30 Absolutely Awesome Brown Bedroom Ideas That You Have To See

When we think of brown, we may think of a color that really isn’t used as a main source of aesthetics. Brown is usually the color for accent pieces and furniture because it can be tough to work it into the all-around style of the room, especially if you paint the walls brown. But, if you’re feeling just a little creative after the purchase of a new bed or bed frame, here are 30 brown bedroom ideas that are sure to have you running to your local Home Depot or department store to gather materials you may need.

Blue and Brown Bedrooms

#1. Plaid & Navy

To kick off the list, we have a very simple boys room with a beautiful coastal-style bed frame in a navy blue color. This bed is resting on top of a very elegant dark brown colored hardwood floor. Coinciding with the walls and patterned comforter are brown plaid storage boxed sitting upon the built-in cubby holes inside of the walls. Usually, I would steer away from anything that mixes plaid into the equation, but this room is an exception.

#2. Victorian-Esque

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Take a step back in time with this attractive Victorian bed frame. In my opinion, this piece makes up the whole room. The elegant designs that outline the frame of the bed are stunning and really bring out coloring in the comforter. The brown on the bed complements the blue patterned comforter and lampshade. It’s not too overpowering and all of the brown in the room match with one another perfectly.

#3. Brown & Teal

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There is certainly some bright blue coloring going on in this room. This loft bedroom has very minimal space to work with, but I think that it makes it easier for the brown and blue to work together. Here, we see the brown leather bed with a tufted stitch. The bright teal curtains, on one wall, make a great separator for whatever is on the other side. I love the cute little accent chair in the middle of the room-so chic!

Brown Gold Bedroom Ideas

#4. The Bumble Bee

This master bedroom has a very unique color pattern and it reminds me of a bumble bee-well, the flooring does. The hardwood floor is a mixture of dark brown and a mustard yellow color in very tiny alternating strips. The walls coincide with the coloring of the floor perfectly. There’s plenty of lighting to really make the colors pop, especially with the recessed lighting inside the walls. On the bed, the brown and yellow is broken up by purple, pink and white blankets and pillows.

#5. Luxurious

Here’s another Victorian-style bedroom. These are probably my favorite designs because they’re just a timeless classic. The bed has very exquisite gold detailing that outline the whole headboard. On the side of the bed, we see the same gold coloring and detailing that match the brown tufted headboard almost exactly. The rest of the room is decorated in black and gold patterned walls and a gorgeous natural wood floor.

#6. Brown, Gold, and Bows

The femininity in this room is overflowing! I really adore the simple bed frame with the red and white bow-shaped throw blanket on it. The dark brown on the wall behind it is actually more like a bronze color with gold trim pieces on the bottom. There is very dim lighting, giving the room a romantic ambiance. Overall, I would actually classify the feel of this room as “soft”.

#7. Fit For A Queen

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This bedroom is filled with exceptional designs and coloring. The first thing I noticed was the brown wall with golden leaf patterns in their own “frames”. It really brings character to the walls, rather than being a plain, boring color. The furniture throughout the room is a cream color with a pearl luster and button tuft on the headboard. The lighting may be minimal, but thanks to the large window, a lot of natural light is allowed to beam in.

Bedroom Ideas Brown and Cream

#8. Specific Coloring

If you didn’t already notice, the coloring throughout the room match almost perfectly. The brown leather headboard is the same color as almost every other brown item throughout the entire area. The area rug also has the same brown and cream colors as the bed does. Whoever designed this room paid extra attention to detail and was very meticulous about the colors. This is one of those neutral colored bedrooms that could be for both man and woman.

#9. Big Brown Wall

This room is very minimalistic. There’s not a lot of furniture, there’s simple brown and cream coloring and there’s no art hung on the wall. There are a lot of people who enjoy simple designs and this room is a prime example. The one thing that stands out, however, is the large wooden wall behind the bed. It’s a beautiful accent wall to really bring some character to the room. The floors are also rather unique. If you want to keep your room traditional and minimal, this would be a good start.

#10. Elegance

Everything about this design is so elegant. Take for example the one piece headboard and nightstands. The beautiful wood finish and upholstered accent piece above the bed are extraordinary. The cream color comforter on the bed compliments the headboard and wood piece beautifully. There’s plenty of lighting throughout the room, but the large window and reflecting light from the mirrors just add to it and really help brighten up the whole space.

