your backyard. It might take a bit more work if you want to do it on your own because the wooden construction is quite big, but it will be worth it, especially if you have a large family or love to entertain your friends. Outdoor canopy beds will make your backyard feel like a holiday destination.

37. Close to Nature

Having a backyard gives you so many design options. As you can see here, all it takes is a little bit of creativity. A tree can be used in order to create a romantic atmosphere by placing a canopy on the branches right above the bed. Don’t forget to add various decorations as well such as lanterns or twinkle lights (if you have a power source), especially if you are celebrating a special occasion.

Placing lights will surely reignite the spark, make this as an addition. Check our romantic lighting ideas page. 

38. Convertible Day Bed

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If you want to have more space for lounging around your patio, go for a round shape that can accommodate several people. Make sure there are pillows and cushions for everyone, of course. Quest Daybed Seating Group is a simple option that has a canopy that will create enough shade even when the sun is high in the sky. And it also has UV protection!

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39. Wooden and Rustic

The rustic wooden frame is really suitable for outside use because it has that rugged and aged look. So if you want to make your backyard or pool feel like an island in the middle of the ocean, consider placing something similar outside. It will give you a comfortable seating option and shield you from the sun when needed.


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