#11. English Bedroom

There are so many traditional items in this room. Let’s start with the old-fashioned accent table off to the right side. It looks to be a dark cherry color, which is gorgeous! The traditional cream-colored bed has a tufted headboard with a matching stool at the end of it. There’s also the coinciding chair in front of the desk. Breaking up the color scheme is the green patterned accents on the bed. The rest of the room is a mix between cream, white, brown and a tan color against an attractive polished hardwood floor.

#12. Comforting

The feng shui of this room is so comforting to me. I love how the colors are simple, just like the furniture that is used. There’s the simple tall chest in a dark coffee color that matches the bench at the end of the bed. The bed features the grey colored tufted and upholstered headboard that reaches halfway up the wall. The rest of the room is a simple cream color with brown accents on the bed. There’s also the small sitting area, which consists of a single chair. This just adds more comfort to the room.

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#13. Eye-Catching

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Yup, this room is extremely eye-catching! There isn’t much going on furniture-wise, but the other decor is really something unique to look at. First, we have that uncommon carpet design. It seems to have raised shag pieces and flat pieces mixed together to look like waves. Next, the bed. On the bed is a strange looking fur throw blanket. I’m not sure if it’s real or fake, but it’s pretty weird. Completing the look is the brick wall behind the bed. You can see that it extends outside, which makes me think that the room was added after the fact.

Red Brown Bedroom Ideas

#14. Fun Room

I think that this is a really fun room because of the combination of colors. You don’t really see brown and red mixed together unless you’re going for a really modern, funky look. This playroom is fun and a colorful. We see the red dresser off to the side with matching lamps and a cute little stool. Everything else is a different shade of traditional brown coloring. The comforter is filled with horizontal lines that match the design on the area rug.

#15. Vibrant Coloring

This room has a lot of vibrancy to it. The walls are a beautiful soft yellow color with brown paneling in the shape of squares on one whole wall. This is something that I’ve never seen before, but wouldn’t be opposed to trying it out. The bedspread is a red color as are the window treatments. The red, yellow and brown all compliment each other wonderfully and it’s not something that you see very often-maybe because it’s such a bold color combination?

#16. Romantic Red

This sultry red designed room looks like the definition of “romance”. This rose red comforter with the white accent absolutely brightens up the room. Those brown walls and brown nightstands are colored in such a way that it would make the room darker. Having a bright color adds some light to the whole place, well, those lamps do help. I think I’ve actually seen this design in a hotel that I stayed in once. Either way, it’s a romantic and elegant bedroom with a very simple decor.

#17. For the Little Cowboy

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Do you have a little aspiring cowboy roaming around your house? If so, check out this western-themed bedroom. The decor idea that we see is all about the wild west. The walls are painted a mud brown color on one wall and a deep red color on the other wall. On the floor, there’s a Western-style area rug to keep those little feet off of the cold floor. My favorite part of this room is the old wagon wheel attached to the wall-it’s so cute!

#18. For The Twins

Well, let’s hope the kids both like the same colors! This twin bedroom is very simply designed. There’s nothing wacky or crazy going on in it. The beds are simple twin beds in a brown wood color with red patterned comforters on top of them. There are red accent features throughout the room such as the lamps, shelf, and nightstand. The walls are a plain white color with a matching white and maroon area rug.

Brown and Gray Bedroom Designs

#19. Modern Brown & Gray

Everything in this bedroom has a modern look to it. First, we start off with the bed frame. It’s a beautiful one-piece unit with shelving for your phone, lights or whatever you want to put on it. It’s painted a deep coffee color against a gray wall. All of the walls are textured, giving it a unique appeal. The flooring is an attractive maple color, which compliments the wall nicely. It’s a very simple design with some lovely features.

#20. Modern Minimalism

Here’s another example of minimalism. There’s nothing in this bedroom except for the bare necessities. It’s wide open, giving the owner optimal space for redecoration. With as much space as this room has, the possibilities are endless. The current design is a simple gray and brown color scheme. There are subtle brown accents going up the wall behind the bed with a blank white canvas in the center. The bed is a beautiful gray upholstered frame with matching linens and a white area rug under it.

#21. Rustic Living

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I love the rustic designs that I come across. This is a great example of rustic living. The wall is made from slabs of repurposed wood, very common for DIY projects. All of the slabs consist of different hues of brown, tan, and gray. It almost looks like there’s flooring on the wall. The furniture is light brown in color and matches the headboard. The lighting, between the can lights and the lamps, give the room a beautiful glow.

#22. In The Country

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This is another one of those rustic-country looks that I absolutely adore. Anything that has a woodsy design to it, is something that I would consider doing in my own home. This room has very simple gray and white walls. The bed is just a standard bed frame with brown, gray and white comforters and pillows on it. One thing that I really like about this design is the aluminum hanging lamp that looks like it is attached by a rope. It’s definitely something unique!

Burnt Orange and Brown Bedroom Ideas

#23. For The Artist

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Okay, so this bedroom isn’t one that you would find in every home. It’s extremely unique and has a rather different color scheme. The furniture is a brown textured style. The bed frame is a simple platform style with a matching chair in the sitting area. To shield feet from the cold ceramic tile is a burnt orange area rug. On the ceiling, there’s a hanging mobile of some kind surrounded by can lights.

#24. Vintage Orange

Back in the 1950’s-1960’s, it was all about the bold coloring. This room is a great example of the vintage colors that we saw back then. The bed is a simple panel bed with the raised headboard. On each side, there are matching brown night stands with optimal room for alarm clocks, phones or picture frames. Matching the comforter are the lampshades and curtains, which are the burnt orange color.

Brown and Pink Bedroom Ideas For A Girl

#25. Pretty In Pink

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This room can work for both a teenage girl or a little girl. Here, we see a simple full-size bed with a pink comforter and pillows. The pillows feature a simple brown stitch border on them, which match the outline of the picture frames hanging on the wall. Speaking of walls, these are a pastel pink with cream trim-work. I really like how the brown and pink work so well with each other. It’s also a very simple design that can be easily replicated.

#26. A Whole Lot Of Pink

Wow! This room has a whole lot of pink in it. The only things that aren’t spewing with pink hues are the bed, nightstand, and sheer white curtains. The bed is a beautiful brown with a raised headboard. It coincides perfectly with the nightstand holding the pink, flower-covered lampshade. The valances match the lampshade as well as the print of the blanket. If you or your daughter like the color pink, maybe this is a style you could consider.

Purple and Brown Bedroom Designs

#27. Lovely Lavender

When I was a kid, I had lavender colored walls and brown furniture. To this day, out of all the color combinations, I have gone through, the purple was my favorite. It’s a beautiful color that naturally brightens up the room. With the brown furniture thrown into the mixture, it creates a very elegant ambiance. Each one of them is lacquered for extra shine, as well as the hardwood flooring. The glow from the floor and furniture allow the sunlight to reflect off of them to create a gorgeous glow throughout the room.

#28. Purple & Dark Brown

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Purple and dark brown used to be one of my favorite color combinations. They both work wonderfully with each other and one helps balance out the other. This room has a nice mixture of both colors, not too much of one or the other. The purple is a dark lavender color and the brown is an espresso shade. I really like how the white is incorporated into the mixture, such as the comforter and the stool on the corner. Overall, this bedroom has some awesome features, such as the wicker-style dressers and cow print ottoman.

#29. Super Shag

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Okay, so the focal point here has got to be the purple shag rug. It’s a gorgeous shade of purple and almost matches the color of the walls. Most of the room is a cream color with the exception of the rug, that one wall and some other small details with the brown coloring. The simplicity of the room is pretty awesome and it’s definitely something that I would recommend trying for yourself.

#30. Polka Dots

To end our list is a simple lilac colored room with a beautiful light hardwood floor. There’s not really much going on here, but the coloring is nice. The comforter is a polka dot theme with different shades of purple and brown. The headboard is very simple and one that you may be able to replicate and it matches the nightstands on each side of the bed.


There you have it! 30 of the most spectacular and beautiful brown bedroom ideas that we could find. It may not be easy to replicate some of them, but a lot of them are great for a person who likes to do their own projects on a lazy day. To me, the feeling of sleeping in a newly renovated bedroom is amazing. I hope that you enjoyed our list and if you know anybody who is in need of a bedroom makeover, send this article their way.

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